You Will Want To Play Lesley After This Tutorial | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hey everyone.
So Lesley has been getting less and less popular,
especially in the high elo.
People just want to stick to Granger, Kimmy,
Karrie or Claude.
But as we know, Lesley is one of the deadliest
marksman in late game.
One-shot and the enemy’s damage dealer is
half dead.
But that’s the problem, a lot of players
don’t know how to play her in the early
game so your team don’t suffer too much
before making it to late game.
So throughout this gameplay, I will be sharing
with you guys some tips and tricks that will
maximize Lesley’s potential.
I prefer using marksman over the assassin
Because the attack speed from the mm emblem
is incredible for Lesley.
Put maximum points in physical and critical
damage, so you can do a lot more damage right
from the start of the game.
The second talent is just too good to use
anything else.
It will increase your movement speed, and
give you health back according to your physical power.
This is the current build.
Right now Windtalker is such a great first
item because it will allow you to farm minions
a lot faster.
Also, when your attack speed increases it
would increase your damage as well.
At the start of the game, don’t focus too
much on clearing the minion wave.
Instead, try to harass the enemies as much
as possible.
Lesley outranges any hero in mobile legends,
thanks to her first skill.
If you can keep poking the enemies and make
their HP low, your middle player will have
an easier time killing them when they come
to gank your lane.
You see how I keep poking Kimmy as much as
I can with Lesley first skill.
This way I am serving her in a silver platter
for the middle player.
Notice my experience bar here, I know that
once I kill Franco I will be able to level up my ultimate.
Always try to think ahead of what your next
move is going to be.
Try your best to always pay attention to the mini-map,
especially if you are playing against heroes such as Johnson.
Here even though I have very low HP, I took
a quick glance at the mini-map, and I noticed
no enemies were coming top.
And Kimmy and Franco were dead.
So I was very free to take the turret.
As a marksman, you should always try your
best to push and take the turrets when given the chance.
Long gone are the days when marksman should
stay in one lane and just farm.
You should roam and assist your team when
you see there’s a good chance of getting
some kills or turrets.
Lesley is a great marksman that is not completely
useless in the early game.
She deals a significant amount of damage right
from the start.
As always, when you are using any marksman,
the most important thing is positioning.
Position in a way that you are not too exposed
to the enemies’ damage dealer and can still
deal the maximum amount of damage.
Basically behind your frontline.
Notice here that there is Johnson and Zhask.
We know for a fact that Zhask is the damage
dealer and right now he is very exposed.
So in this kind of situation, use the hero
lock mode, and kill the damage dealer first.
Once Lesley gets her two first core items,
Windtalker, and Berserker Fury, she will deal
with a disgusting amount of damage per shot.
Okay deer nutz, I did not see that one coming.
Here I am moving towards the right side so
this way I would have a better angle for my Ultimate
This way it will be less likely that someone
might be able to block it.
GG, As always, thanks for watching and I hope
you enjoyed the video.
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