Top 10 Superheroes Who Turned Into Kids

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and the struggles that come along with saving the world while changing diapers. But now we need to talk about all of the times
where an adult superhero suddenly became a kid or even worse a baby. Make sure you leave us a comment down below
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the Top 10 Superheroes Who Turned Into Kids #10 Zeus
The first appearance of the olympian sky father was in the Golden Age Comic called Daring
Mystery issue number 6 back in 1940. After Zeus had died his brother Hades was
intent on keeping him imprisoned in Tartarus. He would make his return when Athena sent
Hercules to rescue his father from the underworld. However in order to return back to the land
of the living Zeus was forced to drink from the River Lethe which would erase his memory
and reincarnate him as a child on Earth. Even as a kid though he retained all of his
god-like powers and would therefore accompany Hercules on many more adventures. #9 Loki
For the most part Loki is seen as a trickster antagonist in both the MCU as well as the
comic books. During the events of Siege – Asgard had been
overwhelmed by attacks from a new and very powerful enemy. Loki actually sacrificed himself to help Thor
win the fight showing that he truly could be a hero if he wanted. Not too long after he was resurrected as a
child, but now he had a whole new outlook on life. He wished to be different from his previously
evil ways and earn his place as a superhero. We got to see a lot of this especially with
the teenage version of Loki in Journey into Mystery from issues 622 to 646. #8 Storm
In the Uncanny X-Men number 248 the mutant superheroes were faced with an all new foe
called the nanny. The nanny was an evil robot and with the help
of the orphan maker it began transforming adults into kids. In one scenario the nanny actually de-ages
storm and then kidnaps her when leaving the planet. When they attempt to escape though Storm chased
them down getting stuck within the ship and thanks to Havoc freaking out and blasting
the ship the whole team thought the nanny and storm were both dead. It turned out that the nanny had created a
life model decoy of Storm though to make them believe that her corpse had been found. The Nanny then de-aged Storm into a child
while constantly trying to wipe her memory of a life before her current state. #7 Wonder Woman
Most fans of Wonder Girl don’t actually realize that before she became her own character she
was simply a teenage version of Wonder Woman. Her first appearance is believed to be in
Brave and the Bold number 60 back in 1965. However the first actual appearance dates
back to 1958. Although the comic book is vague about it,
there was essentially this computer that created the teen and toddler version of Wonder Woman
that she would end up fighting with. Even if it was computer generated, wonder
tot is adorable. (photo #6 The Justice League During the Justice League Unlimited series
we saw pretty much every DC superhero ever included in the show. Along with that they showcased many similar
storylines from the comic book pages. One in particular was called Kid Stuff where
Mordred the son of the evil sorceress Morgaine Le Fay used an amulet to turn all adults in
this world into kids. As a result we got to see the kid versions
of the entire Justice League. As I mentioned the show was based off of some
comic book history. For this episode it was inspired by two different
story arcs, one being Justice League A world without grown-ups and the other being in Young
Justice with their Sins of Youth story. #5 Spider-Man
Aka itsy bitsy spider-man during the Ultimate Spider-Man season 2 episode 2 we had Nick
Fury face palming as he watched a bickering group of superheroes inadvertently be turned
into babies. During the episode they have imaginative visions
from Spider-Man of what would happen if he attempted to fight an enemy in his new kid
like state which obviously didnt pan out well. Attempting to turn them back into adults or
as Nick Fury puts it – Size you up – ultimately turned out to be ineffective but otherwise
it made for silly episodes of these mini heroes trying to live their normal super life. #4 The X-Men
Taking on the name X-Babies, the X-Men writers gave it their best when trying to hop on the
superhero baby cartoon train. It had become so popular in the 1980s but
while some did it well the flops were really bad. For the X-Men this de-aging process wasnt
a new issue, but rather came as a result of the evil alien Mojo. In fact hes done this a few times actually,
once in Uncanny X-Men Annual number 10 as well as Uncanny X-Men number 461. In one instance he created the X-Babies team,
but they were just clones that end up turning on Mojo. #3 Superman
Supermans de-aging process is without a doubt the oldest and most successful take on a younger
character in history. The Superboy character comic book was the
first big superhero series following world war 2. In the Action Comics issue number 284 the
man of steel witnesses a mysterious hand coming out of the chalkboard that writes a message
attempting to warn him of impending danger. The note says that the only way to handle
the situation is if he turns himself into a baby. Once home he digs into his collection of red
kryptonite and uses it to slowly transform himself into his super baby state. #2 Cable
Cable already has a very strange history, hes the son of cyclops and a clone of Jean
Grey just for starters. He was sent into the future as a baby, but
then returned to the past much older. During House of M where the Scarlet Witch
altered reality she created a new world where Cable was never sent to the future. By the time we arrive at Cable and Deadpool
number 18 Cable was still a baby, but for whatever reason he was now being protected
by the worst babysitter in the world – Deadpool. Although it was adorable seeing baby Cable
call him Dead-Poo #1 Batman
The silver age brought us some more very odd storylines and one in particular focused on
Batman going through a de-aging plot. It reverted Batman into a child-like state
where earned the nickname Bat Baby. While Batman and Robin were attacking some
criminals a scientist shot this light beam from a mysterious machine onto Batman. The end result was a rapidly shrinking Batman
that when the smoke cleared went from a fully grown adult to a baby faced hero. They soon realized that they had been led
into a trap so Robin scooped up Baby Bat and high tailed it out of there. It didnt take long for the world to find out
either. On the front page of the Gotham Gazette was
a photo of the shrinking Bat with the headline – Gangland Turns Batman into Baby. Along with the subtitle of – Criminal scientist
uses ray that reverses Batmans growth. And that has been the Top 10 Superheroes Who
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