What is the Weakest Pokemon in EVERY Game?

– Greetings Pokefans!
Michael here, and a few months ago, I made a video figuring
out what was mathematically the strongest Pokemon
you could find in every main series game. You guys seemed to
really like that video, so I figured why not try and figure out the weakest. I’ll be classifying
how weak a Pokemon is in the same way
that I did before. By using a metric that I created called
the Strength Score. A Pokemon’s strength score is simply it’s base stat total, multiplied by the level
at which you obtain it. I do it this way, because I think it’s more interesting to
figure out how strong the Pokemon is when you
get it rather than just what species have the highest
or lowest base stat total. The only Pokemon I’m
excluding are Pokemon that hatched from eggs that your Pokemon generated. If I didn’t exclude those, then the weakest Pokemon
in the majority of games would just be a level
one Sunkern level or level one Wishiwashi
that you bred for and that would be super lame. Although gift eggs because
your Pokemon did not generate them those don’t count. Oh! Actually one more
exclusion, no glitches. There’s a glitch in
the gen one games that allows you to get like
some crazy leveled Pokemon prior to facing
Brock like level 100 Pokemon or level one Pokemon. But I don’t think
that should count because the glitch is difficult. And it’s also a glitch. And also I don’t know
if the Pokemon generated from it would even pass
a modern day hack check. So I figured it best
to just ignore that. So don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and let’s get started
with generation one where the games are
Red, Blue and Yellow. The weakest Pokemon
in these games is exactly what you’d expect. One thing I wanna
mention first though, is the extra layer of complexity
added by in-game trades and my strongest Pokemon
in every game video I talked about how
the strongest Pokemon calculations got a
lot more interesting. Because the Pokemon you receive from in-game trades matched
the level of the Pokemon that you send, which means you can
receive level 100 Pokemon from the in-game trades, as long as you send them
a level 100 Pokemon. I won’t spoil what it is because if you haven’t seen the
video, I want you to watch it. But in Yellow version, this resulted in an
in-game trade Pokemon received at level 100 having a higher strength
score than Mewtwo. But when aiming for
the weakest Pokemon, there are more limitations. Because while you can make
any Pokemon level 100. The level at which
you get a Pokemon can only go up, you can’t make a
Pokemon lower level, especially in gen one
because there’s no breeding. Therefore the lowest level
in-game trade Pokemon you can get are
at the same level as the lowest level you can
obtain the requested Pokemon. In Yellow version, all
of the in-game trade Pokemon are reasonably strong, so that’s out. In Red and Blue
the weakest Pokemon you can get from them
are the Nidorans. Depending on your version, you either trade a male for a female or a
female for a male. Wild Nidoran can be found
on Route 22 at level two, so you can get the other
gender one at the same level. A level two Nidoran
has a base stat total of 233 in gen one, meaning its strength
score is 466. Nidoran female is
slightly stronger with a base stat total of 235, so its strength score is 470. But these Pokemon simply
are not weak enough. There are other level
two wild Pokemon that can be found in
Red, Blue and Yellow, and several of them have lower base stat
totals than Nidoran male and the lowest of
them is Pidgey. Pidgey has a base stat
total of 216 in gen one, so that times level two gives a strength score of 432. That means that route
one level two Pidgey is the weakest
Pokemon in gen one. Now on to generation two the games being Gold,
Silver and Crystal. This generation is the one that introduced Pokemon
breeding for the first time, and therefore obtainable low level Pokemon
via egg hatching. Therefore, you might assume that the weakest
Pokemon in these games is the gift egg Togepi, or maybe in crystal, it’s one of the odd
egg baby Pokemon. However, that is not the case because they’re too strong. The reason for this is
that in generations two and three baby Pokemon from eggs hatch at level five, not level one, it wasn’t changed to level
one until Diamond and Pearl. Therefore newly hatched Pokemon are at a higher level than several different
kinds of wild Pokemon, I always thought that was weird from the time I was a kid. Like why are these
newborn babies seeing the world for
the first time ever, at a higher level
than wild creatures on the earliest routes that have been surviving in the wilderness for an
extended period of time, that just makes no
sense whatsoever, which, I guess is
why they changed it. But the end result of this is that gift egg Pokemon being in level five
are too strong, so they’re out. As for the in-game
trade Pokemon, all of their base stat
totals are way too high, so it’s none of them either. The weakest Pokemon
is yet another early route normal type
that being Sentret. It’s base stat total is the
very poor number of 215, which sounds comparable
to Pidgeys 216. But that total was a gen one
total when special attack and special defense
were just one stat. Pidgeys base stat total
in gen two is 251. So that should give you an idea of how weak Sentret is. And while there are
several other Pokemon in gen two that have a lower
base stat totals than Sentret, like Wooper or Sunkern, none of them can be found
at a low enough level. Sentret can be found on
Route 29 at level two, meaning its strength
score is 430, making those specific
Sentret the weakest Pokemon in the gen two games. Now, on to generation three, starting with the
Hoenn games, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
and spoiler alert, since eggs still
hatch at level five in this generation, there’s not going to be any
gift egg weakest Pokemon. Additionally, for
the in-game trades, the weakest one you
can get from one is a level four C. in Emerald by giving them a
level for routes since that’s the lowest level
you can find a wild routes. However, as you might expect, level four is not low enough. In fact, you can find
even weaker c.in the wild So the weakest Pokemon is yet another early
route level two Pokemon. This time it’s Wurmple, it has a base stat total of 195, tied with Caterpie and Weedle for the third lowest in
all of generation three behind Azurill and Sunkern. It can be found on route
one as low as level two, giving it a strength
score of 390. Therefore level two
route 101 Wurmple is the weakest Pokemon in
the gen three Hoenn games. Next is FireRed and LeafGreen. And I’ll cover these quickly since the situation
is nearly identical to Red, Blue and Yellow. Since the gift egg Togepi
is again at level five, which is too high and the in-game trade Pokemon are again too strong. The weakest Pokemon
is again route one and route two level two Pidgey with a strength score of 502. Since remember, I mentioned it’s base stat total
is higher now due to the special stat change
from gen one to gen two. Before I move on from
generation three. I wanna cover the spin off games of Pokemon Colosseum and XD. I’m covering these
for two reasons. The first is that i talked about them in the strongest Pokemon in every game video, and the second reason is that they are connected to
the main series games since you can trade
between the gen three games in Colosseum and XD. Therefore, to this day it is
possible to move a Pokemon from Colosseum or XD all
the way to Sword and Shield, which I think is pretty cool and therefore makes them
worthy of being discussed. In Pokemon Colosseum, the weakest Pokemon
is Duking Plusle. After rescuing it
from Pyrite Cave, he will bestow it unto you. It is level 13 which
is a much higher level than the weakest Pokemon
in the main series games. But that’s cause
your starter Pokemon in this game are level 25. Everything is higher
level from the start and this Plusle is the lowest level
Pokemon in the game, since it’s base
stat total is 405, its strength score is 5265. I should’ve mention there
are some weaker Pokemon you can technically get
like a level 10 Celebi or a level 20 Shadow Togepi. But both of those require
external things to obtain. The Japanese bonus
takes for Celebi and the Japanese
E-Reader for Togepi. I don’t think these should count because they require
external things that are only available
in some places in order to get these Pokemon. I think the only Pokemon
that should count are ones you can
get with any copy of the game right now by itself. That’s also the reason why I’m not including the
level five Jirachi from the bonus disc in the USA, both because that’s
another extra thing, but also because the Jirachi is sent to Ruby and
Sapphire, not Colloseum. As for Pokemon XD oddly enough, the weakest Pokemon is one
of the hardest to obtain. While there are quite a
few weak level 10 Pokemon you can get the weakest of which is a level 10 Wooper
from the cave poke a spot. There are some
level five Pokemon you can get with
a lot of effort. In Pokemon Colosseum
by completing the Mt. Battle Challenge of defeating 100 trainers
using the same party, you are awarded with a Ho-OH. In XD Ho-OH is
replaced by a choice between the base
form Johto starters, all of which are level five and no one egg move plus
the elemental Hyper Beam for their respective type. Since Cyndaquil has
the lowest base stat total of the three, 309, while Totodile has 314
and Chikorita has 318 that makes it’s strength score
five times 309 which is 1545, the weakest Pokemon in XD. Can I just say how
wildly stupid this is. The Mt. Battle Challenge
is a giant freaking chore. So in Colloseum It
rewards you with Ho-OH, a Pokemon that you literally cannot get anywhere
else in gen three without an event distribution. But then an XD they replace it with the Johto starters, the starters that you get just by playing through
the story of Colloseum and you can get the base forms for them relatively easily by trading them to
a gen three game and breeding them. The XD Johto starters require a massive amount of work to get because for each one of them, you have to complete the Mt. Battle Challenge,
start to finish. So 300 wins total for
all three of them. No one in their right mind would go through
that much effort to get Pokemon you can
get easier elsewhere and these other ones that
you do get just have what? An elemental Hyper Beam early and an egg move that if you
really wanna give it to them, you can give it to them by breeding in a gen three game. It just makes no sense
the XD Mt. Battle rewards, they are not good enough. But enough of those games. Now on to generation four and here’s where things get
interesting for two reasons. One, the in-game
trade Pokemon levels still match the Pokemon
that you give them. This is the last generation
where that is the case. And secondly, eggs now
hatch at level one. This really opens up the door for weakest Pokemon being
not early route Pokemon. In Diamond and Pearl, the weakest Pokemon is actually an in-game trade Pokemon. While the gift egg
Happiny is very weak having a base stat total and therefore
strength score of 220. There is a weaker Pokemon you can get at level
one from a trade. On Route two to six, a man called Meister will
upgrade your poker decks to allow you to register
foreign language entries. After he does so he will offer to trade his Magikarp
for a Finneon. Since you can breed for
a level one Finneon, you can trade him one and receive a level one
Magikarp named Foppa in return. Since Magikarp has one of
the lowest base stat totals in the game, just 200. It’s strength score
is the very low, 200. Since 200 times level one is 200 and a fun aspect
about this Magikarp is that it is German. Yeah. It is a German Karp were
they call it “Karpador.” Now, the Karp is German
everywhere but the land where’s the German
Karp would come from. (upbeat music) German varied as English. So in level one German
Karp is therefore the biggest Pokemon
in Diamond and Pearl. Okay, I am done with the accent I’m done with the,
the accent now. Foppa the Karpador is also the
weakest Pokemon in Platinum, but it’s now tied
with another Magikarp. Fishing in the resort
area with a super rod will give you a Magikarp ranging
in level from a one to 100. if you find a level
one Magikarp here, it is tied with the German Karp since they’re both
level one Magikarp. A level one resort area Magikarp is one of the very few instances of wild level one Pokemon
in the main series games. Actually, fun fact
another one of them is the wild Regigigas
also in Platinum. However, it’s a Regigigas, so it’s base stat
total is way too high to be considered
the weakest Pokemon. Next is HeartGold
and SoulSilver. And there are actually several different Pokemon you
can get a level one from an in-game trade. The weakest of them is a Pikachu from Lieutenant
Surge named Voltige. And fun fact it is from France. – [Voiceover] Pikachu. Pikachu. (dramatic orchestral music) (speaks in a foreign language) – The gift egg Togepi has
a base stat total of 245, while Pikachu has a
base stat total of 300. Therefore the Togepi
is much weaker. But it’s not the weakest. In Violet City, there’s a man in the
Pokemon Center named Primo, he will ask you for two phrases, four total entries from
the easy chat system. And if you give him the
right set of four lines, he will give you new
PC box backgrounds depending on the
phrase you enter. But he can also give
you three gift eggs. The reason you probably
didn’t know about this is because the phrases
that are necessary to be entered for the
various backgrounds and the gift eggs differ for every single
save file of the game. And considering there’s so many different
phrases that you can do, if I did the math right, I think over 4.7 trillion
different combinations, the chances of you just
guessing right are negligible. Therefore, you probably
didn’t even know about these gift eggs because
if you happens to talk to him, you probably guessed the
phrase, got it wrong. And then we’re like, “Oh, Well, I wonder
what that was.” And then moved on. That’s what happened to me. And that’s why I
didn’t know about these gift egg Pokemon until
just a couple weeks ago. The only practical way to know your save files phrases is by going to this site that
I linked in the description, where you input
the specific game, the language and your
trainer ID number, and it figures out the phrases using some
complicated algorithm. I don’t know how. You can then input the
phrases it tells you to and get the various rewards. The gift egg rewards are
Mareep, Slugma and Wooper. Well, all have lower base
stat totals than Pikachu. The only one with a
lower base stat total than Togepi is Wooper with a base stat
total of only 210. Therefore, the Primo
gift egg Wooper is the weakest Pokemon in
HeartGold and SoulSilver. Now, on to Generation five
starting with Black and White. As I mentioned earlier, this is the generation where in-game trade Pokemon
levels stopped matching the level of the
Pokemon you give them. So in-game trade Pokemon, they’re not gonna be the
weakest Pokemon anymore. We’re mainly gonna
rely on gift eggs. The weakest Pokemon
in Black and White is the gift egg Larvesta. Well, it’s base
stat total is 380, much higher than the other
weakest Pokemon so far, it’s the only gift
egg in the game and therefore, the
only level one Pokemon in the game that you can get
that you don’t breed yourself. The next lowest strength
score is a level two Patrat from route one, which thanks to its
base stat total of 255 has a much higher
strength score of 510. Therefore, Larvesta
is the weakest. Now, onto Black 2 and White 2 which have more level
one gift Pokemon. After defeating Banga at
either white tree hollow or black tower depending
on your version, you will be given either a level one Shiny
Gible or Shiny Dratini. Again, depending on
your game version. They both have base stat totals and therefore strength
scores of 300. But there’s a gift egg
for a weaker Pokemon. A breeder in the North
Korean City Westgate will give you a Happiny egg which if you remember
from Diamond and Pearl has a base stat total and therefore
strength score of 220. That makes the gift egg Happiny the weakest Pokemon in
Black 2 and White 2. Now, on to generation six starting with X and Y. And X and Y don’t actually
have any gift egg Pokemon. So, we’re back to wild Pokemon. Across route two
and Santalune Forest you can find several
level two Pokemon, but the weakest is a tie
between Caterpie and Weedle both have a base
stat total of 195 tied for the fourth lowest
across all of gen six. So their strength
scores are 390. Now, for Omega Ruby
and Alpha Sapphire, which are in a really
interesting situation. Yes, there is a gift egg Togepi that has a strength
score of just 245 and there are a couple other
level one gift Pokemon, those being Wynaut and Beldum. But both of them have a higher base stat
total than Togepi. So it seems like that Togepi would be the weakest
Pokemon in Oris. But it’s not. Because in these games and these games alone, you can find several
different species of wild level one Pokemon. You do this by getting the
item called the White Flute, which you do by exchanging
volcanic ash for it in the glass workshop
on Route 113. Once you have it, it becomes a permanent
item with unlimited uses that when used lowers the levels of all wild Pokemon in the area by one
to four levels. Omega Ruby and Alpha
Sapphire are the only games in the entire main series
where this is possible. Because while the white
flute isn’t other games, it either serves
no purpose at all, or just increases the
frequency of wild encounters. Therefore, by using it in the
earliest routes of the game, you can force wildcraft
Pokemon to be level one. There’s a lot of
them you can get, but the weakest is Wurmple. It’s base stat total is the same as Caterpie
and Weedle, 195. So that is of course,
its strength score. That means that a white
flute wild level one Wurmple in any of several locations, is the weakest Pokemon in
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Now, on to generation seven, and I’ll knock out
the Alola games Sun, Moon, UltraSun and UltraMoon all in one go because they all have
the same weakest Pokemon. The only level one gift
Pokemon in these games is the gift egg Eevee
from Paniola Ranch. It’s base stat total is 325, which is on the higher side, but for a level two Pokemon
to have a lower string score, it would have to have a
base stat total of 162 or lower, which is not possible. Therefore the gift egg Eevee is the weakest Pokemon
in the Alola games. Next is Let’s Go,
Pikachu! and Eevee! Where there are no eggs. So it’s gonna be a
wild Pokemon again. The lowest level any wild
Pokemon can be is three. And the lowest base
stat total Pokemon that can be found at level three are like an X and Y,
Caterpie and Weedle. They are found on both route two and in Viridian Forest. So with their base stat total
of 195 times level three, that gives strength
scores of 585. This is actually the
highest strength score of any weakest Pokemon in any main series
game in any generation, so not including
Eckstein Colosseum. That’s because Let’s
Go is the only game where the lowest obtainable
level of a Pokemon is three, not two or one like
all the other games. And finally is generation
eight Pokemon Sword and Shield. The only level one
gift Pokemon is Toxel from the route five nursery. It’s the lowest level Pokemon obtainable in the game without breeding
your own Pokemon. And it’s base stat total and string score
are there for 242, making it the
weakest in the game. Thank you so much for watching and an extra special thanks to my patrons over on patreon who are helping support me independent of fluctuating and sometimes unreliable
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