Scared People Play 3 Scary Games

sure what’s up pal it’s your buddies yeah you’re scared buddies today we are going to be trained three different horror games that I found on Steam and Zack doesn’t know what they are I’m so scared if I have literally no idea what they are they’re all pretty recent I haven’t heard much about it I don’t know anything about him besides that I downloaded them and saw the like loading screens so yeah at least from the one that I can see behind us look like actual horror games invitation I’m pretty sure it is Korean okay that’s all I know okay so let’s jump in there oh is this perk agent max I invited you to 14th Alumni Reunion what that’s a random date all right from Thomas Thomas okay I guess there’s only except oh okay invitation arrive soon go along the street okay grab that key thank you I’m gonna put it in this and unlock it there we go okay here we go can I sit on the swing I think so oh my god it’s dark it’s dark oh I can kind of make out a doll why would you why would the reunion be here it was the invitation bringing us here mystery school it’s dark because it’s too dark to see well no really you’re right oh god he’s gonna see now oh no no oh thanks that hasn’t come since a few days ago so I am so lonely and bored where are you Sully when she comes I’ll surprise her okay so we’re waiting for Sully are we or it’s silly it’s someone wow what the hip is that I just screamed murder over bugs this does not bode well remember when we were like we don’t like horror is our real one this this is this is that this book is too old to know what it says that’s not how books work all right can I call the phone hello hello help me oh man why did you bring us here Thomas please hello so I got F yeah oh my gosh better due to radiation exposure with many deaths that injury as the resident of the city are moving oh okay okay that makes that’s good radiation trying to move this is the way we came okay I need something to cut it I hate that all right oh here’s some cabinets I think lockers I would call them oh yeah there you go oh yeah rusty knife I love being able to protect myself what was that I don’t know why is your flashlight not let you look that way I don’t know should we just cut the tape and just do that all right we are using that knife and the tape has disappeared all right what what our [Applause] heart rates okay gotta turn guys good I died oh no we’re alive here’s what I’ll say the baby thing scared me yes I’m the monkey thing did not ah points off for the monkey big points off for the monkey big points for the babies and that just kind of came out of nowhere and I liked that I’m gonna give this game a 5 out of 10 yeah I would agree with the five maybe more dependent caveat like we’d have to play Emily you could just be like completely scared by this game in like an hour so next up we have in your heart 100 art style which is pretty cool I’m excited to dive in I know pretty much nothing about it but it’s got a different art style yeah it’s 10 times brighter yeah also that’s like I’ve been doing this let’s try it oh I love like a plot no man yeah okay that’s unsettling immediately yeah the arts law school though you know I was like it’s different it’s different than once I play before this is it the place I saw in my dream whoa I know she wanted me to find this place oh all right so easy to examine look at his little run oh he’s like pop pop pop pop fan times I’m here to see it love it there’s nothing back at the way I came and I can’t leave before I get my answer hey dude why are you still on the couch okay doorknob seems to be missing well guess what you got a doorknob bit put this here oh we’re getting a little spooked what was that I don’t know stuff oh look how pretty mrs. worship chamber oh there’s like a floating will well oh yeah I’ll take the power I’ve heard this before this shining trap is Pete Rahn right that Pappas I keep trying I mean it looks pretty good whoa we’re about to get into a world of trouble oh my gosh why what is happening this is okay we’re in like a different dimension that’s scarier my head where am i difficult to see clearly without a light now I will say like third persons a little bit different oh we can summon this shed light on our surroundings uses to move interesting about their stuff on these walls if we should lie oh this one oh okay hang over here yeah Brad Wren Oh everything keeps changing this is our will say Leigh I’m not scared as much because its third person but it’s I’m so intrigued I’m intrigued yeah uh why do we need to hide I don’t like it anymore I just you know as soon as I was like I’m not scared oh no she is scared oh you’re not scared here’s an upside-down cross coffin you can hide in okay wait what no this is not the same as it was before sure-sure Corrigan why are you fine look at that thing it’s like stranger things up in here ya know you think it’s so easy thank you do it assume a lot of me yeah I know the Demi Gorgon is gone pick up strange key pick up strange I would love this yeah I might pretty isn’t this so fun no I like it quite cool this is a very different horror game wait til I just tell her off oh the door door oh it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming do you hear that footsteps oh that’s him what else with that oh no oh I hear it I think it’s going away all right you’re good maybe I don’t know I was able to quickly go into the other you are it’s like a little portal oh he’s coming for you though you can’t see me yeah we’re in a coffin sorry dude you just passed me yes hello hello everyone okay you it that way so I gotta go this way well we got a key so maybe over there is the door that’s locked on the other side get in the door get in the door kits are oh no but I stopped a head up the other door brings me to this side that’s how I escaped but there was another door all the way together George yeah oh okay do we think that one that one that one’s locked open it with the key oh yeah it was honestly good that we got you didn’t clip it with teeth oh yeah no escape it says it’s like puzzles scary puzzle yeah I love a scary puzzle can you feel it well can you feel it and if you that pulsates from this wall bathe me and its power okay that voice again he goes almost painful to hear it painful in what way like Oh charge it charge it give me that charge ooh we have power we must learn to harness it now it’s orange okay let’s charge it again I feel like I should use that to like hurt the guy I’m gonna attack the guy with it oh oh I stunned it’s teaching us okay [Music] yes uh uh there you go you got it stabbing yes very slow gotta get a new toy new toy what we get achievement start of a nightmare Oh would you eat this suck game-wise I liked it it’s fun there’s a mystery to it it is just a lot of picking things up and going to doors though so I would probably give it a 7 or just game overall I really I’m having a fun time I’d give like a seven and a half horror game that’s a horror game shot on that it doesn’t it doesn’t list for me yeah it feels a little bit more psychological yeah but in the end I definitely think that this was a fun one yeah it was a good mix up unlikely yeah alright moving alright yeah our next game is called never again this is another game that I found on Steam don’t know much about didn’t do a lot of research play with headphones for more immersive experience it says I guess we will there’s no greater sorrow but to recall happiness sometimes of misery oh oh wow I just woke up real fast okay I’m gonna get out of bed okay we are the little girl mm-hmm Oh find the inhaler oh my daughter oh god oh god okay okay let’s dive in that oh and just find a way to every little space and touch everything grab physical object you used to pick up IMVU okay oh it’s gotta be in the desk oh my god I know you can’t breathe girl I’m trying my best here zombie in the desk next to her bed I bet you don’t think isn’t there I don’t well I tried the desk next to the ben’ll really it won’t let you open it it wasn’t doing anything oh my god stop moving and dying girl okay it was probably in here no okay really sorry Carl okay you just leave it on a nice sand is it under your bed no oh yeah oh my gosh she has asthma oh my gosh okay oh that’s gonna be bad for the spookiness yeah okay well we found being hit it’s not an s no it’s late Oh God what I’m good I’m good I don’t is there a gun in here what’s happening what is that how are you so chill is my favorite treat every new kid boys she really does I don’t want this no I don’t want to open no I don’t want to do it I just look on it I’m scared but this music it feels like waterslide mom dad what are you okay that’s fine holidays day dark I might start suffocated from fear again okay okay can i grab something for you right in here yeah why is it that you won’t open can I just open it that’s yes I like that she tries to get you out the trail it won’t open oh I don’t know where that bird came from that’s weird okay applause okay well I’m just like learning stuff right yeah that’s cool I like it feels like we could maybe go into Narnia all right nope nothing in here this won’t open for sure yeah all right I can’t leave the room without a light just try okay oh yeah oh oh it’s open oh it wasn’t open oh let’s go in there uh you know I think I’m good with the kids simulator that I’m doing now honestly you’re not scared to go in there but she’s scared to go out her front door yeah what uh oh excuse me miss Oh what was that nicely oh god oh god oh god there’s something up there on the ceiling leave the cave sister run hi it’s me oh hi I need to think okay okay oh okay where when I throw it maybe the mirror yeah let’s throw at them here yeah yeah baby bridge this bridge that yes Oh God oh you got a balance I have to balance on a freaking bridge Reese no that’s a notic that’s a bad bird came from don’t look down don’t look up oh god oh god she’s gonna she’s got her inhaler right okay you are fine we’re doing a major almost there oh my god I really do have to try to balance – it’s very spooky like she’s trying to fall off real hard that they like hold her down slice all right okay honestly I don’t know how she’s keeping as calm as she is totally the mirror is broken this mirror is not broken oh we need to reflect the mirror light off of from that mirror to the other mirror puzzle yeah oh maybe it’s just harder that one oh yeah maybe maybe there’s a shard because we broke the baby head yep perfect where’d you go baby head Oh Oh God okay all right I’m good you know what I’m good all right let’s go again I’m sorry little girl that is afraid good job sweetie our hands we have this that’s not I’m a trap things I have that I have that yes okay all right here we go they could turn it to that other one nailed it we were right that should be good right almost all right I get it I got it I got it Wow look at her what is that huh a wheel okay it’s my wheel now baby and baby face again I love that part all right okay we got the wheel so I guess that’s that was there a door so something we needed the wheel for on the other side of the bridge okay let’s put the wheel in the no wait no nay all that oh that’s what we wanted right no it’s not all these manikins it looks like a sea of dolls where did he come from [Music] these dolls come from there’s something on top oh that is a head of a baby yay F for flashlights after that girl’s a creep yeah that one’s like a normal girl doll we got the flashlight oh now B you’re gonna go back to our room it’s him no oh my god oh my god did you say your parents no yeah that’s so sad weird yeah whoa oh she’s fast now fast oh my god when she ride okay I’ll walk no I was just like surprised wait Emma we have a friend that her sister her friend I’m just gonna go for it Emma I’m Ian Oh Oh gonna be like I’m scared no she didn’t I don’t want I don’t want it I don’t know what to do I can’t find you oh my god I’m hyperventilating sure okay ride run run run okay no okay you sure that was not the way to do and okay so so he doesn’t want us to backtrack what excuse you should try again what was that what is it a more than it’s okay be careful I guess what’s coming yeah it was first definitely scary yeah that door closer she’s getting really nervous [Music] [Music] that baby had freaking out on the side not not cool fan oh there it is there it is break of our way yeah whoa good job – I hate stealth mission so that’s probably why hmm I’m interested yeah weird so this game overall okay I’d give it seven point five to eight okay I’m just going drew me like way more than the other ones the war is real interesting the gameplay seems kind of fun like I like the puzzles and it seems pretty intuitive we’re like if you’re really struggling it’ll kind of like give you notes of like this is what you should be doing yeah the hands pushing you back I like stuff like that you’re like oh why did that happen that time and then not the others yeah it feels like there’s way more mystery to it because of that even if that’s just a random game mechanic it’s like oh that like doubled the mystery cool well this was sad Zach and Kelsey playing three different horror games let me know in the comments if you’d like to see this again and as always we’re scared buddies [Music] you

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