Transformers – War for Cybertron – All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p PC

You want to go back? Back to the heart of the war!? Cybertron. Our home. For generations it has been a peaceful world. Until pride and a lust for power divided us. Now we fight enemies who were once our brothers. Our tragic war has ravaged Cybertron. It is a necessary war to return us to glory. The Autobots will never sacrifice freedom! The Decepticons will bring this world to order! Our defeat would be the end of everything. My victory would mark a brilliant new beginning! One shall stand… One shall fall! Civil war has ravaged Cybertron, homeworld of the Transformers, for millions of years. Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, recently discovered an ancient power that will give him the edge to win over the hated Autobots Called Dark Energon. This is the power remains locked away in an orbital station under the protection of a sky commander Starscream. Hold your course! Starscream wouldn’t fight with such desperation if the legends weren’t true! Lord Megatron…You’re certain it’s here? I am certain Barricade, and when I find it the balance of this war with the Autobots will finally tip in my favor. Lord Megatron! Stabilizers are failing! Maintain your heading Brawl! Do not falter! Sublight engines are offline. Shields at 15%! Reroute all power to forward guns and thrusters! Full speed ahead! But sir! That’s suicide! Any further objections? Ram this warship straight into the heart of that station! We’re lucky to have survived that, Megatron. The strong survive. The weak perish. Lord Megatron. The ship’s reactor core is failing..Explosion immanent! Move Decepticons! Double time! The core is about to detonate! Go go go! Megatron, this way! Over here! I am Starscream. And I have protected my station for over a thousand years! I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons! This space station is Decepticon property! Surrender immediately! Whoever you are, you traveled a long way just to meet your doom! Hail Lord Megatron! Do not speak unless spoken to. There they are! Move ahead and cut them off at Storage Area Beta! Move! Move! Aw look, the welcome wagon. Those fools mean to catch us in an ambush at the next door. Fat chance. We can use that crane to reach the crash tunnel and flank them. Ambush their ambush. I like it! Megatron. Soundwave here. Establishing a foward base. Transmit your coordinates Soundwave, and I want everything ready upon my arrival. Megatron! I thought you’d be scrap metal by now. You survival intrigues me. I shall not be denied Starscream. Surrender your Dark Energon to me immediately! Dark Energon…? Are you mad? Dark Energon brings only death and chaos! I am counting on it. Megatron, when this is over, can I rip off Starscream’s head and boot it into space? Please? Patience, Brawl. Starscream knows this station inside and out. He may yet be of use to us. Wow…that’s a pretty long drop. Jump you fool! There is nowhere to go but down! But…Megatron…how do we get out? Decepticons, mount those turrets! We’ll cut them down with their own weaponry! The fools gave us our exit! Onward! Through that door! Area is secured, Megatron! Excellent. Hail, Lord Megatron! It’s an honor to serve you, Lord Megatron! Megatron. I have unlocked the lift controls. Your command center awaits at the top. My name is Jetfire. I’m not here to fight. That makes one of us. Speak your piece! Quickly. I’ve seen the horrors of what Dark Energon can do, Megatron, it is not to be trifiled with! Its power is too unstable. To use it would mean disaster! You cannot frighten me, Jetfire. I will use the Dark Energon as I please. Then you are a short sighted fool. You’ll kill us all! You say that as if it were a bad thing. I hope this Dark Energon stuff is worth it, Megatron. Soundwave, report! We have taken control of this portion of the station and established your base of operations. Scans idicate that Starscream has locked down all logical routes to the Dark Energon reactor. Huh and we’re fresh out of Star Cruisers to tunnel our way. Quiet. There must be another access point… We have to reach the station’s next pod! Megatron, I have located a nearby Data Matrix Center to reveal any alternate means of entry to the next pod. Advanced teams have already been sent to clear your path. Then we have no time to waste. These Cubes seem terribly outdated. This entire station was created over 10,000 years ago. Much of it’s technology is antiquated and inefficient. I look forward to updating it. Soundwave! We’ve located the holomap. I’m sending the data to you now. Megatron! You may have gotten this far but you’ll never get your hands on the Dark Energon! Starscream, this acrimony is needless. I know who you once were, Sky Commander, and that you were betrayed. With Dark Energon, I shall return Cybertron to it’s former glory, and you to yours, if you agree to serve me. You’re a fool! No one can control Dark Energon! Once I have enough Dark Energon online, I will use these canisters to transport it to Cybertron! The Autobot’s surprise will be total. I tire of these futile attempts to resist me. Dark Energon will be mine. What makes you think you can control the Dark Energon, when no else has ever been able to? Only the strong are worthy of such a weapon, Barricade. I am the strongest. And do not question me again! Cybertron… Flyers inbound! Where do we go now, Megatron? The damage looks…old. It’s been this way for a good while. But no weapon I know of could’ve done this. I don’t care what did it. Find a way across! The holomap indicates no damage to this area. Yes…this is unexpected. The entire area lies in shambles. The floor is splitting apart! Quickly, jump to the other side! Impossible! No one has ever survived to reach this place! You shall soon learn, Starscream, I decide what is and what isn’t! Guards! Hold him off while I desroy the last of the Dark Energon remnants. Quick! Blast the containment field! You arrogant fool! No one has ever survived direct contact! What? This isn’t possible! No! No one can control Dark Energon! It dominates and destroys everything it touches! Hahahaha I am the dominator. I am the destroyer! I am Megatron! Decepticons, receive your birthright! I can feel the power! It’s amazing! Now I shall deal with Starscream! Dark Energon is mine to command! Through my will alone shall Cybertron be restored! It’s too unstable, Megatron! Using that power, you’re endangering our entire world! Teach me, Megatron. Teach me to wield Dark Energon, the way you do! And I will serve you. And what could you possibly offer me that I cannot simply take? The supply of Dark Energon aboard this station is nearly exhausted. I know how to manufacture more. There was once an Energon Bridge that fed this station directly. I know how to reconnect it. Traitor! Zeta Prime will hear about this! Shall I send Thundercracker and Skywarp to retrieve him Lord Megatron? No. I want the Autobots’ leader to know his doom approaches. Once we have this station online, nothing can stop me! Now go. Find this Energon bridge. And reactivate it… for your new master. Anxious to prove themselves worthy of the Decepticon name, Starscream and his minions fly to Cybertron. There, they must reconnect the Energon bridge that will enable Megatron to manufacture more Dark Energon and conquer the Autobots once and for all. Your orders are clear Starscream! Infiltrate the Cybertron underground and reactivate the Energon Bridge. I want that power online! Megatron, Thundercracker has detected several Autobots up ahead. Jetfire must have warned Zeta Prime and moved to intercept us already! Enough of your whining! If the Autobots try to stop you, crush them! Report back to me when you have found the Bridge. Megatron out! That imbecile thinks I’m expendable. Me?! He’ll soon learn never to underestimate Starscream! What is that? An Autobot probe. We should avoid it to prevent detection. Like that puny probe could stop me. Blast them and get on with it! I have never traveled this deeply into Cybertron’s interior before. You are as boring as ever, Thundercracker. Autobots, this is Zeta Prime. Be on high alert! The Decepticons are planning to re-activate the Energon Bridge. This would grant them access to an… Couldn’t have said it better myself! Focus your fire on that Decepticon That was easy! The others will likely be tougher. I suggest we proceed with caution. Decepticons! Seal the door! Those punks locked us out! Stop whining and find another way in! Where are we? We’re not where we need to be, Skywarp. So keep moving! Crude energon is highly volatile, and flying this close to it is very dangerous. We should proceed with caution. Tighten your logic circuits, would you, Thundercracker? It can’t be that bad. We’re getting close! The next entrance is just on the far side of this canyon! That Autobot ship is generating an energy shield over the entrance! I can see that for myself, Thundercracker. Enough babbling, destroy it! Target the mortars first! This thing is as crazy as I am! Just blast it! It breaks, like everything else! Excellent! Now, target the Aerialbots! I’ll show them some real flying! Close the blast doors, and seal the ship! We’ll trap them inside! Trap us? Orders, Starscream? Hahahaha! Those idiots locked us in here with their power core! Plant a detpack on it! Warning! Warning! Warning! Unbelievable! These Autobots are dumber than Skywarp! Perhaps, Starscream, but have you considered an escape route for us? Try the upper deck! Hurry! They sealed it off! Now’s our chance! Fly through the hole! Dumber than Skywarp? I’ll show you dumb, Starscream! You always do. Did you see that? You mean that creepy looking thing that just jumped over the side? Nope. I didn’t see anything. I should’ve left you two on the station. I think I saw something. You think you saw what? Silence! It could be an Autobot cloaker, keep your optics sharp! There! Destroy it! Hahaha! Feel the power of my wrath! Now, get the power back online so we can move on! I am detecting an unknown energy signature nearby. Off the scale… Then we are close. The Energon must be nearby. The device must be inside that machine. Plant a Dark Energon det pack on it power cable to activate it. My scan indicate that. I’ve had of your readings! Use the Dark Energon and corrupt the machine! What’s happening?! Precisely what I was afraid of. Cybertron is trying to purge itself of contamination. What contamination? He means us, you idiot! Quit blabbing and destroy the nuisance! Wait! Something’s happening! Yes! It’s crumbling before the might of Starscream! To the surface, Decepticons! The machine is out of control! It must be a side effect of the Dark Energon! We’ve done it! The Energon Bridge is activating! Incredible. The Energon Bridge is active once more. Quiet! You’re ruining my moment of glory! Soon, my orbital station will be at full power! Your orbital station, Starscream? Surely you mean mine. I see you have finally succeeded in the simple task I gave you. Perhaps you’re not as worthless as I thought. Report back to base at once! All systems online. Dark Energon manufacturaing at optimal effiency. Now I can introduce Dark Energon into the planet’s core and as it spreads throughout Cybertron, my power shall travel with it! Entrance to the planet core is heavily shielded behind the Omega Gate. I will acquire the key. We launch a full scale assault on Iacon immediately. And wipe Zeta Prime and his pathetic Autobots off the face of the planet. Hungry for more power, Megatron plans to corrupt the very core of Cybertron itself with Dark Energon. But to do so, he must first find the Omega Key. Which will unlock the gateway to the core. Megatron launches a full scale assault on Iacon, capital city of the Autobots where the key is protected by Zeta Prime, leader of the Autobots. Starscream, continue forward and meet Zeta Prime’s armies on the front line! Have no fear, Lord Megatron! Under my leadership, Decepticon victory is assured! Do not fail me! Why aren’t we joining the main battle, Megatron? While Starscream attacks Zeta Prime’s armies head on, we shall move behind enemy lines and obtain the Omega Key. The Omega what? The Omega key grants access to the Core of Cybertron. Once I have access to the core, I will infuse it with Dark Energon and subject the entire planet’s energy supply to my will! Decepticon intruders! They’re inside the city! Autobots attacking! Hey, wasn’t Starscream suppose to keep these guys occupied? Even the Autobots aren’t foolish enough to leave the Stellar Galleries undefended. Destroy them! Megatron, sensors indicate Autobot energy signatures nearby. Where? I don’t see anything… The Autobots are here, no doubt skulking in the shadows. They’re all around us! Return fire! Destroy anything that moves! Megatron, the Dark Energon is proving every bit as formidable as you predicted! The Autobot armies crumble before it! Excellent, Starscream. Continue engaging them so that I can acquire the Omega Key. There’s something off about that Starscream guy, Megatron. I don’t trust him. Oh, I trust Starscream about as far as I can blast him…but he shows a rare cunning that I find intriguing. Now…time for more strategic slaughter! Megatron, our data indicates that the Omega Key is located just beyond that door. Excellent! This venture has proven far less taxing than I had anticipated. Are you serious? I’m feeling pretty taxed, myself. The Autobots maintain these rooms for tranquil cotemplation. Tranquil contemplation? What does that even mean? It means the Autobots laze about and whine over their own inadequacies. Ugh…what a waste of time and resources. Decepticons! Find the Omega Key! Behold, Decepticons! The Omega Key! Wow. That is one empty container. Megatron, I’m warning you right now. You are toying with forces beyond your understanding or control. Ah, Zeta Prime. I see you’re still afraid to face me in person. Ha! Predictable as ever, right down to the empty words. The Omega Key is under my protection now, Megatron. That is hardly a deterrent. I will enjoy taking the Omega Key from your lifeless hands. Soundwave, trace Zeta Prime’s broadcast signal. Commencing scan…Complete. Its origin is 12.7 cycles ahead. Scans reveal poor structural integrity surrounding this maintenance access door. Megatron, the city subsystems provide a direct line to the broadcast’s origin. Move, Decepticons! Double time! Hey Soundwave, you wanna race? Negative. Don’t get hit by the train, you fool! There. That station. From there we can infiltrate the lower levels of Iacon. What…that’s it? I was kind of having fun. In a high speed, suicidal kind of way. Megatron, Omega Key detected. We should proceed through the logistics station. Excellent! The Omega Key awaits! Megatron, sensors indicate approaching Autobot energy signatures. Decepticons, ready your weaponry for battle! Take cover! Steady yourself, coward! I marked this area for Dark Energon bombers. Are you insane?!? I mean…yes, brilliant, Megatron! Starscream! This Brawl! We’re pinned down outside Zeta Prime’s vaults! We need air support! Excellent! Brawl is already near the Omega Key! Look! They’ve got Brawl outnumbered down there! Snipers! Across the street! Megatron, the area is now clear. Let us speak with Brawl, then. I want to hear how my war is going. Waiting for your orders, Megatron… Waiting for your orders, Megatron… Report Brawl! The Autobots are dug in and our precious air commander won’t provide support! Enough excuses! Where is Zeta Prime? He’s just beyond those doors, Lord Megatron! Witness the power of Dark Energon! Impossible! It will take more than a speck of Dark Energon to breach the armor of our vaults. Surrender now, Megatron, and I will consider sparing your life. You dare threaten me!?! Me?!? So be it, Megatron. I leave you to your own…futility. Oh great. Here we go… Brawl, call in the Dark Energon bombers! But Megatron, there’s too much firepower. Do as I have ordered, Brawl! Yes, Megatron. Bombers, target these coordinates! Everyone else, clear the street!

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