Poker Night In America | Season 3, Episode 7 | Down By The Boardwalk

Poker Night In America | Season 3, Episode 7 | Down By The Boardwalk

– [Voiceover] From
the Golden Nugget
in Atlantic City, New Jersey,
this is Poker Night in America.
(jazzy music)
– Welcome to Poker
Night in America.
I’m your host, Chris Hanson.
Tonight, we find ourselves
at the Golden Nugget
in Atlantic City, New Jersey
to kick off a new series
of our “invite only” cash game.
We’ll be joined by film
critic Richard Roeper,
legendary defense attorney
Linda Kenney Baden,
and after leaving a trail
of candy leading to our set,
we managed to get
the world-famous,
actor, James Woods,
to join us for his first
appearance on Poker Night.
We’ve also got a bunch of other
notable figures sidling
up to our table,
so let’s get down to the
set and meet the players.
Here’s the buy-ins for the
players tonight.
Just two players
buying-in for 10,000,
being Jessica
Dawley and Dan Shak.
Everyone else looking
for the 5k min buy-in,
as we put the ball in the
air and get things started
here on Poker Night in America
from Golden Nugget,
Atlantic City.
– [James] I said, “So
who’s the best driver?”
He said: “Oh, he was killed
in a car accident last week.”
(general laughter)
– [Linda] Is that true, really?
– No, of course not.
– [Linda] Well, just
checking, I wanna see
I wanna see when
you’re bluffing or not.
– [James] I’m never getting
in a courtroom with you.
You’re too tough.
(general laughter)
– [Richard] Man.
– [James] I mean, you got me.
Like, you know…
– Yeah.
– [Jamess] Like,
he’s the comedian.
He’s the part-time comedian.
– [Richard] That’s a
great film, by the way.
– [Chris] Poker Night
at the Movies coming
a little later on here on
Poker Night in America.
– [Katie] I’m gonna
write that down.
I’m literally – every, like
every other sentence is:
“That’s a great film.”
I’m literally writing
down which ones…
– [Richard] People forget,
like, how good he can be
in the right part.
– He was, I love Jim.
I thought he was great, um…
Elpidia Carrillo was great,
she was fabulous in it.
– [Jessica] Double-up on…
– [James] John ex…,
you know, if John from Ex
he was…
John Savage, the
wonderful John Savage.
– [James] But you’re
right, the people were so
nice in Mexico–
– [Katie] So nice.
– [Chris] Quads for
Dawley, unbelievable flop.
Let’s see if she can get
some money out of Dan Shak.
Dawley with a raise of the
eyebrows, saying, ‘Oh, good.”
“Raise, oh, I like that.”
A call from Jessica.
Check, check, the
turn, here’s the river.
Jessica’s gotta bet here
to try to get some
value out of this hand.
– That ace was a very
good card for you
or a very bad card for you.
– [Chris] She bets 675.
– Not a lot of hands
I can beat now.
– Could you beat
any on the flop?
– No, no, I had you beat
on the flop, I think.
Pretty sure.
I’m not raising, so, if
that’s a question of what…
How much is it?
– [Dealer] 675.
– You also lose to quads.
(crowd oohs and aaahs)
– Wow, how didn’t I get that in.
– I didn’t think you
had an Ace, it’s OK.
– [Jamie] You were right,
she didn’t have an Ace.
– [Linda] Jessica, did you
expect to make money on that?
– [Jessica] Well, when
he raised me on the flop,
I thought maybe he
had a combo draw.
I didn’t put him on Jacks.
– [Jamie] Or sevens and you’re
just like wee.
– Or sevens full. I’m running
good, I don’t run that good.
– [Richard] Pretty sure I
have you beat on the flop.
– I think that just
could’ve gone way worse
for me in many ways.
– [James] I was doing a
scene once in the middle of a
close-up in this movie called
“Jamesie Boy” and I looked
down at my desk and
there’s a little tiny box
with like a stick and a string,
an all these little pieces
of candy like below
the frame line,
and I’m like trying to do
this big, emotional scene,
I’m looking at this box
with candy leading up to it,
and I thought, “Man,
nothing’s sacred, you know?”
– [Chris] This
is Jamie Kerstetter.
Jamie’s played on
a couple of our
Poker Night in America
Ladies’ Night episodes.
And James Woods will
play his first hand.
In the eight seat, this is
Christine Pilcher who won her
seat here on 888Poker, where
the world plays online.
Back to Kerstetter,
after Woods made it 375.
Call from Kerstetter,
so here we go.
Kerstetter and Woods heads up.
James Woods is officially
drawing dead here on the flop.
And I don’t think there’s any
combination of chips he could
bet right now to get
rid of Jamie Kerstetter.
He bets 675.
And there’s the straight for
Kerstetter, but that actually
gives James Woods
some chop-outs now.
Kerstetter will
check and let Woods
bluff at this pot
again if he wants to.
– [James] Alright.
– [Chris] And that was an
“I give up” check if
I’ve ever seen it.
– [James] Thanks. Nice hand.
– [Jamie] Thanks.
– [Chris] The chips
barely landed on the table
and Woods was already folding.
Coming up next, more
action from the felt,
and later on, it’s Poker
Night at the Movies
with Ebony Kenney, Richard
Roeper and James Woods.
– I’m covering my bases
– Yeah, yeah..
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America,
let’s return to the cash game.
Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by 888 Poker, where the
world plays online.
– So the first card on the
flop, whatever the number is,
that seat pays and Katie
said “If you pay once, you
“shouldn’t have to pay
again,” and I said,
“No, maximum pain,” like if
it just comes, like what am I?
If it comes six, like ten
times, then I’m just paying
the tips all night.
– [Jessica] Eight is
the most I’ve been down–
– [Jamie] Poker
players like to gamble.
– [Katie] Eight thousand?
– [Jamie] You’ve done
“credit card roulette.”
– [Chris] Wendeen Eolis
will call with Ace-Ten.
Wendeen was the first woman
to cash in the Main Event
of the World Series of
Poker, and was the first one
to do it twice, the
first time in ’86,
second time in ’93.
– [Jessica] You’re so hard-core.
– [Katie] Gamble.
– [Jessica] Hold on, you’re
saying gamble?
– At credit card roulette,
gambling, that’s fun.
– [Chris] And everyone
is in for a friendly
fifty dollars as we go to the
Which Linda Kenney Baden
absolutely destroys.
Stone fires first, it’s 150.
Baden will call.
– When we said we wanted
this side of the table,
we didn’t mean, like
– Versus each other.
– [Linda] Versus each other.
– [Richard] Tearing
each other apart.
– [Chris] And both
players now make a full house.
This could get expensive
for Katie Stone.
Looks like she’s going to go
with the check-call option.
She checked, there’s the bet,
now let’s see what she does.
As predicted, there’s the
call, so let’s go to the river.
– [Linda] Uh oh.
– I’m all in.
– [Chris] A
check and and all in.
And it’s gotta be pretty
obvious now to Stone
that Baden has got that King.
– I call.
– [Chris] But
she does call.
It was for only
1,500, and I guess
folding a full house
hurts pretty bad, so…
Nicely played by Kenney Baden.
– I’ve just played positions.
– [Chris] Doubling
up and winning
the biggest pot of
the night thus far.
– [James] Nice hand, Katie.
I have to tell you, I was
rooting for the person
who has complimented me
the most already today.
– Oh that’s what
it takes, huh, ok.
– [Dan] It’s on me? Oh, boy.
– [Jessica] It’s
always on you, Dan.
– He’s buying me a drink,
we’ll let it slide that time.
– [Chris] A raise with
a suited Ace from Dan Shak.
– [Wendeen] Jamie, we’re
all gonna buy you a drink,
because we hear you do shots.
– [Jamie] I did one shot.
– [Jessica] And now
you’re a lush.
– [Chris] Call from
James Woods with Nines.
Poker Night in America
regular, Jessica Dawley will
call from the button.
– [Jamie] Even in Florida
I got pretty active
when they brought the
Fireball shots out.
– [Jessica] I’m just happy
that I had one person
with me that wasn’t drinking.
– [Chris] And becoming
a Poker Night regular is
Richard Roeper, he also calls.
[Jessica] Usually it’s
just me, I’m like,
“No, really, I’m good, please.”
– [Jamie] I was willing do
one drink, but I was like,
“No, we are playing 25/50
I don’t want to be like,
– [Jessica] Get hammered.
– Yeah.
[Jessica] “Well, I
thought I had a set…”
[Jamie] “Yeah, this whole
board looked blurry,
“I just called.”
– [Jessica] When in
doubt, just call.
– How much is that?
– [Dealer] 475.
– I’m all in.
– [Dealer] Raise and all in.
– Really? King-ten?
– [Chris] It’s the
critic versus the actor
tonight, on Poker
Night in America.
– Am I good enough to lay
down bottom set, Richard?
How much is it?
15 even?
Set of Queens, set of Queens?
– [Chris] But he has
to make the call.
– Eight-Ten, nicely done.
Got to pair the board for me.
– If it makes you
feel any better,
I never fold the bottom set.
– [James] I’d like to run it
twice, can we run it twice?
– [Richard] You got it.
– [Chris] Lucky for him,
he still has some options.
Woods needs the
board to pair or,
a Ten for a chop here
on the first run.
He gets neither
and will like it.
– [James] That’s the
first one, you win.
No, I never win races, you win.
Yeah, nice hand,
very nice hand.
– [Chris] And Richard
Roeper’s flopped straight
will pay him off.
– [James] Well, I’m not good
enough to lay down bottom set.
– [Dan] None of us are.
We just all said that no
one is folding bottom set
on that kind of board.
– No, of course not.
I just decided to add a little
entertainment before I…
Draft Kings, the official
fantasy sports site
of Poker Night in America.
– [Chris] And we
are back to more poker,
on Poker Night in America.
Blinds are 25 and 50.
Optional $100 straddle can be
put into play under the gun.
– [Linda] Good, you
better straddle…
– Is that a straddle?
– [Multiple people] Yeah.
– Oh yeah, whatever happened,
I was the only guy to straddle
and took it.
– [Chris] Trying to get
some gambling going, Dan Shak
straddles for a hundred.
– Is that a straddle?
– [Linda] Yeah, we
have a straddle.
– What the heck is going on,
the place is falling apart.
Limp, call…
– [Wendeen] But, Jamie, I
just got the feeling that
he was just jonesing to play.
– [Jamie] Yes, that’s
what I’m saying,
we send them back to think
about a little while.
Comes back
with a better offer
and we’ve had hands
in the meantime.
– [James] That
wouldn’t have skewed
the game too much would it?
– Chris] Shaun Deeb
had stopped by this table
a couple of minutes ago
and was looking to buy
someone’s seat here tonight,
on Poker Night in America.
– [Shaun] Excuse me,
ladies and gentlemen.
I am willing to pay
any one of you $500
to give up your seat to me.
I have been up for two
days, I’m gonna gamble,
and this game is gonna
really loosen up.
– [Jessica] And you’ve
been drinking.
– I have been drinking, so.
– [Katie] I know for a
fact you were playing
late last night, because
I was talking to your wife
on the phone.
– [Shaun] You were talking to…
– Texting.
– [Shaun] How does
everyonetalk to my wife?
This is, why am, I get
in trouble for this.
– [Jessica] Checking up
on you, making sure–
– [Shaun] Yeah,
I am a good boy,
I just play a lot of poker.
So is anyone wiling to accept?
– [Richard] So it was $5,000.
– [Shaun] $500.
– [Richard] No I heard $5,000.
– [Wendeen] We think you
need to up that considerably.
– [Shaun] Why, you guys
aren’t that bad at poker?
It’s not worth it.
– That was like a compliment,
we aren’t that bad at poker!
– Yes, that was a
backhanded compliment.
The lawyer sees it…
– [Richard] Aren’t that bad.
– [James] I was gonna
comment, I was gonna comment.
– [Shaun] I really
want a seat, I mean…
– [Jessica] I don’t
think anyone…
– [Shaun] No one
is gonna accept?
Alright, if anyone
changes their mind,
I will be in the
rafters waiting.
[Richard] You’re in the
Phantom of the Opera.
– [Wendeen] Yeah, we
think he needs to
get in the right
zone first, right?
– [Jamie] Yeah.
[Wendeen Can someone
call back Shaun Deeb,
we wanna get him
in the right zone.
– [Chris] I’m
just gonna say this,
you can take it for
what it’s worth,
people at the table.
You don’t want Shaun Deeb
siting down here tonight.
– [James] He’s
such a good player.
– [Chris] I’m
just gonna say it.
Take it however you
want to take it.
– [Jessica] Praying
for a bust-out.
– [Richard] He’s coming
into the henhouse.
Who would like some treats?
– [Wendeen] That’s
exactly right, Richard,
came into the henhouse.
– [Linda] He had me fold the
winner of that hand, too,
I folded Three and
Five, and down came the
four six on the flop.
No, no, no, I’m going
out, I’m not going out.
I like you a lot,
but not that much.
[Chris] So we’re
waiting on James Woods,
and he’s the last player to
call, so we’re four-handed
as we go to the flop.
All spades, so that gives Woods
and Dawley the flush draws.
Second nut, and nut
flush, respectively.
A bunch of checkers
as we go to the turn.
Somebody take a stab
and take this pot down,
there’s $1,700 out there
waiting to be stolen.
Jessica will give
it a try with 675.
And Roeper will fold
to Dawley’s bet.
Back to Shak.
He will fold.
– Oh, that’s the
perfect bet size.
Why don’t you just make it
475, I might be able to call.
Whoever’s on a flush draw.
– It’s whoever’s on a
flush draw?
– [James] Maybe, I
have to say that.
Last time you made that
speech you had quads.
– I don’t have quads.
– [James] Ace of spades,
is it the Ace of spades?
Oh, the Jack, oh good,
I had one of those.
– [Chris] Dawley bet
the turn and took it down.
– [Jamie] I was thinking about,
that you might have the only
job I want more than my job.
It’s a cool job.
– [Jessica] I want to
be an actress one day.
Actually, my dream is to
have my own talk show.
– [Chris] Tell you
what, Jessica Dawley.
You leave your chips
right where they’re at,
you come on over here,
I’ll go sit down
where you’re at.
Let’s see how that works out.
I guarantee you’re
in a much better spot
than being where
I am right now.
OK, but even I can sit
down and play Aces.
– [Jamie] I really
shouldn’t have shown you
that Jack high hand.
– [Chris] Dawley
raises to 975.
Question is, will
she get any action?
Fully expecting the
five-bet here from Dan Shak.
I don’t think it’s
an overstatement to
say that Dan Shak
probably has the
most high-limit poker
experience at this table.
– I see we’ve awakened
the sleeping giant.
I like being in a
squeeze between you two.
This’ll be so much fun.
I’ll just graciously bow out.
– [Chris] Back to Dawley.
That kind of bet
usually represents Aces.
There’s no doubt about it.
– I’m all in.
– [Jessica] I call.
Two boards?
– You have Aces of course.
Yeah, I have Kings.
Twice is fine.
– [Jamie] Kings? Ah, brutal.
– I know, I know
she has Aces too.
– [James] Suited connectors,
I know I’m gonna smash this.
Here it comes,
don’t put a nine.
Don’t put a spade.
Well, I was gonna win this.
– [Chris] All
things considered,
that’s a great
flop for Dan Shak.
$23,000 pot is hanging
in the balance.
– I knew she had Aces, too.
– [Chris] Linda
Kenney Baden has her
famous husband, Dr.
Michael Baden, the
famed forensic pathologist
with us here today
He’s giving her a good
sweat and
right now, Dan Shak is
sweating the first run,
and he can’t come from behind.
So, Jessica Dawley’s gonna
at least win half of the pot.
– [Dan] No I want, no I want
one more.
– [James] I had suited
connectors, I know you both had
big hands, I had suited
connectors, I so wanted
to play that hand.
– So did I.
– Why didn’t I play it?
– [Linda] Because I had the
Jack-Ten suited connector.
– [James] You had spade?
– [Linda] No, I had Jack-Ten
of hearts.
– [Chris] Alright only a
King’s gonna save Dan Shak.
– [James] And I had a nine.
– I couldn’t play with the two
– [James] I win them both,
I wint them both.
– I knew you had Aces, too.
I still couldn’t fold
No that’s good.
– [Chris] And
Jessica Dawley will
win our biggest hand
of the night, tonight on
Poker Night in America.
– [James] You would’ve
been sick if I had
been in that hand.
– I’m sick that I wasn’t.
I couldn’t do it.
– [Jamie] Needed Jack Ten.
– I had Jack Ten suited.
– My suited connector was a
nine of spades.
– [Chris] Well this is
where we’re gonna end
for day one tonight,
and Jessica Dawley,
thanks to the
Aces versus Kings,
is up $15,000, and thanks
to the Aces versus Kings,
Dan Shak is now down $10,000.
When we come back on
Poker Night in America,
our panel of experts reviews
the poker movie, Lucky You.
Poker Night in America is being
brought to you by
Where the world plays online.
– Welcome back to
Poker Night in America.
Tonight, we look at the
2007 poker film, Lucky You,
starring Eric Bana
and Robert Duvall.
Now, as poker films go, Lucky
You tends to fly under the
radar, even though its cast
of cameos, reads like a
Poker Night in
America table reunion.
You’ve got Phil Hellmuth,
Daniel Negreanu,
Antonio Esfandiari, the
list goes on and on.
In this scene, Bana’s
character, Huck
Cheever, gives some
friendly advice to his
aging poker-pro father.
Let’s see how our
panel of judges thinks
this one stacks up.
Back by popular demand, this
is Poker Night at the Movies.
(upbeat music)
– Humor me a minute.
How would you have played this?
– [Richard] Duvall’s
acting is sublime there.
The way he uses the
poker terminology, and
pauses at certain moments.
And the lessons he’s saying
right there, it’s true because
when you have those
pocket Aces, you’re
thinking about trips
and you’re not
looking at that flush.
There’s a lot going on
there, I think it’s actually,
as a dramatic scene,
works really well.
– Yeah, in the last, like
ten seconds of that scene,
it was very like,
no matter if you’re
if you’re familiar
with poker or not,
he made you feel something.
– He’s a remarkable actor, and
a wonderful man by the way.
I actually walked into
the Commerce once,
and there was a big game going
on, it’s a 20/40 no limit,
but they sometimes jack
it up, and they buy in
for a hundred grand
a piece and so on,
and Doyle Brunson was playing,
and siting behind him
was Robert Duvall.
And I said to a friend of mine,
actually, to Chad Brown, the
late, wonderful Chad Brown.
I said, “Chad, what’s
going on here?”
He said, “I guess Robert
Duvall is doing a movie,
“a poker movie, and he’s
friends with Doyle, so
“Doyle said he could sit
in and watch him play.”
And I had heard, the year
before on the Legends of Poker
that Mike Carrow had said
that Doyle had gone to him
and said, “I’ve been a winning
poker player for almost
“50 years, and this year for
some reason, I’m not winning.”
He started talking
about his opening hands,
his opening range.
Mike said, “Well you’re
starting with crap.”
He said, “Well, I’m
Doyle Brunson, I can
outplay anybody.”
He said, “You know something,
it’s pretty hard to outplay
“everybody for a long,
long time with no cards.”
“Eventually, you
have to have cards.”
What’s interesting about this
scene is, if you think about
Doyle saying to Mike Carrow,
worrying a little bit about,
“Where did my game go?”
“Is it my age, is it, you
know, blah blah blah…”
I would guess that this got
incorporated into the scene,
probably by Robert Duvall,
sensing that with Doyle.
Now, this movie tried
for something and
kind of missed a little bit.
I’d say it’s two middle-pair.
It’s two middle-pair
as a movie, and
a pretty good low
straight-flush on the acting.
– Alright, and how
about you, Richard?
– Yeah, I think
the scene itself is
definitely, I would give
it a full house just because
of Robert Duvall and Eric Bana,
they’re so good there,
and you watch them,
they could just be
ordering off the menu.
– Well you’re just a (bleep)
because it’s really just–
– Actually, I’m not because,
you’re the one that said
Royal Flush on that
(bleep) movie…
That’s why I’m the critic
and you’re the actor.
– I’m covering my bases.
– Yeah, yeah, the movie
is a busted flush,
but the scene itself
is very solid.
– And Ebony, as a poker player?
How do you break it down?
– Well, I’ll tell you
what, as a poker player,
I would give the actual
poker itself, I would give it
bottom two-pair, but as
the effect of what it does
for you emotionally, I
would definitely give it
probably a middle
straight flush.
– Wow.
– And let me, as a poker wife–
Oh, nevermind, sorry.
– Let’s move on from that.
And that is our review
tonight of Lucky You.
For more from Poker Night,
or find us on Facebook,
Twitter, or YouTube, where you
can see complete episodes,
and unedited live streams.
Also, be sure to check out our
online store, for Poker Night
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and more. For everyone.
here at Poker Night in
America, I’m Chris Hanson.
Poker Night in America is
brought to you by 888poker,
where the world plays
online, and by Draft Kings.
– [Shaun] Yea, I’m
a good boy, I just
play a lot of poker.
– I’m a real boy,
I’m a real boy.
– Did you get pantsed
a lot in high school?
I’m just wondering.

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  • July 2, 2018 at 2:00 am

    Goddamn I hate James Woods.

  • June 12, 2019 at 4:11 am

    James wood is truly a butthurt dbag at the table


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