TikTok: How To Grow As Gaming Content Creator ft. Mista Cassla

TikTok: How To Grow As Gaming Content Creator ft. Mista Cassla

(upbeat music) – Tik Tok, how can you grow there as a gaming content creator? Is it just silly music videos and garbage and gamers have no opportunity? Well, today, we’ve got a
gaming content creator. His name’s Mista Cassla. He has gone from 4,000
followers on Tik Tok to 32,000 followers on Tik
Tok in two freaking weeks, gaming content only. Over 300,000 likes and
millions of views on Tik Tok in a matter of just a couple
months for freaking free. Mista Cassla’s on the podcast today. How are you doing, buddy? – Good, how are you guys doing? – We’re doing great, man. We’re glad to have you here. I’ve referenced you as this
anonymous creator in the past on the podcast that has
struggled to grow but then went on Tik Tok and then has
grown an exponential amount. I can’t wait to dive into
the very specific details on how to succeed on Tik Tok,
what type of content to post, tips that you have for other
creators, how to cross promote, et cetera, et cetera. I can’t wait to dive
in there with you, man. – Yeah, I can’t wait either. It’s gonna be an honorary experience. I’ve listened to you
guys since you started in the beginning. So I’m excited. – Aw.
(laughing) All right, you’re listening
to The Digital Drop of course, the number one podcast for gaming creators where we help you make
gaming content full time. My name is Andrew Wall
and I’m joined as always by Andrew Perrin. – I’m interested to
learn more about Tik Tok. We’ve been looking at this
for the past couple of weeks. It’s a new opportunity for organic growth. This doesn’t come by very
often but every time it does, we always jump on top of it and we’re all about it for awhile. So I’m really interested to
listen to Mista Cassla here and welcome to the show. – Ross A. Dillon, how
are you doing, buddy? – Fantastic, ready to
do some learning today. This is one of those
topics that’s really fun because I admittedly don’t
know a whole lot about it. And to hear someone who grew organically and is doing this right
in front of our eyes, this is really exciting and
I think a huge opportunity for gaming careers. – It really is. And before we get into
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to make in the long run. It’s an investment in your future, do it. Thank you, RODE. Back to the topic at hand, Tik
Tok is blowing the hell up. It’s the number one most
downloaded app for a year now on IOS and now creators are
blowing up on that platform. Mista Cassla is one of them. Mista Cassla, why did you
start talking to your computer in a dark room, recording
it and then posting it on the internet in the first place? – Well, I’d be lying to
you, Awall, if I didn’t say I had an unhealthy
obsession with video games and having a full-time job, that doesn’t always work out the best. And I was like, you know what? I need to turn this addiction
into something positive. So why not try my hand
at YouTube and Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, Tik Tok? And now I’ve actually seen some success so it’s like I started
my YouTube back in 2014 and I had some success back
when SEO was the main driver in videos and now it’s
all about watch time. But now I found success at Tik
Tok and I’m just gonna stick to that until I can get my
YouTube and everything else to grow from that. – We’ve talked before
about how you struggled in the earlier stages with your channel and that’s why you ended
up contacting me a bit ago. You’re like, how the hell can
I make some Fortnite content and do live streaming and actually grow? And so we talked about a
lot of different strategies and trying different video
series on YouTube and Twitch and trying Mixer. What was your experience
like on non-Tik Tok platforms and what were your biggest challenges on those other platforms? – I think consistency is
probably the biggest one and that goes hand-in-hand
with discoverability. I love Fortnite and I
just love VRs in general. And I’m kind of stubborn,
I’d like to play other games and grow, which I know I
could go on Mixer right now and probably stream
Dundertale or something that someone isn’t streaming
and get more views, but I just don’t enjoy that as much. So it’s just really hard for
discoverability and whatnot. And then when you’re
trying to be consistent with certain video topics
that don’t get much traction, it is a nail in the coffin for you and you don’t post as
much YouTube content. – Out of those platforms, YouTube and the different live streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer and what have you, which ones did you feel
were the most difficult to grow on right now as
a gaming content creator with a small audience like
hundreds of followers, which one was the toughest and why? – Twitch, 100% because I think now they have a little bit
more of an algorithm. So they’re pushing smaller creators, especially with all the
people leaving Twitch. But for me, I just remember
sitting there for hours with zero to maybe a couple of viewers and there’s just no point to
stream for eight hours a day with that many viewers, so it
just doesn’t make any sense. – That makes sense. So you struggled for a
bit, you were getting on and off traction, trying
to figure out your voice and what content you were going to post. Then in June you said,
you started experimenting with Tik Tok, why did you
start posting on Tik Tok? Was it ’cause you were
listening to Gary Vee or you were listening to The
Digital Drop or something that got you into it? What got you on Tik Tok, dude? – The Digital Drop kind
of ’cause you guys always throw a little tidbits,
like oh yeah, Tik Tok. And I was like, huh and I didn’t
start listening to Gary Vee until a month ago and
that made me feel good ’cause I started posting
a little more Tik Tok at that point. But I wanted to do something new and I saw a lot of Tik
Tok videos on YouTube, like those Tik Tok compilations and they were getting millions of views. So I went and checked it out and I noticed that there
was Fortnite content and a lot of the content wasn’t very good. It was like kids filming
from their phones. And I saw this one channel, this guy named Sushi Bay Gaming, I think it’s just Sushi Bay, but he had like, I
don’t know, like 600,000 and all his videos were good quality but they weren’t the best type of content. And I already had a few
little skits of Fortnite on my channel. So when I saw, oh, I could
upload a 15 to 30 second clip, this is perfect for me. (laughs) I already been practicing on
these type of Fortnite videos I would make and once I
started posting on Tik Tok, after my tenth video, I had 300,000 views on one of my videos. So I knew this had to be something good. – That’s crazy. – I went to sleep and I woke
up and it was just 300,000. I was starting to freak out. – All right, we gotta dive into that. – All right, let’s do this. I’m really gonna put
you under the light here and I wanna ask you a
question with something that we haven’t really talked about before but I know you said going through Twitch just wasn’t worth it to
put all those hours into it for such little reward. From a mental standpoint,
when you go from the bottom, how do you motivate
yourself to all of a sudden stick to something like Tik
Tok, something that’s brand new when you haven’t had success elsewhere? – I don’t know if it
has to do with anything how I was raised and whatnot. But I’ve had some life experiences that haven’t been the easiest. So getting through those,
it kind of made me realize I can do this regardless of how many years or months it takes. So I just keep pushing forward and I just try to stay positive. But I guess I’m just stubborn. (laughs) I think it’s just positivity
can go a long way, just knowing that you have something
that’s worth something regardless if no one’s watching it. I know I’m a very creative
person, so to see that finally blow up on Tik
Tok is very reassuring and it’s only gonna help me
in the future for YouTube and whatnot going down the road, especially because the videos are only around 11 to 15 seconds long. That’s almost like training to make YouTube videos technically. So I mean, you could start with
Tik Tok, then go to YouTube, make a brand new YouTube
channel, then start streaming. I think that’d be like the
perfect way to go, honestly. – Okay, so you’ve had the perseverance, you’ve had the life experience
that’s made you stick with it and just push through
getting little results till finally you found something
that’s blowing up for you. That’s amazing. So now that you’re posting
on Tik Tok, what benefits are you actually getting
from it other than likes? Are you seeing any sort of real benefits? Do you feel like you’re
actually growing your influence as a gaming creator? Tell us about the real benefits
that you’re feeling here from Tik Tok so far. – Well, two things. I’ve noticed growth on
YouTube and on Instagram. And on YouTube, I’ve gotten
probably over 100 subscribers and I haven’t been really
active on my YouTube for the last month. So that’s 100 free
subscribers for nothing. Now imagine if I start
posting content and let’s say you post a video and you
have those Tik Tok followers that subscribe to you start
watching that, it would only boost my video in the algorithm
because of watch time. And they always say YouTube
videos, the first 24 hours of that video’s life is the most important because that way it knows to
recommend it to other viewers or suggested videos, et cetera. – That’s awesome. So seeing that boost in
YouTube subscribers is huge. So obviously some cross
promotion works there. We’ll talk a little bit more
about how to do that later. But how about on the live streaming side? I know live streaming’s been
a big part of your history as a gaming content creator. You like playing Fortnite,
you’re pretty darn good at it and you like to dance
while you’re playing. So have you seen an impact on
your live streaming numbers or people that are just
willing to actually show up when you go live? – I’ve only went I think live once. And I did have a little bit more viewers. So that one, I’m going to
have to get back to later on. But I will tell you this,
live on Tik Tok is actually can be financially beneficial. All the time, I see people I follow, if you follow me, here’s a drama queen or something like that. So they have these little gifts on there like a drama queen, a panda, I forget all of the different
gifts you can give people, but I think the drama queen’s
worth I think 50 to $100. So the way live streaming works on Tik Tok is if someone donates to you, Tik Tok gets 50% of that donation. – That’s a savage cut. Holy crap, that’s a savage cut. – But I mean, you’re
getting money regardless. Like for example, I asked this kid, I don’t know how truthfully he was ’cause I’ve asked several other people and they made it sound like
they weren’t making as much but maybe he goes live more, but I asked him since he started
Tik Tok how much he’s made and he said in about three to five months, he’s made about $5,000. And this kid’s only like 16 years old and I see him go live all the time. But he had I think 2 or 300,000 followers. So basically people on there
are just selling a shout out. People will ask, can I get a shout out, can I get a shout out,
please shout me out. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind
of annoying but people legit sell shout outs or make a
video of the trendy videos people post on Tik Tok and they’ll post that person’s account on there and when you’re already
established on Tik Tok, you’re pretty much guaranteed views. I’ll post nothing burger
videos and I’ll get at least 1,000 now since
I’m up to 32,000 followers. So it’s almost like a snowball effect. Once you have two or three
videos almost to a million views, you’re gonna get free views. – Free views, there’s no other
platform where you can just upload from scratch or from a
small account and really grow. I mean, your story that
you were telling me on the Awall Digital Discord where you were telling best practices and you’re like, hey, guys,
I kind of grew this much. I was like, what? So then, I went ahead and
I called up Ross and Perrin and I talked to them and I had a serious sit down conversation. (laughing) And I said, guys, we need to
start taking Tik Tok seriously. Mista Cassla is blowing up over there. It’s not just chatter
amongst the marketing gurus and growth gurus. This is real. And so I posted a handful of
not great content on Tik Tok just me talking to my
phone giving people advice, which is not the type of
content people want on Tik Tok. My first three videos with zero
followers and no promotion, I got 1,000 views. I’m a 35-year-old man
giving advice into my phone with no music in the background
and I got 1,000 views on Tik Tok from scratch. So this free reach, this organic
reach, this nonpaid reach that Mista Cassla is
talking about is very real. And if you’re able to actually
make content that’s tailored to the platform itself,
obviously, you can grow a lot. Let me follow up with you
on the live side of things. Are you aware of the
requirements to be able to go live on Tik Tok and to make revenue? What are the limitations there? Can you give us a little bit more detail for the live streamers and just
hanging out or IRL streamers in particular that may benefit from this? – I think you can go as
live as much as you want but you have to have at
least 1,000 followers, which in my mind it’s very doable if you just post consistently. For example, I had a video
that blew up for 300,000 views. I just posted four videos a day and I saw those views
skyrocket to a million. So consistency there but
the live streaming part, 1,000 followers, you can
go live as much as you want and you can actually put in
your live streaming title, I will sell shout outs, et cetera. It doesn’t have to be
exactly worded that way, but it says, shout outs
equal drama queen, et cetera. So other than that for
the live streaming part, not really much else I really know. I like to go into other
live streamers’ lives and it’s awkward. Some of them just sit
there and they just ask, hey, don’t forget I’ll
give you a shout out for a drama queen. It’s kind of like, man, it’s
like we’re hustling here. (laughs) I don’t know however you wanna do that. Some people might not think
of it as a genuine thing, but I see it all the time. When I went live, I was
pretty entertaining. I’ve only went live twice,
once at 4,000 followers and another time at 22,000. And I got two donations for 50 cents, but I was just being
entertaining and I was like, hey, you can donate if
you want to, et cetera. – Got it, yeah, you’re trying
to do entertainment first, ask for money later, which makes sense. Yeah, just asking people for money being the actual content
itself sounds pretty dumb but if you have enough
followers, there will be people that’ll do that. – Now, you talked about
this a little bit earlier and I wanna dive even more into it. How can a gaming content
creator effectively cross from both to and from Tik Tok? – It’s pretty easy ’cause Tik
Tok has a built-in feature on your profile page where
you can connect your YouTube and your Instagram to it. So if people know how to
use Tik Tok and it depends on their level of use, they already know to click on that little
YouTube icon next to your name, and then you have the choice depending on if they have their Instagram
and YouTube connected to Tik Tok, you could just click on that. And if you have it on your
phone, it just takes you straight to YouTube and to their channel. But I see all the time people
that are pretty established. I think there’s this one
guy, he’s called Mully VR and he posts a little tagline at the end of an animated YouTube button and it says his YouTube channel. And I checked his YouTube and he has I think
100,000-plus subscribers. So he’s pretty big time I
would say in terms of the views on Tik Tok and his
YouTube’s starting to get a lot of traction ’cause of it. His Tik Tok, I think he has
four or five million views or followers. So that’s pretty much the easiest way, just promote it at the end of your video. Hey, go to my page, go to my Instagram. You can even do engagement videos. So if you already have the views, be like, hey, go to my Twitter
and type in this hashtag or my Instagram or let’s do a contest. Do you like this better? Do you like A better than B, et cetera. You could do all sorts of
engagement stuff on Tik Tok, which I’ve seen a lot of
success with in my videos. – So Tik Tok being a front
as a promotional asset for creators for maybe your other assets seems like a very realistic choice. There’s also some revenue opportunity. I wanna talk technicals for a second because I noticed
something very interesting and very surprising when going
over your Tik Tok strategy. And I noticed that you’re
doing gaming content and you’re doing horizontal video. And I first looked at Tik
Tok as any old person would and looked at it as, oh, it’s vertical format
so let’s utilize the format in which Tik Tok’s platform is keyed to. So I’ve been looking at
gearing Tik Tok’s strategy as let’s do vertical video. But you have just shoved in horizontal normal gaming type content and it’s worked extremely well. Have you noticed any sort
of difference in either type or does it even matter? – On that, I don’t think it really matters ’cause there’s other people
basically doing what I’m doing is which they’re just editing
a little video in their editor and then they’re I would
assume Drop Box or getting it to their phone somehow and then they were just downloading it on their phone and then uploading it to Tik Tok. So in terms of the
vertical versus horizontal, I don’t really see there
being an algorithmic boost in that at all. – Yeah, that was a surprising thing. And so I wanna also see if you have maybe, ’cause we could go really
dive deep into strategy and technical stuff– – Oh yeah. – Maybe if you have a top
three strategic elements that work for you, things like how are you doing social copy, how
are you doing hashtags to make it successful? How many posts are you doing
to finally get enough growth and reception, stuff like that, do you have any top three
that you would recommend? – I would say my number one would be post around 11 to 15 second long videos. I used to do 15 to 30 second
long and there are some people that are successful, you can
post up to a minute long video. But I’d say 11 to 15 seconds
just because from the research I’ve done, that’s their target demographic of time you wanna use. And also if you look at
the songs you can use on Tik Tok’s platform, most of them are 11 to 15 seconds long. So it only makes sense
if they’re catering all of these songs to be that long, I would think that would be
the target time you wanna hit. For the second tip, I
would say is use only about three hashtags starting out. And one of the best hashtags you can use, which some of you may know this, but it’s the hashtag, for you. So when you get into Tik
Tok and if you’re not creating content, you’re just
browsing, it’s like basically your home page, it says
for you at the top. So for some reason, this
hashtag is able to help you get to people’s homepage or their
for you page a lot easier and I’ve had a lot of success using it. Now, there’s multiple
ways you can do for you. You can do it hashtag, the word actually four and you together or you could do FYP, which means for you page and then you can type out the
whole thing, for you page. So there’s multiple ways you can do that. I would just say play around with it. But I would for sure
try using that hashtag and then a gaming hashtag. So if you’re doing gaming
content, a hashtag Fortnite or a hashtag Modern Warfare
and then the last hashtag can be what the video was about. So for example, the video
I have the most views on I did hashtag for you, hashtag
Fortnite and hashtag new ’cause the video was about news. And that video has over
a million views now. And all I do is I try to put
a little description in there with an emoji in there. But honestly, once you’ve got a few videos with a little description, three hashtags, from the research I’ve done,
they say three hashtags, you can play around with it. I’ve seen people do no hashtags
or they’ll spam hashtags. So I would say play around with it. But I think there is a thing
called channel authority. So if you have certain types
of hashtags that you use different than a lot of other creators, for example that Mully VR guy, he uses hashtag VR, hashtag Mully VR. So he basically created his own hashtag. So those are basically all
things that can drive his views ’cause he’s pretty much got a
dominance on those hashtags. And then the last tip I would say is use the music on Tik Tok’s platform. You can make original content, but I’d say use the 11 to
15 second content on there. So you may have to put the
audio in your edited clip and then remove it and
then upload it to Tik Tok and then go through their
little music feature when you upload a video
and then put it in there to make sure it syncs up
correctly ’cause I found a lot of success using that type
of system to use their music because Tik Tok one thing they encourage is reusing other music or sounds
or audio other people use. That’s one of their big encouragers. – That makes me wonder if that’s part of their algorithm is using that feature. It would be really interesting
to dive down into that more in the future and
identify how specifically the Tik Tok algorithm works ’cause this is something we
had on this podcast a lot. When we look at a new platform or we’re reevaluating existing ones, we look at algorithms specifically,
what are those functions and actions you can do. So those tips are great,
that was pretty much exactly what I wanted to know. And I’ve already learned a lot about how to shape a strategy, a Tik Tok strategy just from the answer
that you just gave us. – A big side note, too,
is just consistency. So if you have a video that
does blow up, I would post as much as you can ’cause
you’re gonna get a lot of views on those videos and one of
those videos might blow up. Because once that video blows up, it’s like a snowball effect. You’re gonna just keep
growing almost no matter what. And if you have good or bad
content, it’s gonna get views. – This is amazing information. I hope all of you guys
are paying attention, all gaming creators realizing
that Tik Tok is an opportunity for gaming content creators
to grow, it’s an opportunity for people of any age to grow as well. I’m seeing a lot of creators
on Tik Tok that are like 30-plus now breaking into the
platform and releasing content that’s not necessarily
the silly dancing madness that may be on the front page of Tik Tok, and getting a lot of traction doing it. And the Tik Tok boat, I
mean, how long do you think people can hop on this boat before it starts to dry up, Mista Cassla? I mean, organic only stays around for a certain period of time and then eventually it goes away, once basically supply exceeds demand. Now, obviously demand is way
higher than supply right now, which is why guys like
you in the last two weeks can go from 4,000 followers to over 30,000 by posting some good Fortnite content. When do you think the ship
will hit the sunset and be gone and you’ll have to pay for traction? – I honestly don’t know, so I
think the opportunity is now. Obviously, Vine and Music.ly
which came just before Tik Tok up and died. So it could be tomorrow, it
could be a year from now, I think Tik Tok probably has
a better system than what Vine and Music.ly had implemented
’cause when people go live, they get 50% of that revenue. So I think that would be
a driving factor in terms of its survivability but
it could be any time. – There you go, so the
opportunity is now, jump on it. Well, look, if people wanna
check you out right now, where can listeners go
check out your strategy, check you out on Tik
Tok and other avenues, where can they go to see
what you’re doing to blow up from nothing to, let’s just say it, international Tik Tok superstar? (laughing) – Hopefully, one day
but you guys can find me at mistacassla on Tik Tok or you can find me on
Instagram at mistacassla, same type of wording and YouTube, it’s just
gonna be Mista Cassla but a space between Mista and Cassla. – Got it, so one more time
with the Tik Tok handle. – It’s gonna be @mistacassla. – Go there right now, creators. Look at what this man’s doing, check out his hashtag strategy, see the post frequency
and just watch him grow. I pull up his profile once a day. There’s another 1,000 or two
followers just showing up on his platform every single day, man. It’s crazy to watch you blow up. – I’m not gonna lie, it’s nice
to look at my notifications. It’s like, oh yeah,
you got 1,000 followers and 400 new comments
and it’s pretty insane. (laughs) – This is what we’re always talking about. Spend 80% of your time
on your main platform, 20% experimenting with new ones and maybe you can find
your Tik Tok creators that are listening right now and you can be a super
celebrity billionaire like Mista Cassla. (laughing) Yes, indeed.
– Hopefully, one day. (laughing) Thanks for coming on the show, man. – Thanks for having me. – And thank you listeners
so much for listening to The Digital Drop Podcast. We encourage you to subscribe
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subscribe to the podcast. I hope it changes your
trajectory and your career. I hope it’s that one
thing you needed to know that maybe pushes you over the edge. Go get it, be consistent and good luck, creators.
(solemn music)

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