Watchmen Episode 7 Doctor Manhattan – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

I just told you Doctor Manhattan is here
and Tulsa walking amongst us as a human being and you never asked me who he is welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is gonna be my watchman episode 7 video they just blew the doors wide open holy
crap Doctor Manhattan has been walking amongst us this whole time so we’ll break it down there’s a whole bunch of Easter
eggs and they’ve been seating along Clues this whole time so some of you may
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because we’ll be talking about some very big twists top 10 and Easter eggs
starting with number 10 the episode opens with a documentary about Doctor
Manhattan’s life his origin story both sides of the aisle people that loved him
and worshiped him as a God people that hated him and thought that he made
things worse the title of the episode was an almost
religious awe which i think is a reference to the awe that people feel
when they think about Doctor Manhattan there’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs for
present day when they do that documentary they explain why there’s no
gasoline cars anymore Manhattan powered lithium engines all
this technology derived from him basically he becomes this big
pop-culture icon is like a Marvel superhero one of the Avengers like
Robert Downey jr. is Iron Man or one of the DC heroes but we see the very first
footage of him in the actual series itself when they show clips from Vietnam
now they did that sequence during the Watchmen movies so you kind of
remembered that but the way they air this footage it’s as if it’s a
documentary that was filmed back during Vietnam era and is being played back in
present-day on a videotape because it’s all happening within the context of
Angela’s flashback to Vietnam when she was a little girl about 10 years old
number 9 they tell Angela’s origin story we get the origin of the sister night
vigilante name that she took the sister night blaxploitation movie that she was
never allowed to watch they say it’s too scary I guess we could say that it’s
implied that she eventually watched it like even her grandma’s like oh that was
a great one what do you mean you haven’t watched yet oh they say that I’m not
allowed to watch it they used the flashbacks to get across a
whole bunch of exposition about what happened to the world after Doctor
Manhattan came to Vietnam and helped them win that war they also use it to
connect to Angela’s flashbacks on the nostalgia to her grandfather’s memories
because you see her father as an adult here but you also flashback to him as a
little kid learning that his father was secretly hooded justice they explained
her parents went out in a terrorist bombing and she went to live in a group
home for a number of years until her
grandmother came to try and bring her home we’ll talk about that in a second
too because that little girl cannot catch a break
lady true starts to explain the nostalgia trip she gives her this really
funny tutorial Injection it’s like a chemical version of memories trying to
talk her out of the trip that she’s on the interesting Easter egg during this
that you probably spotted is the Cyclops filed that her grandfather compiled when
they’re telling her to meditate and think about something while this is
doing its job I feel like they explained most of what they needed to explain
about Cyclops through the course of this episode if you weren’t clear on what was
going on at last week’s episode they definitely explained it this week but
you learned that Lauri is still on her side she’s the one that’s centered a
lady true because lady true was the person that manufactured the de staël
drug in the first place later in the episode – when she’s talking about the
millenium clock on this broadcast that’s being played back she talks about how
nostalgia was one of her greatest failures I feel like nostalgia could
have been this really great tool for people to learn from the past and then
use it to move forward but that’s not what happened the whole speech about
nostalgia is the writers doing this meta commentary about the dangers of
nostalgia wanting things to go back to the way they used to be preventing
people from moving forward and evolving so lady truths big millenium clock
probably has something to do with that I’ll talk about that in a second – she
refused to tell Angela exactly what the Millennium Clock does but I think they
gave us enough clues because of what’s going on with the nostalgia drugs but
number 8 Laurie versus the Chiefs wife so she goes to visit the Chiefs Widow
they have this pleasant conversation she tells her this mind blowing story about
Cyclops and this grand conspiracy that her husband may have been part of and
they play it in the most hilarious way possible where the wife just completely
comes clean oh well you know that was initially the plan but then we felt like
making Senator Kean was small potatoes and that gets into the larger plan about
them becoming Doctor Manhattan after they kill him, when she was saying small
potatoes I’ll explain that in a second that’s a
whole other thing this big secret plot of the 7th cavalry to take the powers of
Doctor Manhattan I love the joke about the trapdoor the fact that it’s just so old
that she has to mash the button a bunch of times to get it to work number 7 we
get the flashback where Angela decides she wants to be a cop someday so she’s
asked to identify the person that got her parents which she correctly
does she says that she’s not a afraid she actually wants to listen to
them execute the person the lady cop is nice and like no you can’t do that
but when you ready come visit me you would make a good cop someday gives her
her badge they’re using this to let you know how hardcore she was as a little
girl otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to survive on her own for that long
but number six lady true drops the bomb about her daughter oh she’s not my
daughter she’s my mother I cloned her and took her memories and I’m slowly
reintegrating them into her I’m getting ready to achieve my greatest
accomplishment and I want my parents there with me oh are you gonna bring
your father back too oh he’s not here yet
she kind of buried the lead on bringing her father back so I’m wondering if
awesome and iasts or one of the other old Watchmen characters is gonna wind up
being her father but number five Ozymandias is trial as of this scene
it’s been going on for the last 365 days we also got clarification on his
timeline – he’s been on a different timeline than what’s been happening in
present day so the present-day stuff in Oklahoma moves day to day week to week
but every time we visited Ozymandias it’s actually been a year between
episodes so it’s just a year later when we pick up with him in this episode they
play it like it’s gonna be really serious but he’s basically being judged
by all these other clones they talk about how he’s made a mockery of the
trial this whole time told everyone how he’s so far above them then the game
warden also plays a bit of a joke on Ozymandias sliding him by bringing in
all the pigs a jury of your peers as they all come squealing in he’s guilty
it’s hard to tell where they’re going with this because it seems like
Ozymandias is just waiting to be rescued so he’s just trying to wait these people
out he is powerful enough to defeat them in hand-to-hand combat so at least it
looks like he just feels like he has to wait this out like he doesn’t think he’s
in any kind of danger from any of them but number 4 lady Tru explains her plan
to save the world without completely explaining how the millenium clock works
what is it going to set off is a giant dome shape it’s constructed in the most
defensible safest place on earth that’s why it has to be Oklahoma also probably
has something to do with Doctor Manhattan being in Oklahoma but because of the
scene right before this where she’s on that recording talking about the dangers
of nostalgia and how people just completely misused it and had trouble
moving forward and evolving as a species and it sounds like it has something to
do with wiping everyone’s minds and creating a new
dart point for the beginning of the next era of human evolution like in an
earlier episode they refer to the clock as the 8th wonder of the world and she
says no I like to think of it as the first wonder of the new world
so maybe the clock will wipe everyone’s minds creating the stage for this new
world but number three laurie is captured by the seventh Cavalry she
wakes up at that same abandoned mall base that Looking Glass was taken to
where senator Keene showed him the truth about what happened during the original
Watchmen series in Ozymandias as plan I love the back and forth the fact that
she has been through a lot of this stuff before in the original Watchmen series
she just doesn’t care like whatever your plan is I just don’t care about it but
the big twist is is that they plan on capturing Doctor Manhattan somehow and then destroying him and taking his power that’s what the cages for that they’re
constructing there was also talk in an earlier episode about the Russians
secret plan to create their own version of Doctor Manhattan he would be called Doctor Moscow but through a couple different characters they basically explained that
the 7th cavalry want to take his powers so that they can become gods and do
whatever they want number two is the reveal that lady true knows who Doctor
Manhattan is and has been using this as part of her millenium clock plan with
Angela’s grandfather this whole time even though she sounds like she’s
getting really short with Angela because she knows that Angela knows who Doctor
Manhattan is and just isn’t saying like Angela in this moment here might seem
like she doesn’t know but very clearly she knows because she goes home and then releases Doctor Manhattan so lady true was just getting a little pissed off with
Angela like are we gonna keep pretending here are we gonna be honest with each
other you’re secretly hiding Doctor Manhattan at your house I feel like the
big elephant was meant to be a reference to the elephant in the room
saying the elephant in the room in a meta way being that she’s secretly been
hiding Doctor Manhattan this whole time so the fact that she busts in and sees this
giant elephant is just the writers winking at that idea but because she’s
been working with Angela’s grandfather it sounds like she wants to help protect
Doctor Manhattan and he’s also critical for her plan in activating the millenium
clock but number one the final Doctor Manhattan reveal because of the way they edited the episode when they went from lady true then directly to her husband
reading for Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway I feel like most people
had made the connection oh it’s clearly going to be him
he’s Doctor Manhattan who just changed the color of his skin and
created this fake body for himself so that he can walk around and pass as
human most of you are probably more confused about why he can look like this
when Doctor Manhattan clearly looks like this based on the original series like
he was born a white man he was a physicist how come he looks like Black
Manta from the Aquaman movie her grandfather actually gave us all the
clues that we needed at the beginning of the series he said Doctor Manhattan can
change the color of his skin he can make himself look like whatever he wants it’s
a critical piece of technology though was that device that she pulled out of
the hole in his skull that was suppressing his powers most of you are
asking why he would make himself look like this though and that probably has
something to do with camouflaging himself from the world because everyone
knows what Doctor Manhattan really looked like when he was a human so if he just
turned himself back into his normal human form people would never leave him
alone and clearly from the teaser in next week’s episode because of the way
his mind works he just goes from one woman to the next like you see him go
from his original wife to Silk Spectre to during the original Watchmen series
very clearly the same thing happened in Vietnam he fell in love with a new woman
and that just happened to be Angela in order for them to be able to be together
he had to find a way to make people think that he was not Doctor Manhattan thus the disguise the biggest question for me right now is actually how the Ozymandias
plot is going to connect to the Doctor Manhattan plot and present-day
because Doctor Manhattan is the person that put him there that’s happening in the
past very quickly by the finale that will catch up with present-day
but if he’s rescued and then brought back to earth what is he going to do
then there’s the question of what happens to the seventh cavalry because I
don’t think that any of us believe that they will actually become gods and be
successful in taking the powers of Doctor Manhattan so everyone post your theories in the comments below if you have any big questions I’ll try to add it to my
video next week there’s only two more episodes while you wait for everything
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