Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E89 (27 Feb 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E89 (27 Feb 2020)

APPLAUSE Hey, everybody.
How lovely to see you again. What a brilliant week we’re
having on House of Games. Super competitive, some great, great
quizzing from our four players. One of them tomorrow is going to
walk away with the trophy. But who is it going to be?
It’s going to be one of these four. They are Samira Ahmed. John Robins. Angela Rippon. And Dom Joly. Welcome, welcome. What a week we’re having.
It’s a really, really high standard. And yet, John,
you’ve won three in a row. I haven’t felt like this
since I played darts at uni. The highs, the lows. It’s a
roller-coaster, isn’t it? Yeah. I just feel great.
I feel on top of the world. Samira. I’ve seen you on University
Challenge, all sorts of things. And then this guy
with his buzzer finger. Well, Angela and I have been talking
about this, and we think as news women, we like to be given straight
questions so we can give facts. That’s the trouble. So it’s getting the head into
that much more punning space. The Punderdome. There you go.
Welcome to the Punderdome. I have to get Beyond Punderdome.
Welcome to Pat Sharp’s Pun House. So, Dom Joly. Well, I’m the curious case
where I’m wondering lost and desolate in the Punderworld. So you’ve had…
Thank you for joining in! Thank you. So, two days in a row you’ve had
a big lead, taken away both days. Thanks for pointing that out.
I’d forgotten about it! Listen, I take no pleasure in it.
You do a little bit, I think. I take no displeasure in it either.
I’m neutral. Right, Dom, let’s take a look
at the prizes for today, though, if you were to win.
One of these days you have to. There’s the House of Games onesie,
the wash bag. There’s a memory stick,
there’s an alarm clock, but there is the House of Games
fondue set as well. John, I’m tempted
to ask you what you fancy. The fondue set’s good, isn’t it?
That looks quality as well. It is. But I’m quite partial to a onesie, and also I like the idea
of wearing it tomorrow if I do win. That would be great. I used to do fondue dinners when
I was a student in the ’80s, after it had stopped being fashionable
and before it had become retro-cool. Right in the terrible spot. Can I just ask, is the model on which all of
these clothes are demonstrated, is that supposed to be a cast-off
of you from Madame Tussauds? It is essentially
a 1 in 10 scale model of me. It is, right! Right. We are three days down. Let’s take a look at our weekly
leaderboard, see where we stand. A four-point lead there
for John Robins. Don’t forget it’s double points
Friday tomorrow, so plenty of opportunities
to catch up. Right, today our first round
is going to be… We’ll go down the line.
I will ask you a question. Within the question, you’ll see
a bit of it is in capital letters, and the answer to the question is
an anagram of those capital letters. And our first category is… This is so cruel. I knew that that would really
make 75% of our panel happy. A cruel and unusual punishment.
Samira, here is yours. West Ham United. West Ham United is the right answer,
well done. Anagram of THE NEW STADIUM. John. What football team
have we hidden here? Leicester City. Leicester City? It’s the correct answer.
Well done, John. Angela, here’s your football club. A Merseyside club,
an anagram of OVER TEN. Oh… I know nothing about football, I
admit it. Shall we time you out? Yes, time me out. You’ll know it,
you will kick yourself. I will when they say it,
I know I will. That is John Robins. Everton. Everton. Oh, of course! Well done, John.
Won the buzzer race there as well. Dom, here’s your football club. That is Manchester United.
I rather think it is. Well played, Dom, Manchester United. Samira, our next clues
are all about… Is that all right with everyone? Oh,
yeah. Happier now? Love a war film. Excellent, good. They’re all
war films about football. Samira, here is yours. It’s an anagram of GAME IN. Enigma. Enigma is the right answer,
well played. Well done if you got that at home. Well done if you’re five
out of five on this round so far. John Robins, here is one for you.
What war film is this, please? The Dam Busters.
Is it The Dam Busters? It is, well played,
John. Dam Busters. Angela. War film for you now. It can only be The Great Escape, and you didn’t even need to do
the anagram to work that out! Well played, Angela. The Great
Escape is the right answer. I had a good fact
about The Great Escape, which is when he is doing the bicycle jump,
when he’s trying to jump over the thing and obviously that’s
a stunt rider who’s doing that. But he’s such a keen motorcyclist,
Steve McQueen, that he is one of the Nazis chasing himself
when he does that stunt. That’s quite cool, isn’t it? Dom, final question in this round.
What war film is this? That is The Dirty Dozen.
I rather think it is. A lovely end to the round
for Dom Joly. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, at the end of round one. Here’s how we start. John Robins,
you won three in a row and you’re leading this one,
three points, nicely done. Round two today is… A pairs game. The player in last
place gets to choose their partner. Angela, today that is you. Who would
you like to play this round with? I’m going to play with Samira again.
Oh, that’s nice. John and Angela,
if you swap places, please. Though I suppose tactically
I should play with John, because then he’d lose. That’s
a very interesting tactical… This is interesting,
because I want John to lose now. That is lovely teamwork
the two of you have got going on. Anyway, best of luck, chum! So, I’m going to read you a series
of questions. Fingers on buzzers. Every single question has
a two word answer. If you buzz in,
I only want you to give me the first word of that answer. I will then ask your partner
to give me the second word. And you only get the point
if you get both words right. So what is the first word
of this answer, please? That is Samira. Melanie.
Melanie is right. Angela? I have no clue.
I will accept an initial. Nope? Anyone want
to have a go? John or Dom? John? C. It is Mel C, well done.
Full name, Melanie Chisholm. We would accept Mel C. Next question. Yes, John? Uncle. Uncle is correct. Dom? I’m just getting Frank. Is it Uncle Frank? It is not. Samira? Fester. Fester is the answer.
Uncle Fester, he plays. Point to Angela and Samira there.
Uncle Frank was good, though. If I’d accepted an initial for that
one! I can’t follow these rules. Next question. What’s the first
word of this answer, please? What is the name of this place? Yes. That is John. Glastonbury. Correct. Dom? Tor. Glastonbury Tor? That’s correct, well played. Next question. What’s the first
word of this answer, please? Yes, Samira? High? Correct. Angela? Society. It’s not! I’m so sorry.
It’s the other one! John? Noon. Well done. Yes.
I’d have said Society there. Well done at home if you said Noon
there. Next question. John? Twenty. Twenty is correct. Dom? For the point? I’m trying to work it out.
Bed and breakfast. So, bed is the twenty. I’m going
to go for five, but I’ve no idea. Is it twenty-five? It is not.
Would anybody like to buzz in? Samira? Twenty-one.
It’s not twenty-one either. John? Twenty-six! Why? Why? Two and six. Because a bed
and breakfast cost two and six. Oh, that’s nice. Next question. What’s the first word of this
answer, please? Yes, Dom? Edward. Incorrect, I’m afraid. Samira? Alexander. Alexander is right. Angela? Fleming. Fleming? Got it. Point for Angela and Samira. I’ve always wanted to
high-five Angela Rippon! Final question in this round. What’s
the first word of this answer? What is the name of this place? Yes, Samira? Durdle. Durdle is correct. Angela? Hole? Durdle Hole? It’s not. Anybody? John? Cove? Durdle Cove? Can I come back in? You can
tell us the answer. Durdle Door. Durdle Door is the answer,
well played, Samira. Unlucky, no points there. John
and Angela, if you swap back around. Sorry about this.
Don’t worry. It’s very fun. I think I brought him down
in flames. If I was going to lose,
he’s coming with me. Let’s take a look
at the scores, shall we? Two rounds down
on Thursday’s House of Games. The girls have gone ahead now,
surely? Three points between the lot of you,
that’s quite exciting, isn’t it? Still anyone’s game. We’ve got to hold on to John’s
coat-tails before Answer Smash. Just got to make…
My smoking jacket tails. Yeah, your smoking jacket tails. I’m already just worrying
about the last round. Keep worrying. It’s good for you. All top sports people say, the more
you worry, the more you panic, the better you play. Yeah! Round three today is… Now, in this round, I’m going to ask
you all the questions backwards. You also have to give me the answer
backwards. So, buzzers on fingers. Question first. Yes, Dom? Er… Um… Argh! Sorry, if you buzz in,
you’ve got to give me an answer. Yes, Samira? Welsh Irvine. Welsh Irvine, Irvine Welsh.
Well played. Well done if you said that at home.
Question next. John? 119. Correct. 119. 911 backwards. Question next. Song this of title the is what? SONG PLAYS BACKWARDS John? Go It Let? Incorrect, I’m afraid. Do you want to hear a tiny bit more? SONG PLAYS BACKWARDS Dom? Know Don’t I? Incorrect as well, I’m afraid. Shall I just tell you? It was by Swift Taylor,
and it’s Off It Shake. Shake It Off.
I knew it was Taylor Swift! Ah, Off It Shake. Right, question next. Samira? Rock Ayers. Rock Ayers is the right answer.
Ayers Rock. Song this of title the is what? SONG PLAYS BACKWARDS Dom? Tonight… ..Air The In? Is that right? That is
the right answer, well done. Very nicely played. Here’s how it should have sounded. MUSIC: In The Air Tonight
by Phil Collins. In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins. Question next. Yes, Dom? Show One The. Is that right?
Show One The, The One Show! Answer correct. Question next. Dom? Er… Lama Dalai. Lama Dalai is correct. Dalai Lama. Can I just say John is doing
his power breathing next to me? What does that mean? He is doing
these, like, deep breaths. How do you power breathe?
I need to power breathe. I’ve been just behind on the last
three questions, so I’m just trying to get
on top of that frustration. OK. A little bit of power breathing.
Question final. Dom? Bailey… Incorrect, I’m afraid. Angela? Bailey The Of Rumpole? Incorrect, I’m afraid. Yes, Samira? Stacey And Gavin.
Incorrect, I’m afraid. John? Crisps… Of… Packet… A And… Lager… Of… Pints… Two. Is that right? He’s only gone and done it,
John Robins! Well done. Two Pints Of Lager
And A Packet Of Crisps, backwards. That is the end of that round,
which is a relief for everybody. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we? My brain hurts. Here’s how we’re looking. We have joint leaders.
Dom and John both have eight points. But because we just played the
backwards round, we did the Leaderboard backwards
as well, so Angela in the lead, which is terrific news! Two rounds to go. Two rounds to see if somebody can
knock John Robins off his perch. Does that two rounds include…?
Yes. You’ll be fine on Answer Smash. I think you’ve got to have
a word with yourself. I think just quietly,
go to your happy place. I don’t have a happy place,
I’m a goth. Go to the place
you’re least miserable. OK, that’s my happy place.
There you go. Two rounds to go. Let’s see what
round four is today, shall we? In this round, I’m going to give you
all the answers, immediately, OK? There’s going to be four answers
in this round, and they are… Those are the answers. Dom, the first thing
I need you to do is choose an answer for Samira, please. Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Samira,
is your answer, but what is your question? It is one of these three things. Is the question… I’m just going to go for three
without thinking too much. You’re going to go for the last one,
the Canada one? Let’s find out. So, your answer
is Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! Is that the question? It is the question. Well played. Angela, I need you to choose
an answer for John, please. Which of these three would
you like to choose? 100. 100 is your answer, John. But what is your question?
It’s one of these three. Those are good questions,
and one of them is correct. Well, I would think that
a traditional chef’s white hat wouldn’t necessarily
have a pattern to it. I think that would be quite hard
to quantify what was a traditional chef’s white hat. Yep. 100 categories is surely too many. So I’m going to
go for the third one, how long it takes to become good
friends with someone. Yeah, hang out for four days
together, something like that. Is that the correct question.
We know the answer is 100. Is the question the one to do with
being good friends? It is not, I’m afraid. What do you
think at home? If you got this one. It is actually… Chef’s hat. There’s 100 ways to cook or
prepare an egg that are represented
by the folds in a chef’s hat. Is that true? Yup. There were 84 awards at the Grammys,
and it takes 140 hours, according to that research, to
become good friends with somebody. But me and Dom haven’t been here
for that long, and we’re best buds.
I know, right? Sometimes you go through a particle
accelerator, like a hothouse, which is what we have ourselves
here. High-stress situations. Exactly. John, would you choose
an answer, please, for Angela? I’m going to go for Super Victor. Super Victor is your answer,
Angela, but what is your question? It is one of these three. They’re all convincing again,
aren’t they? They are. I’m going to go for John F Kennedy.
You’re going to go for JFK. So, the answer is Super Victor. Was the question what was
the Secret Service’s code name for John F Kennedy? It was not.
His nickname was Lancer. Ah. What was the correct answer? Don’t tell me
it was that wretched football thing! It was that wretched football thing,
was the answer. The first computer to sell
a million units was the Vic 20, so not a million miles away. Samira, I need you to
choose an answer for Dom. Chicken Man. Really? OK.
Chicken Man, we’re going for, Dom. Chicken man is your answer,
but what is your question? The only chicken I know in sort
of comics and stuff is in Family Guy when he has that constant fight
with a big chicken. I’m thinking it just sounds rubbish,
so I’m not going for that. The nickname of John Ostrom,
palaeontologist, dinosaurs. I don’t know what that’s got
to do with it. Because I’ve done lots of stuff
where I’ve added music to things, all music, especially kind
of stuff you can buy off the internet, is always called terribly weird
things that have nothing to do with it, so I’m going for
the theme tune, I think. OK. So, Don,
your answer is Chicken Man. Is your question the theme tune to
Grange Hill and Give Us A Clue? It certainly is, nicely done. Composed by Alan Hawkshaw. Listen,
that’s the end of that round. Nice end to the round there for you,
Don. We have one round to go. Shall we take a little
look at the scores? Is John Robins going to make it
four shows in a row? He’s got the lead again,
but a very small one. I’ll be honest with you, it’s not
the buffer I was looking for. So, you had five points on him
on Tuesday. You had two points on him
on yesterday? I was five, two and now one, so
it’s not a relaxed situation here. Samira still
very much in it as well, if you can clean up
on our final round. Our final round is… There will be a picture
and a clue underneath. Smash them together, see what you’ve
got. The first category is… Those will be the pictures.
There will be a clue underneath. Samira? Cleopatrapeze. That’s a correct answer.
Cleopatrapeze. That’s quite fun to say,
as well. Next one. Yes, John?
Oliver Cromwellington. Good work, John Robins! Oliver Cromwell and Wellington
becomes Oliver Cromwellington. Also, that’s not a photo.
I would have liked a photo. Do you know what? That is a photo.
That’s what he looked like. It’s so weird, isn’t it?
Warts and all. Yeah, there you go. Last historical figure. Samira? Elizabeth Fry-up? Is right. Elizabeth Fry-up is right. Elizabeth Fry and fry-up.
Next category. So, what country do these
flags belong to, and smash that into the clues
beneath, please. Yes? That is Dom. Brazillinois. Correct, well done. Brazil
and Illinois, Brazillinois. It’s coming back at you. It’s getting close now
between all three of you. Next flag and next clue. Yes. That is John. Belgium… Belgi-Adam Buxton. Incorrect, I’m afraid. He loses a point.
Anyone want to have a go? Dom? Er… Romaniadam Buxton? Is it Romaniadam Buxton? It’s not, I’m afraid.
Shall I tell you? Yeah. Chadam Buxton.
Chad and Adam Buxton. Well done if you said that at home.
Next country, next clue. Yes, that is Dom. PeruPaul. Is that right? PeruPaul is right, well done. Next category. This is very, very,
very close now. Yes, Samira?
Ewan McGregory’s Girl. Ewan McGregory’s Girl is the
correct answer, very well played. Ewan McGregor, Gregory’s Girl. Smash
them together, that’s what you get. Next question. Samira? Timothy Spall I Want
For Christmas Is You. Wow! Wow! Ah, Samira!
All I Want For Christmas Is You. That was a brilliant answer.
Next actor. HOOTER There are no more actors.
What a way to end. Gosh. How did you get that one? Timothy
Spall I Want For Christmas Is You. Thank you.
Let’s take a look, shall we? Has John Robins won four in a row?
Our winner today is… Samira Ahmed! Yeah, well done! I’m going to take the fondue set! Are you really? Not the onesie? I’ll buy the onesie off you. I am so
insanely happy. That is all I want. Apart from meeting Angela Rippon
and being here, all I wanted was the fondue set. What a week you’re having.
You high-fived Angela Rippon… I’m going to cry!
Let’s take a look at the prizes. I didn’t know I could be so happy. Just confirm to us, you are
going home with…? The fondue set! The House of Games fondue set
for Samira Ahmed. What a show. Don came second there
once again. Do you know what? That was so good. I felt
I got better on the Answer Smash. That’s the key. I like flags,
so that was good. Let’s take a look at
the weekly leaderboard, shall we? It’s double points Friday tomorrow,
so tomorrow, eight points for a win,
six for second and so on. And here is how we stand. John, a lovely little three point
lead there on 14, but if you come third again tomorrow like you
did today, you’re in big trouble. Oh, my God! The quality of the quizzing
has been amazing this week. Genuinely terrific stuff.
Congratulations to you all. One of you is going to walk away
with that trophy tomorrow. Is there any chance the onesie
could be up for winning tomorrow? I’d like that. I’m sorry.
That would be the impetus you need. That would be the final thing
I think it needs
to put everything in place. If you don’t want
to come back tomorrow because there’s no onesie…
If there is no onesie… Talk to your agent
between today and tomorrow.
I think that might be a good thing. Listen, I will join the three of you
for definite, same time, same place tomorrow.
Hopefully Dom will join you. Let me speak to my agent. But we will certainly
be seeing you same time, same place on the final
of House of Games. APPLAUSE Are you happy? Yes. Very happy.

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