Overwatch: Risk vs Reward | The Key To Winning More Games

hello guys my name is SVB and I’m back
with another video and today we’re gonna be talking about a very important
concept in overwatch. One that some people understand inherently while
others struggle to add to their game and that is the principle of risk-taking now
recently in one of my vods I talked about the idea of risk-taking and what
that means for main tank players but this is something in general which I’ve
noticed players in the metal ranks – that being bronze, silver, gold and platinum
tend to often be lacking in and even players and diamond and masters
sometimes don’t do this enough or get the balance wrong many people understand
this concept inherently but don’t actively think about how it relates to
their actions in your game so I’m gonna be explaining what risk-taking means in
overwatch how it relates to every role and how you can try and incorporate it
more or in some cases less in your games so let’s get to it guys so the first
place to start with this is to obviously explain the concept what do I mean by
taking risks in overwatch in particular and surely taking risks is a bad thing,
right? Well yes and no. See the problem is that when a player is unsure about their
own gameplay or feels that they’re not very good at the game they look for help
on what to do this is where YouTube comes in and this is where guides like the
ones I and countless other content creators make come in too. Things like my
simplified series for example are designed to give players the knowledge
of the basics and fundamentals of the game on how to position yourself
properly or a how to change heroes optimally or just how to play a certain
hero that you want to play. However these are just that basics. They’re there to
provide the fundamentals and nothing more. Overwatch is a really fluid game that
is constantly shifting no one can tell you how to play it in every situation in
every scenario and they’d be lying if they said they could. It’s not like chess
where you can have standard openings and stand on a counter place to certain
moves almost every game is a unique one and every dilemma is a new one
so it’s ultimately on you to make decisions. So what’s this got to do with
taking risks well like I said when players are unsure unconfident they tend
to default to what they’ve been told in the case of a lot of Overwatch players this
means that they try to play the most standard and safe game they can think of
generally this is a good thing the first step to being good at something is to
get the fundamentals down and be a reliable player but eventually this gets
you stuck and this overly safe play manifests itself in negative ways. Now I
alluded to one of these examples in my what I learned is a GM in gold video in
that video I talked about how a lot of tank players will be very passive they
will stand a choke points forever and just hold their shields up hoping
someone else will do things for them. Why? Because they’re afraid of taking a risk
they’re afraid of being caught out trying to actually do something and then
getting blamed by their team. It’s one of the unfortunate things about overwatch
that the fear of trying to do something and failing over rise the desire and
need to actually make something happen perhaps that’s even true of life. It’s
easier to just slip into the crowd and be one of six rather than to treat the
game as your game or your world and push forwards to make a difference in it but
this is exactly why learning to take risks in overwatch can make a huge
difference in the outcome of your games because quite often particularly in the
metal ranks all 12 players in the lobby are afraid to stand out for being bad or
to try and make a play so if you can start being that one player who does
you’ll see how much more of an impact you have then those other eleven players. So what are risks? Am i saying go out there and just do stupid things and
throw your games in the name of making a play no and this is where it’s important
to draw a line between taking risks and making stupid plays risks are calculated
they’re conscious decisions you make to try and affect your game
they are risky because quite often they will put you in a position that is away
from your team or because they have a high chance of not coming off however
risks are worth it if the alternative is a potentially lost game I’ll get into
this more in a minute. Stupid plays on the other hand or plays that are not
thought out they’re just a kamikaze attempt doing something. They’re not made
with a conscious weighing up of pros and cons but rather they’re done with a
screw it or I don’t know why I did it attitude and often these are the plays
that even when successful will not provide that much value. now because
overwatch is so complex and fluid like I mentioned earlier I can’t give you a
compendium of what it’s a stupid play and what is the calculated risk so what
I’m gonna do now is run you through one specific instance then talk through
various decisions that can be taken and how they fit into the idea of taking
risks and hopefully that will give you a better idea. so imagine you’re playing
Reinhardt on on Hanamura point A. from your
extensive youtube learning and reddit guides you know that you should be standing at
the choke point and making it hard for the enemy team to walk through. all good
so far but if the fight begins you have several choices and decisions to make.
charging or not charging is one of these many decisions. charging as Reinhardt is
an inherently risky decision. Why? Because for the duration of your charge you have
very minimal control of your character. you can’t cancel it or protect yourself
meaning that you leave yourself open to being hurt. but it can also provide you
with great value. you can insta kill a target or bring a beefy tank down to
very low HP and it also give you lots of ult charge. it’s also a form of crowd
control allowing you to move someone around and incapacitate them while
they’re pinned so even with something like charging we can see the mechanics
of risks and value at work. now let’s say for example that you have a Mei on your
team she’s waiting for someone to walk past the choke and walled him off away
from their team if she catches an enemy Rein like this then charging him is a
great decision. it’s high value very low risk and this is the kind of stuff you
want to do a lot of. now imagine you don’t have Mei and the enemy Rein is
coming to the door again. you decide to hide around the side of the gates and
wait for him to step forwards then charge to pin him against the wall. this
is a risky play because this time the enemy Rein has the potential to be
supported and of course unless your team is telling you you don’t know what’s
around the corner. but there’s also high value in it potentially. firstly they will
have very little time to react since the enemy team can’t see you either secondly
if the pin connects you will probably kill the enemy Rein immediately after
and win the fight. you’re also right next to your team and in line of sight to be
healed and supported so potentially this could be worthwhile play depending on
how the game is going. however if you do the same trick over and over well
eventually the enemy team will catch on and they will be increasingly prepared
for what you’re going to do. in that scenario you’re going to get diminishing
returns because they might be ready to Zarya bubble there Rein or Anti-nade you so now we’re increasing risk here without increasing reward. that’s
obviously bad and something you’d have to account for. now imagine a third
scenario you’re stood at the choke and the enemy Rein is just walking up past the gate
normally. you don’t have a Mei. for whatever reason you decide to charge the enemy Rein this way. this is no longer risk but rather a
straight-up stupid play. why? because the value gained here even at best is far
outweighed but what your team is losing. let’s say in an ideal case scenario you
pin the enemy Rein and bring them down to low HP. then what? you’re now far away
from your own team and very deep into theirs you might even be LOSing
some of your healers if it’s an Ana or Zen and you’re forcing people like mercy,
Moira, Lucio and Brig to also put themselves in a risky position to be
able to heal you and this is without even taking into consideration that if
the enemy team bubbles their Rein or bursts heals them up quickly enough you
won’t even get that one kill. so in all likelihood the best you can hope for is
that you kill the enemy Rein and you also die. there is no value in that.
everyone should know the principle of spawn advantage and as a defender Hanamura you will lose out big time if you trade one for one particularly with main
tanks. sure you might occasionally get away with a decision like this in some
particular game and not get punished but the decision itself is still incredibly
stupid. it’s not a calculated risk it’s just a
bad play. risk and reward will also greatly vary not just on things like
positioning in team comp but also timing and situational awareness. for example
same map same setup. you’re a Reinhardt and now you’ve got shatter ready. you can
play normally or you can try something unorthodox. you’ve probably seen a
Rein either in your games or on the pro level try to hide in this health pack room and
then pin out towards their team or trying to shatter from behind now again
this action is definitely dangerous and has potential to backfire but whether
this is valuable or just flat-out stupid can be dependent on circumstance. so
let’s say you just had a fight and your team narrowly comes out on top. however
you lost two DPS and both your healers. neither them is a Lucio meaning that
it’s gonna be a while before they get back into the fight. the enemy team will
be at the gate again very quickly and you’ll have to fight 3v6.
let’s assume that the enemy team is somewhat intelligent and knows their
advantage. there is no way you’ll be able to stall them out and make the fight
last long enough for your healers to get back. this is the perfect time to try
something like this flank shatter because in this scenario unless you are
one of your other two teammates make a play your team will lose this fight and
then the first point. the loss versus value ratio here is hugely in your favor.
if you’re successful in knocking down all the enemy team down
and your other two members follow up your team almost certainly wins the
fight and you hold on until everyone is back. if you get spotted and die or fail
well it doesn’t really matter the fight was lost anyway. yes
you committed a shatter but it was a risk worth taking so something like this:
an inherent understanding of when to take a risk and when to try and play in
a way that isn’t standard can make a huge difference in your win rate. it
might easily be the difference between a full hold and a snowball of both points.
now let’s put the same decision in a different situation. let’s say the enemy
team only has 30 seconds left. enough time to get in only one more fight.
your team has graviton surge and dragon strike ready and they have no defensive
ult. your 6v6 and you know that you should win this fight. now in this
scenario if you try this flank shatter you’re just being dumb. this might sound
harsh to some or to some others it might actually even sound obvious but I
guarantee you I see so many games lost even at the highest levels of ladder
play because people make stupid decisions like this one without thinking.
this is the exact kind of thing people do when they’re winning a game and they
get overconfident. so why is it so stupid? well because now you give the enemy team
a win condition where previously they had none. if they spot you they will
easily kill you because your teammates are too far away to help. now from the
ult charge farmed off you their Rein has a shatter. And with no shield on
your side to protect them your team gets shattered including your Zarya who dies
before she has a chance to grav you will have now lost your team this fight and
potentially lost the game for yourself. stepping away from the Rein’s
perspective for a second you could extend the situation to any of the other
key heroes here for example if you’re the Zarya on this team and despite
knowing that your grav will win this fight and round you decide to overextend,
go deep looking for kills and die then you’ve just thrown the game. same goes
for the Hanzo who knows that his dragon strike will win this team the game but
still peeks the Widowmaker and dies or throws his dragging out randomly and
stops his team from having the follow-up damage they needed. so taking a look at
the wider picture then. This is the graph I mentioned in my tank video that I’ll
elaborate on here let’s look at risk versus impact. if we assume that taking
greater risks generally increases the chance of you having greater impact and
in broad terms there’s four categories you might fit in: high risk, low impact.
high risk, high impact. low risk, low impact.
low risk, high impact. ideally you want to be as close to the bottom-right as possible
but this obviously can’t always be done. now most players in the metal ranks are
probably sitting somewhere in these yellow highlighted areas struggling to
have high impact in their games because they’re either taking very few risks
which I would say describes most players or they take risks all the time which
have little to no returns because they’re either (a) predictable or (b) just
fall into the category of stupid plays we talked about earlier. I can tell you
that at least from my anecdotal experience and having watched hundreds
of hours of players of all ranks playing games that the higher you go in the
ladder the generally more you will see people be willing to take risks but also
they learn to better balance when to do the risk taking. in the middle the green
highlighted area you probably see a lot more of the skillful players players who
are willing to make plays and have a good amount of impact on their games
but are still prone to either being too passive or to indulging in moments of
stupidity. then right at the top you’ll see players of the highest ranks of
overwatch. the blue area represents what I’ve observed which is that players who
are GM or top 500 are very willing to try something wonky they’re very open to
just doing something unexpected and getting big results as a consequence. of
course sometimes this backfires but generally they’ve developed good
instincts for when to take risks and how to take them so that they’re able to
mitigate how often these mistakes result in absolutely no value. obviously they
also have more technical skill to make these wonky plays work and not every
decision they make is conscious but they inherently understand their limits
and what they can reasonably pull off. finally in the bottom right we have the
ideal zone in red but honestly this is incredibly tough to achieve. you might
achieve it in an individual game of yours or you just play like a boss and
dominate every person but to do it consistently is probably only
something that the absolute best players in the game can manage. to be able to get
high value all the time without putting yourself in danger is incredibly tough
to do but this is ultimately what we should all be aiming for. so when
considering risks in your game you need to figure out where you personally fit
on this graph and where the play you want to make would fit on this graph as
well. if a play has high risk and low impact well don’t do it it’s just plain
stupid. plays that are high impact but high risk too are plays that you will have to
make from time to time. assess the scenario and decide whether it’s called
for or no.t but if you do it too often you’re straying back into the territory
of diminishing returns and finally decisions that
are high-impact and low-risk are no-brainers. obviously do these whenever
you can. ultimately this graph will vary based on your play style. each player
will have their own natural way of doing things. some players will inherently take
more risks than others and that’s fine the key is to figure out where you land
and adjust yourself accordingly increasing or decreasing the amount of
risks you take depending on how much value you think you’re getting. finally
your role will also change how you do things.
obviously DPS players should and have to take the most risk. this is part of their
role and going on flanks pulling off sneaky plays and taking one-on-ones this
is how DPS players get value so take risks but don’t make stupid decisions
and remember to not always try and take risks. as I alluded to earlier every
time you go on a flank or try some risky reddit play you will get diminishing
returns. teams will catch on and be expecting you and punish you.
tanks and supports you guys want to be reliable. you need to be there for your
team most of the time and if you’re not there as a main tank or main support for
example to protect and heal your team and you’re just off trying to get to
play the game all the time then you’re not doing your job. but sometimes if the
situation is right you should also be prepared to try something risky because
that potential for extra impact might just win you the game. and that’s all I
got for today guys hope you found this video helpful and I hope it gives you
better insight into the idea of taking risks because I genuinely do believe
that it’s something a large section of the community tends to either ignore or
misunderstand. if you learned something or enjoyed this video and please do
remember to Like share and subscribe and as always I want to give a big shout
out to my patrons who do the awesome job is supporting me. but that’s it from me. I’ll
be back next week with another video. see you guys soon

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    for example, I've always been an aggressive Reinhart and one thing I've always loved doing is waiting for Orisa to drop her barrier, shield hop behind her new one and earth shatter. I used to be really guilty of just doing it and telling my team something like "Big shatter" after the fact. What I've found made the follow up much more consistent is to instead say "I'm going for a shatter, follow rein, follow rein… It's huge". it's the same risky play but the team is behind you and ready to commit to it.

  • November 18, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    Reasons why im stuck on bronze
    1. Healers think that theyre dps and dont heal
    2. Some Bronze players rage quit after 1st round if it didnt go that well
    3.my aim is shit and it cannot be improven (my brain is shitty i would need 10 time more practice than normal human)
    4. I understand english but i dont speak it so communicating is difficult
    5. People dont communicate and try to solo and then blame the team for not helping

  • November 18, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Oh yeah yeah

  • November 19, 2019 at 6:34 am

    this is how i got to 2800 on widow. Im not the best widow, but when i took risks and flanked, no one expected it so they were easy targets and i could get like 2-3 kill easy, basically insuring us a won team fight

  • November 19, 2019 at 11:15 am

    The only complain I have about this video is that it should be called "Surviving taking a risk" Cuz pretty much everyone in this game takes a risk.

  • November 19, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    hey SVB, i really appreciate these vids. But could ya make a vid about ranked anxiety? Dont tell to play more ranked, coz when i do i feel great & feel as i'll never be anxious again after 3 matches. But the next day it's deja-vu all over again, & I get the ranked anxiety again. I feel as if i can easily climb, but the anxiety keeps out of ranked. Plz make a vid about ranked anxiety.Cheers 🙂

  • November 19, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    I only play with people who has the sane goal like me to win and rank up. My friend she is a good tank and healer and the other one she just hit masters on healer and soon dps

  • November 19, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    A concept that I have found difficult to explain, especially in the heat of a comp match, is that when you’re defending and you lose a teammate early, playing defensively can become a worse risk. Not being bold = a stupid risk, in this scenario.

    Ex: your main tank pushes up too far and gets killed before the fight breaks out. I believe it would then become a worse risk to wait back and let the fight come to you, 5v6 without a key player. Instead, I think pushing in and trying to frag out/make the fight costly for the opponents is the correct risk to take.

    If you agree with that concept, I would like to hear the way you’d describe that concept. I think it is in line with the overly-passive play style you’ve outlined.

  • November 20, 2019 at 5:26 am

    man, my winrate is positive, im climbing, its just so damn slow lol any tips to climb faster?

  • November 20, 2019 at 7:21 am

    Thanks, I’m gonna send this to my bronze friends. I hope they see this comment. ❤️

  • November 20, 2019 at 8:35 am

    when i play mei i never play passive always here to wall someone off wall off the choke point so they go where i want so my team can have more vallue on there ability

  • November 20, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    You're kidding right? Bronze Rein players can't resist the itch to press shift and then die. Repeating it forever.


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