PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi:Conqueror Match, QQ PUBG Mobile Tournament! | Intense Final Zone!刺激战场

PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi:Conqueror Match, QQ PUBG Mobile Tournament! | Intense Final Zone!刺激战场

We can explain to everyone later
All right, everyone, look at this flight path
This is the first match of Group B

First match…basically
Just getting to know each other
Landing in the same place is less likely to happen
Or any other small problems
This situation is…
Previous match…
Let’s look at this flight path
It’s from Georgopol to Yasnaya
East side
The landing spots in the North
Just a few teams
If it’s toward Quarry, Ferry Pier including Farm and Mylta
For South teams, it would be troublesome
Because unless you land in Rozhok or Pochinki to get a vehicle
Otherwise if you go to the West
There would be less vehicle
Talking about the vehicle, there is another problem
Firstly, they compete for loots
Vehicle is another reason of competition
The second chance to find a vehicle is low
Unless you go to a town without enemy
Yes, let’s look at their current situations of landing
Team SD is going to Severny
DKC is running into A77
Nobody lands in Georgopol
Nobody lands in the upper town too
Looks like everyone wants to grab a position
Let’s look at this, GTR has found a vehicle
They’re moving to the South
Are they going to Primorsk?
Primorsk or…Mylta
Yes, and we can see that in Severny
Team 4 is here
Both teams are close to each other
But most of the loots are close to Team 17
SD has controlled the loots
One more thing is that they have better control over the vehicle
And then
They can loot these houses and leave here
Advantage of SD is that they have major control over the town
If Team YMG
Wants to take over the town, it would be hard
Besides, face-to-face fight
Control is one thing, another thing is backup ability
The road is dangerous
It’s still fine
SD’s tactic is to take over the road
So when their teammate wants to move
The rest of them can do the cover

The whole team would get weaker
We can see that in Pochinki, Team 17
They got shot
Everyone landed in the center of Pochinki
Team 17 is…
He got pre-fired but he’s fine
Opponent didn’t push
They have no cover
AhBan has the upper hand, he’s pushing now
Are they going to fight?
There is nothing he can do, PeiPei
Didn’t get saved

Pochinki fight is really intense
He killed them all
You can see that opponents are getting closer
Pushing building
They just don’t let you to save your teammate
ChaoZai’s pre-firing is beautiful
He just wants to save his teammate
But he can’t
Opponents are blocking them
Opponents are pushing

QIN9…this is bad, there is only one player left
Actually, if someone is down
Two players can do the rescue together
There was a little miscalculation
Both of them were…
Let’s look at HuaYiNan
He got spotted by Team 17, he’s at the stairs
Oh my…opponents have the advantage of number
He doesn’t have a helmet
Die instantly
Let’s look at SD, DongZhe is down
WangNuo is on his own
He’s outside the wall
There are 3 YMG guys
Is WangNuo going to camp at the stairs?
Footstep, he’s camping at the stairs
But he is the only survivor
Team YMG…
How many members do they have? 3 or 4?
WangNuo is camping at the stairs
If his opponents are pushing…
Beautiful, WangNuo didn’t take any damage
And knocked out a guy
He needs to play safe
WangNuo just used a Vector
To knock out two guys
We can see that YMG has only one guy left
Switch gun
How unfortunate
How unfortunate
He actually could destroy YMG
But Vector mag size is small
After he shot, he wanted to switch weapon
But he saw YMG
Opponent is quite clever
Because he just tricked WangNuo
And made him expose his position

He ran out of ammo
When he was switching weapon, he saw YMG’s last player
And he got pre-fired
So, sometimes we need to decide whether we should attack or not
If you didn’t pre-fire

Let’s see where DaBaoJiang is going
Riding a boat to Zharki
Are they going to Zharki?
Look at this circle
Rozhok is the center of circle
Including Yasnaya and Pochinki
These three towns
From here, we can see LK in Military Base

LK might get blocked by TS
Yes, as usual, the bridge is a hot spot
In this match, nobody lands in Novorepnoye
In the first week, nobody lands in Novorepnoye
Until the last match, one team went there
Everyone doesn’t want to go there
Is Novorepnoye too rich so nobody wants to go there?
Look at 4TT, looks like he didn’t get enough to eat
They’ve got bad loots, only one energy drink
And look at 4TT
Around the Mylta tower, there are 3 or 4 teams
They all gather there
As the first match
Landing wasn’t intense
The main battlefield is between Severny and Pochinki
Yes, let’s look at 9986
Are they encountering…Team 1?
Team SKR, team of DaLaoShi
Both teams have good teamwork
DongLiuAn is taking shot
Oh my god, there is nothing he can do
This side…
Only one guy in the car
Fall back first
He wants to flank, KuangGe is flanking them
Both sides, 1 to 1 exchange
But the smoke is blocking their vision
They flank left
Leg shot
He got DongLiuAn
With SLR

He got one kill, at the same he bought his teammate some time
Look at DaiZi’s grenade
Take cover
Give them pressure
They don’t need to care about their sides at least for now

Opponent is moving away
Luckily 9986 has many cars

Yes, actually, Team SKR doesn’t want to take them out
They got one kill and left
This is just a temporary position
Their current positions are in the center but they would easily get surrounded
Do you notice their timing of re-positioning?
Before they fought, it’s 06:40
It’s fast
Usually, most teams would choose to move at 07:30
Now, most teams choose to move before 07:00
Because there are many teams
The battlefield is large
The individual moving area becomes smaller
So that the chance they encounter each other is bigger
So that means you need to be earlier than others
For your own good
Look at Team TS, he’s moving
Talking about re-positioning
This circle is fine
Look at this building pushing
MoNia didn’t see them
Teammate is throwing smoke grenade
9986 is pushing building
Both sides
They just flanked
So, the guy upstairs is more defensive
Cooperate with teammate
KuangGe should have seen
The opponent team outside
DaShaGuai just knocked out WanZi with a grenade
Very accurate
Opponents are more afraid to push now
WeiSeng is trying to get closer
Trying to know their positions

Honestly, 9986 did a great job in blocking them
Great position too
He wants to flank and attack them from their side
Beautiful, KuangGe is flanking
There is no cover, direct flank
Their cover…
That was so close
He is so greedy, he got killed too
Look here, he runs out of ammo
One more to go
Let’s see if WeiSen can save the day
But 9986 lost a teammate
What just happened?
KuangLong did a great flank

Because their position is known
Normally, only one man does the flank

There were two guys
So KuangGe couldn’t win against them
Professional player is really something
I find that LK loves this kind of place
They came from Military Base

They’re suffering
But DX isn’t…
They got blocked
LK has the upper hand now
LK is good at hill combat
Don’t forget they have a pro sniper
They can play well in such place
LK is very aggressive here
They’re pushing with the help of smoke
DX got eliminated
Let me tell you, team of Military Base
Firstly, North hill of Ferry Pier
You need to pay attention to those places
If nobody’s there, just go to Pochinki’s South hill

One team is coming
Two teams are here
He got shot in the car
I guess he wants to finish him
Stay on the second floor
His teammate is on the hill
He can’t be saved

Both persons got knocked out
Others’ positions are unknown
QiQi is nearby
Their vision are not that good
And there is one player near to them
A solo player
Not sure if BTE knows there is someone upstairs
Talking about this building, it’s hard to attack
You can camp at the stairs
But there are still some tricks to attack this kind of building, will talk about it later
Honestly, just camp at the stairs
But BTE could throw grenade
If XiaoMaoMi sees that he gets outnumbered
He can smoke himself
Looks like BTE didn’t realize there is a guy upstairs
Let’s look at DKY, same situation
They just eliminated TS
TS came from the West bridge
And moved to the apartment

This circle is in the North
circle of Yin & Yang
Although Rozhok…North area has more loot spots
But you can’t assure…this circle might move back to Rozhok
Probably, it’s due to the Game For Peace’s game mechanism
I think, it’s unpredictable
It’s unpredictable
It would move to somewhere…unexpected
He jumps down, let’s see if he can…
Wow, drop shot
If it was 1v1, he could win
1v2…but there were three players

Do you know how much average damage a professional player needs to deal?
Professional player?
Recently there are many Game For Peace tournaments

They are required to deal at least 1200 average damage
But there are 25 teams and you deal 1200 damage, it’s not that much actually
Look at this, warehouse and slope
JiuYi and RS
Actually that would be easier to deal more damage if there are more teams
For JiuYi, they’re behind that slope, they’ve got vehicle, they can leave whenever they want
They can make rotation with vehicle
They don’t actually need to take them out
They don’t actually need to attack them
Let’s think about RS’s position
They’re at the edge of circle
Not in the center, so it would be pointless to take over their positions
Yes, and we don’t now where this circle would move

It’s not necessary
If you choose to fight
The other teams would have moved to the North, like Severny
West hill, someone is already there
Most teams are moving to the North
Bigger area, higher chance

Let’s assume If you camp in Rozhok, inside a fused garage

But it’s dangerous
Maybe there would be someone trying to contest it
East fused garage in Rozhok
They can be used to block the team who comes from Georgopol
Team coming from the West
Their position are a good spot
And also Rozhok’s upper north fused garage
That fused garage is the same too
Those are “must’ spots

For hill, you can move freely
We can see that Rich is stopped in front of 4TT
4TT has taken over a warehouse
BaoZi has dealt lot of damage
SunBao is dead
Feels bad for him
What Rich can do now is moving somewhere else
See if there is any camping spot in Shooting Range
SunBao has brought his teammate an information
They can’t move to the South anymore
I was thinking if it was because 4TT hid their cars better
They didn’t let others notice that they’re inside that warehouse
Yes, indeed
But that warehouse isn’t that invincible
There is a slope in the north side of that warehouse
If someone comes from there quietly
They might be able to take over that warehouse
It’s hard to attack
Because there is no cover around that warehouse
Pushing blindly
Would cause unnecessary death
When you’re coming, everyone already prepared themselves

If you drive straight, you would easily get shot
Sometimes it’s hard to take out high ground enemy
9986…9986 is
Camping in the East
East side is a weak side
They have to play safe
Because there are only two players left
So you can’t go somewhere hot or South area
Southwest area

I’m afraid if the circle shrinks to their side
East circle
Are they able to defend themselves?

Next thing is we need to see how this circle moves
If it moves to the North
SKR can block
those team in Yasnaya, like DKG…DF
Dangerous zone
DF and DKG
This circle has moved to the North
So SKR can choose to move or
Positions of BTE and Rich are good
Good positions
Including the hill where Rich stays
They could hide there
BTE is moving around the circle

Fighting for position
Although this is not final zone
Everyone is moving to the North
Not many covers, slope everywhere

If you keep moving to the North
Your position…
Someone is already there, you would still get shot
Now is the 4th circle, we look at DaLaoShi
He lost half of his health

DaLaoShi says, “why am i the one who got shot?”
“We’re all moving in the same direction”
DaLaoShi is too handsome, everyone is jealous of him
Look here
They’re throwing grenade at each other
See who is more accurate
Yup, make them weaker
There is a guy flank

Both teams are fighting each other, nobody can move

Davinci is flanking them
You can see that
Davinci has moved closer to GTR
GTR didn’t notice him
GTR is falling back
But teammates are inside the building
They can’t keep up with him
Honestly, if DKG enters this water town, this fight would be very hard
This place is too complicated

JiuBan is at a high ground
He hit them
PanNiZhe is down, nobody saves him
JiuBan is falling back

Beautiful shot
YuMou is flanking carefully
Now he’s behind GTR
His teammates aren’t following him
DKC is really aggressive, really
Normally, no team would invade water town
They’ve got plenty of grenade
But if you used up those grenades
If you can defeat GTR, you would obtain a lot of loots
Otherwise, that would be a waste

Look here
His teammate just knocked him out
Luckily his teammate just knocked him out
HanFei is camping at the stairs
JiuBan jumps down
This fight is…
It’s not worth it
Would Davinci push JiuBan?

Davinci is pushing and looking for him
If someone…
They found him
JiuBan is low on health
Goner, he’s a goner

If DKC can eliminate GTR, they can get their loots
But getting to the safe zone becomes their problem
If you’re late
Let it be
This fight is unavoidable
HanFei position is so great
They sent a teammate
Look at this circle, there is no building
If you enter the zone from the North
You would get shot by high ground
Follow the blue
Don’t take the signal damage
If you’re late, might as well make it even late
You would take a lot of damage
Look at RS and DKC
Two players are
Arriving quickly
His reflex is so damn fast

That return fire was sick
SKR is
Bringing his teammate to the safe zone

Talking about the battle in Severny
BTE is still staying behind the slope
This circle is shrinking
Its next position should be at
Center, more to east
Go down a little

If that really happens, 9986 would have no trouble getting to the safe zone

You see, YMG is above them

So DKY would
Enter the zone in front of 9986
9986 is not moving at all
DKY is making a big rotation
They’re going to run into them
Do they notice it?

DaShaGuai is in danger
He’s only the guy
Get outside the safe zone
Get off
This fight…

Wow, look at that grenade
But WenSen is on his own now
Could he knock out XiaoHuaShen?
He’s so low
Someone is flanking him
WenSen just hurt one guy and knocked out another guy
Finish him off right away
He didn’t take any damage too
Only his signal point
60 seconds, enough for him to kill them all
He needs to force them to move

He’s throwing something
Forcing them to leave there
See if he can create a chance for himself
Opponents know his position now
So he’s 1v3 now
Oh, they’ve known where he is
They are not giving him any chance
After this, DK needs to get to the safe zone
Let’s see about it
Mainly, his signal point was low, he took extra damage

Wow, car crash
Direct contact

Moreover, DKC got eliminated almost instantly
SKR is so aggressive today
The problem is, SKR stopped their car first
Whoever stops their car first has the upper hand
Yes, you’ve got a cover
Their smoke are really accurate too
They knew they were gonna get this position

DKG stopped their car after SKR
So they were in disadvantages


Here is…mess

They crushed into JiuYi
Yes, they’re taking fire from both sides
SKR is really…
4TT is in the Northwest
High ground
BaoZi has the upper hand here
Nobody can’t hit him
4TT doesn’t need to be hasty
Just stay the edge of circle and block other teams
Look, they can block many teams
Really, you need to get a good spot in the final zone
Otherwise you can’t survive

You would get surrounded
Yes, everyone is…
There is only 1 minute left
Both teams don’t want to move, they want to move together
Smoke only lasts for 30 seconds
So they need more smoke grenades
Look at SKR, they’re inside the smoke
One grenade would send them back to lobby
SKR position is bad, let’s see how the circle moves
If they aren’t in the next circle
It would be hard for them to move if their car tire is damaged
It’s fine

Yes, let’s look at their points
SKR got 6 points
Battle got 8 points
LK got5 points, 4TT got 6 points
Battle got the highest points among others

Let’s take a look,
17 wants to stop here
This house is invincible
It has wall

That means, i has wall and a field beside me
I can easily kill you
BTE is…
JiuYi is stopped in front of ATT
Luckily he didn’t get knocked
Oh, just when i finished my words, he got knocked
Drop shot, nice
Instant team wipe
Their condition aren’t that great too
This position, BTE

LBG has the upper hand in the house, easy shot
Let’s see if the circle would be on their side

SKR is very aggressive today
Their luck are good
If all of them stay inside a shed
It’s fine, because of this terrain
It’s so open out there
They would get shot

Good for SKR

They need to care about the other teams besides SKR

Let’s see how 4TT is gonna move
Because they’re moving from the warehouse
They’ve sent one teammate down there
See here, they could use their car as cover

LBG is not in the safe zone
Their positions are awkward
Open field
4TT is…
DKY is trying to take over SKR’s shack
This time
Half health, DKY is wiped
Someone was helping them to attack DKY
DKG got shot by 4TT too

They all want to take over DaLaoShi’s position
Everybody loves that wooden shack so much

Never expected that everyone wants to contest that wooden shack
But they gave advantages to others
LBG is down here, 4TT is up there

There are only four teams left in this final zone
Wow, it’s on the high ground

4TT has the upper hand now
If they’re able to hold their positions
Victory is assured
They need to clean their nearby enemies
They don’t need to get down there
Because the other teams would fight with each other
But the smoke blocks their vision so much
Because they want to play safe
Let the other teams fight each other
LK is still outside the safe zone

4TT is still a full squad
We have three teams down there, ATT, LK and LBG
Looks like they’re all against 4TT
4TT has attacked that wooden shack before this
But they didn’t take over it
Because they didn’t want SKR to have upper hand
So i destroyed you but i didn’t want your place
LBG is moving toward the safe zone first
And then…this is not good for LK

ManHua got killed by NanShenQi
Looks like LBG and 4TT have blocked LK and ATT
For LBG, they only can rely on their smoke grenades
To block the vision of 4TT

But XiaoYuanZi got killed by…
AoLiAo is shooting while moving to the safe zone, beautiful
Moving forward
But he didn’t make it
4TT starts to shoot now

4TT got 19 kills
It’s ridiculous
Wow, 19 kills
LKG is trying to move
5 energy drinks left, he can’t hold on anymore
See if he can deal some damage for his teammate
Two teammates are in the zone
ATT got wiped
Now it’s 4TT against LK
Now it’s 3v2
One member of LK is down
Let’s see if BaoZi can do something here
If they’re able to kill them, that would be 23 kills

One more grenade, he’s low

Only one player left, 3v1
It’s assured

Not so many cover
There might be no miracle
BaoZi is getting closer to him
74 is still proning
Another grenade, he’s low
Here, congratulation to 4TT, they won
4TT score is really impressive

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