Lords of Waterdeep: Felicia Day, Pat Rothfuss, and Brandon Laatsch Join Wil on TableTop SE2E10

Lords of Waterdeep: Felicia Day, Pat Rothfuss, and Brandon Laatsch Join Wil on TableTop SE2E10

WIL WHEATON: In the Forgotten
Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, there is a legendary city called Waterdeep. Nestled into the western coast
of the land of Faerun, it is known as the City
of Splendors. Since it was first created by
Ed Greenwood decades ago, countless adventurers have
gotten drunk in its taverns and explored the Undermountain
beneath it. In fact, I may have put on my
robe and wizard hat and attacked the darkness there
myself from time to time. But today on “TableTop,” Felicia
Day, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Laatsch, and I will
look at Waterdeep from an entirely new perspective. We won’t be getting our hands
dirty down in the streets or even breathing the same
air as the little people who walk them. We will be vying for control
of the city’s resources through manipulation,
intimidation, and outright bribery because today, we are
the Lords of Waterdeep. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: “Lords of
Waterdeep” is a worker placement, resource management
game designed by Rodney Lee and Peter Thompson. Now, normally in Dungeons &
Dragons, we play the fighters, rogues, clerics, and wizards
on epic quests. But in this game, we are
actually the shadowy figures behind the scenes
who send those characters on those quests. You win the game by– wait for
it– having the most points. You get points by completing
quests. To complete a quest, you
must gather resources. And to gather resources, we
place these little agents around iconic Waterdeep
locations. Let’s say I need
some warriors. Well, I’ll just go to the Field
of Triumph and trick them into coming home with me. This quest requires priests. Hi, priests on the Plinth. Let’s go for a ride in my
windowless white van. There is one location
where all the sneaky intrigue happens. It is Waterdeep Harbor. This location is key
to controlling the fate of the city. We are all generally working
from the same limited pool of resources. But throughout the game, we can
add buildings to Waterdeep that let us have a
second shot at getting different resources. Now, there are only eight turns
in Lords of Waterdeep, so we have to plan our strategies very, very carefully. Which one of my friends
will beat me today? Let’s find out. It’s time to play “Lords
of Waterdeep.” BRANDON LAATSCH: My name
is Brandon Laatsch. I am 50% of the FreddieW
channel. Co-creator, co-director,
co-VFXer, everything. Freddie and I do it together. PAT ROTHFUSS: My name’s Patrick
Rothfuss, and I am a fantasy author. I wrote “The Name of the Wind”
and “The Wise Man’s Fear.” FELICIA DAY: Hi, I’m Felicia
Day, and I am known for making things on the web in video
form at [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: The first thing
we’re going to do in “Lords of Waterdeep” is find out
which lord we are. So Patrick, for you. Brandon, nyah. PAT ROTHFUSS: [EVIL LAUGH] WIL WHEATON: Felicia,
and for me. FELICIA DAY: There’s one dude
in this pack who has– WIL WHEATON: Who am I? FELICIA DAY: –his lips
are way too dark. WIL WHEATON: I am this guy. FELICIA DAY: I’m very frustrated
about this. I don’t think there’s a guy in
the pack that I would rather less be than this guy
with plum lipstick on and plate mail. Who does that? WIL WHEATON: OK, so Pat, you
are the first player. Go ahead. Where are you going? PAT ROTHFUSS: I have got to jump
on the Builder’s Hall. Sorry, folks. WIL WHEATON: Pat is building. What are you going to build? PAT ROTHFUSS: I’m going to grab
this juicy one up here. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, that’s a
really, really good one. PAT ROTHFUSS: I’m going to put
this real close to you, Wil. You’re going to want
to lay it there. FELICIA DAY: What is
your faction, Pat? PAT ROTHFUSS: I am the
fabulous Red Sashes. The Red Sashes were fabulous. FELICIA DAY: Fabulous. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, they
are fabulous. Give me one of your little Red
Sash markers so that we know this building belongs to you. PAT ROTHFUSS: There we go. And can you bump me
up one point? FELICIA DAY: I will do that. WIL WHEATON: And Pat
gets a point. Brandon. BRANDON LAATSCH:
My first turn. I’m probably the least
experienced at the table at this, but I think that they
might underestimate me. I’m taking Arcana. WIL WHEATON: All right. FELICIA DAY: I don’t like
anything about how this game is starting. The only thing I like is
that I’m a Silverstar. I specifically requested the
Silverstars to be my faction because I feel like they’re
very flairy. You know what, I’m going to
go, and I’m going to do– I’m going to go to
Waterdeep Harbor. WIL WHEATON: All right. And you’re going to play
an intrigue card. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to play an intrigue– oh, do I do it now? WIL WHEATON: Yes, you do. FELICIA DAY: OK. And I’m going to play
Change of Plans. “Discard an uncompleted quest. Score six points.” So
that would be me. WIL WHEATON: Nice! FELICIA DAY: Boop boop boop. WIL WHEATON: You get six points
for doing nothing. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I’m
going to discard this quest right here. And where’s the discard pile? There we go. WIL WHEATON: OK. What is the other
half of that? FELICIA DAY: And then, “Each
opponent can choose to discard an uncompleted quest
to score three.” WIL WHEATON: All right. FELICIA DAY: So feel free to
join in on my intrigue. PAT ROTHFUSS: I think I’m going
to get a little of that. FELICIA DAY: Felicia got six for
playing the card, but I’ll take three for free. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I’ll
be on board with that. FELICIA DAY: OK. So that would be red,
one, two, three. WIL WHEATON: Three for Wil. Three for green. FELICIA DAY: And one,
two, three. Brandon, anything? BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m going
to keep my quests. WIL WHEATON: Oh, look who’s Mr.
Commerce Arcana over here. FELICIA DAY: Yeah,
who that is? Hey, hi there. WIL WHEATON: I am the Harpers,
who I like to play because their house sigil looks like
the Guinness harp. And I enjoy Guinness. Guinness, if you would like to
send me things for free, I would accept them. FELICIA DAY: Wow. WIL WHEATON: I am going to
the Field of Triumph. I’m getting some warriors. OK. Are you going to quest land? PAT ROTHFUSS: Yeah, I am. I’m going to grab a little
bit of this. I wasn’t going to talk about
this, but my main quest– WIL WHEATON: Ah, it’s
the best quest ever! PAT ROTHFUSS: –was to
domesticate owlbears. FELICIA DAY: What? WIL WHEATON: That is the
best quest ever. PAT ROTHFUSS: I was going to– FELICIA DAY: Wait, let
me see that card. PAT ROTHFUSS: –throw the
entire game if I got the chance to just domesticate
owlbears. FELICIA DAY: How is this
an actual quest, “Domesticate Owlbears”? WIL WHEATON: So here’s
a question. Why would you want to
domesticate owlbears? PAT ROTHFUSS: I imagine– FELICIA DAY: How do you
litter train them? They’re very large. PAT ROTHFUSS: Well, I don’t
think like for farming, domesticated. Not like– they’re
not house pets. That would be ridiculous. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m trying to
pretend like I know what an owlbear is here, but I have no
idea what an owlbear is. WIL WHEATON: Let me break it
down for you kids today with your video games and your TV
and your not reading books. An owlbear is a D&D monster with
the body of a bear and the head of an owl. [HOOTING] PAT ROTHFUSS: It’s sort
of like the Reese’s Pieces of D&D monsters. FELICIA DAY: If I had
a pet owlbear, I’d name him Friendzy. We have a question about how
this card is played. BRANDON LAATSCH: I played
a Bribe Agent card. WIL WHEATON: All right. Pay $2. “Choose an action space
containing an opponent’s agent.” Then use that space as
though you had assigned an agent to it. So if you’d like to
build, you may. If you would like to get
orange, you may, anything like that. You don’t have to use
a dude to do it. PAT ROTHFUSS: But you don’t
have to even play. You just get to as if you
had played there. BRANDON LAATSCH: OK. So I’m building. WIL WHEATON: Pay $2 to use your
thing, because you’re bribing a guy, I guess. OK? BRANDON LAATSCH: Good call. Basically, my opening strategy
is to get a building up so that later on in the game,
I’ll be able to maximize people getting off that. And then also, I’m going to
get some quests that align with my class so that I’m
ready to conquer. WIL WHEATON: All right,
all right, all right. So go ahead and– FELICIA DAY: I’ll totally
distract you– WIL WHEATON: –give me $2. BRANDON LAATSCH: $2 and $4. WIL WHEATON: $2 and $4. Give me $6. OK. And you get a point for
building a thing. Congratulations. Welcome to the land of people
who have points. And Felicia, it is your turn. FELICIA DAY: You know what I
would like more than anything is I would really like to
go first next time. And I get an intrigue card,
which makes me happy because I’m all into that. PAT ROTHFUSS: First position
is really key. It’s easy to underestimate. And in a four-player game, it
ends up being pretty heavy. BRANDON LAATSCH: Yeah, you
pushed me into last place. WIL WHEATON: Come on,
are you serious? FELICIA DAY: I’m sorry. You took the building
that I wanted. I want real estate. BRANDON LAATSCH: Are you
the red-headed chick? WIL WHEATON: Felicia, everyone
knows you’re the builder. If you were any more obvious,
you would be wearing a hard hat. FELICIA DAY: I am
not the builder. And I am so frustrated
about it. I mean, if you look at that
picture and look at the picture that I am, come on. WIL WHEATON: Everybody
has played. Now we go to Waterdeep Harbor,
and the player in first position in Waterdeep Harbor
can move to a new location. So Felicia, that’s you. FELICIA DAY: Yeah,
that would be me. WIL WHEATON: Where would you
like to go while you’re in Waterdeep Harbor? FELICIA DAY: Let’s
see what is left. Let me see. I forget what I’m doing. OK. I, at this point, would like
to maybe get some resources because my Tavern is empty. WIL WHEATON: You can get purple,
black, or white, or orange and black,
or you can get something of your choosing– FELICIA DAY: Oh boy. WIL WHEATON: –nyah. PAT ROTHFUSS: Could I interest
you in this lovely property here on the waterfront? FELICIA DAY: No– PAT ROTHFUSS: Everything here in
Waterdeep is really on the waterfront. FELICIA DAY: But this, I
get four things here. WIL WHEATON: It’s in the name. OK, so move your dude there. BRANDON LAATSCH: We’re
both there. PAT ROTHFUSS: Brandon,
what color would you like, orange or black? FELICIA DAY: $2, please. BRANDON LAATSCH:
Orange for $2. FELICIA DAY: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: There you go. There’s your warrior. Brandon, you go next. Where would you like to go? BRANDON LAATSCH: All right. I’m just going to go
straight money. WIL WHEATON: You’re going
to get some money. FELICIA DAY: Money. WIL WHEATON: That’s the
end of the turn. PAT ROTHFUSS: Turn one. FELICIA DAY: The first turn
was not great for me. I actually– my guy, my lord, is the opposite
of what my quest cards are, so I’m already
starting from behind, which is kind of frustrating. WIL WHEATON: And I am
getting a priest and completing a quest. 12 points for green. FELICIA DAY: I don’t like
you all of a sudden. PAT ROTHFUSS: By the way,
I’ll take my 12 points. WIL WHEATON: I’m going to draw
this quest, and I’m going to complete it. FELICIA DAY: Oh, I
hate your face. WIL WHEATON: So I get 15. So I’m at 38 points. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m sitting
there with 30 points. FELICIA DAY: I know. And look at all this
gold this guy has. I’ve got nothing. I’ve accomplished nothing
in my life. BRANDON LAATSCH: We need
to work together more. FELICIA DAY: No, I’m serious. I don’t like him. WIL WHEATON: I think maybe
I’m down with– BRANDON LAATSCH: Felicia, we’re
helping each other out, starting right now. FELICIA DAY: OK. I am all on your side, until you
start looking like you’re really going to beat me. I know that Brandon has a really
strategic gamer mind. And the fact that Wil is so
intense, I know I have to team up with somebody, or
he’s going to wipe the floor with us. We need to block Wil. WIL WHEATON: No, you don’t. Don’t even start playing
that game, bud. PAT ROTHFUSS: We’ve got a
mandatory quest for Wil. WIL WHEATON: I don’t know
why you want to do that. FELICIA DAY: Finally. WIL WHEATON: I don’t think
you need to do that. Now because this is turn five,
everyone gets an extra agent. FELICIA DAY: Oh,
this is great. Oh, I like this. PAT ROTHFUSS: Yes! WIL WHEATON: Here’s yours and
yours and yours and yours. OK, great. So now we all get three guys,
which means we really have to play the “I know that you know
that I know that you know that I know” game. The last four turns
of this game are going to be very slippery. BRANDON LAATSCH: Wil’s looking
pretty strong. He jumped out to a really
early lead on us. So I’m going to look out
for him and drop a quest on him if I can. FELICIA DAY: I think
that we’re a mess. We need to focus on Wil, take
Wil down because I don’t want to see him on the
Winners’ Wall. It’s irritating. WIL WHEATON: These things
always tend to clump up toward the end. And if you have a huge lead at
the beginning, you have a target on your back, and
everybody pulls you down. I’m going to go first because
I am the first player. And because I have
a bull [BLEEP] quest, Pat, I’m going
to go here. And that actually pays
off the bull [BLEEP] quest. So goodbye, bull [BLEEP] quest. PAT ROTHFUSS: Playing a
mandatory quest is one of the most aggressive things you can
directly do in the game. It’s not just taking up
somebody else’s spot. So it’s a bit of a dick move. WIL WHEATON: Oh, fantastic,
a mandatory quest. Thank you, Pat. I’m so glad you’re here and
not finishing “Day Three.” PAT ROTHFUSS: But it’s
a smart dick move. FELICIA DAY: You are so
intense right now. WIL WHEATON: Great
move that was. FELICIA DAY: I just have to say,
I don’t think I’ve seen you play a game that you were
so intent on winning. You are– your claws are out, sir. WIL WHEATON: Have you ever
watched this show? Let’s talk about how many times
I win on this show. FELICIA DAY: It’s
not very many. WIL WHEATON: It’s not. FELICIA DAY: OK. BRANDON LAATSCH: “Come Beat Wil
at his House,” the show. FELICIA DAY: I’m going to
play an intrigue card. Silverstar! I have some really good ones to
choose from here, but I’m going to play a mandatory
quest on some wonderful person. Now, the thing about it is– BRANDON LAATSCH: Who hasn’t
gone on one yet? FELICIA DAY: –you just
got rid of one. WIL WHEATON: Right. FELICIA DAY: Now Pat– you just
got a little hopeful, like I’m not going
to pick on you. WIL WHEATON: I know you’re
going to pick on me. Just play it. FELICIA DAY: But Pat is about to
get a really, oh, 20 quest. Man. PAT ROTHFUSS: I need a
purple and a white. FELICIA DAY: Oh, that’s a lot. WIL WHEATON: He needs a
purple and a white. PAT ROTHFUSS: That’s
two whole– WIL WHEATON: No, he needs
a purple and white. And that gets him 20 points. And that puts him in first
place with 42. FELICIA DAY: It’s not good. It’s not good. This is hard. WIL WHEATON: You want
to block him. FELICIA DAY: Who do
I screw over? BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m going to
invoke this right now because I’ve held onto it this
entire game. Today is my birthday. WIL WHEATON: You want
a mandatory quest for your birthday? BRANDON LAATSCH: No, no, no, I
don’t want a mandatory quest for my birthday. FELICIA DAY: Is this
your birthday? WIL WHEATON: It’s really
your birthday? BRANDON LAATSCH: And I know– WIL WHEATON: You’re spending
your birthday with us? FELICIA DAY: Why are you here? BRANDON LAATSCH: Right there,
birthday, today. WIL WHEATON: What? FELICIA DAY: Why are
you here, Brandon? WIL WHEATON: I think it is
amazing that he came here to play with us on his birthday. Happy birthday, Brandon. Seriously, good luck– ish. PAT ROTHFUSS: Happy
birthday, Brandon. BRANDON LAATSCH: [WHISPERING] Thank you. FELICIA DAY: You know, I don’t
really want to be beat Brandon, because I found
out it’s his birthday. And I feel like a jerk if I beat
a guy on his birthday. So I’m going to go with our
plan that we’re kind of teaming up because I know that
the other side of the table, they’re all experts and stuff. We’ve got to take them down. So I’m going to ask why the
Red Sashes are going to do better things for Waterdeep
than the Harpers. BRANDON LAATSCH: In two words. WIL WHEATON: Yeah,
I’ll do this. I’m sitting on eight
potential points. Pat is sitting on– FELICIA DAY: No, no. I really want the
role-playing. I’m role-playing. Why are the Harpers better
for the Waterdeep? WIL WHEATON: Oh, OK,
I’ll tell you why the Harpers are better. Because the Harpers are a little
more in touch with the common man because they can’t
score as many [BLEEP] points as Pat can, who
has 50, 61 [BLEEP] points sitting in his
hand right now. Felicia, just give him
the mandatory quest! FELICIA DAY: Oh god,
you’re so loud. WIL WHEATON: Ugh, I knew you
were going to do that anyway! FELICIA DAY: It was so loud. WIL WHEATON: Eat a dick! FELICIA DAY: It was so
loud in my face. WIL WHEATON: Shut up. FELICIA DAY: It was
such a [INAUDIBLE] Harper. [SINGING] Silverstars are quiet people. WIL WHEATON: Is your
turn over? Is your turn over now? Allow me to polish off a
chestnut from last season. This is bull [BLEEP]. FELICIA DAY: Wil, it’s
too late now. I would have given it to you. WIL WHEATON: Here. I waste yet another
action going here to stamp out cultists. I spend these three things. Remember how I said I wasn’t
that far ahead? This is why. I spend these three things. I do that and that and that. FELICIA DAY: Well, see, that
wasn’t that painful. WIL WHEATON: Oh, two points. All right, that’s fantastic. That’s great. That’s not what I wanted to do. Woo! Go me. Girl power. FELICIA DAY: I’ve never
seen Wil that intense. Like, it was scary. It was like, oh, good hosting
“TableTop” Wil. Like, evil Wil, evil,
competitive Wil. WIL WHEATON: Remember when I
said you generally don’t want to jump out to a big early
lead in a game like this? That’s why. PAT ROTHFUSS: Head to the
harbor, and I’ll play Graduation Day. FELICIA DAY: Good for you. PAT ROTHFUSS: So I get two
wizards coming to visit. FELICIA DAY: Wow, nice. PAT ROTHFUSS: And I think
Felicia, I’ve wronged you at some point in this game. And so you can have a wizard. FELICIA DAY: I can
have a wizard? PAT ROTHFUSS: You can. FELICIA DAY: I’m so
glad I didn’t give you that card, Pat. PAT ROTHFUSS: I’m glad, too. Because then we can
be closer friends. FELICIA DAY: I wish we
could embrace, but we’re so far apart. There’s such negativity
between us. WIL WHEATON: [SINGING] Oh, I got a big [BLEEP] you for my friends,
a big [BLEEP] you for my friends,
a giant [BLEEP] you for you, and a big [BLEEP] you to you. PAT ROTHFUSS: That’s
my new theme song. And actually, I will– one, two. WIL WHEATON: Here it comes. PAT ROTHFUSS: There’s
all my mojo. FELICIA DAY: Oh god. He’s going to shoot forward. PAT ROTHFUSS: And two. WIL WHEATON: Yep. How many points is that? PAT ROTHFUSS: That’ll be 20. BRANDON LAATSCH: Geez. WIL WHEATON: Oh gosh, huh,
that’s so weird. I feel like someone just said
he’s about to complete a 20-point quest and jump
into first place. Maybe you should block him. That’s so unbelievably
strange. FELICIA DAY: But you
were so loud. You were so loud. WIL WHEATON: Huh. I wonder how that happened. FELICIA DAY: You didn’t
use your inside voice. That’s how it happened. BRANDON LAATSCH: Wil is one of
those kids that never realized that people play the players,
not the game. FELICIA DAY: You play
the players, yeah. That’s very wise. Now you’re on the list. PAT ROTHFUSS: But I
just– a wizard. FELICIA DAY: No. It was nice of you, but now– WIL WHEATON: Yeah, don’t
blame him, dumbass. Blame yourself. FELICIA DAY: Look how far
back we are, Brandon. I feel like I might be
able to catch up. I felt really handicapped in
the beginning of this game. But right now that I have two
quests that I’m cashing in, I’m feeling kind of good. BRANDON LAATSCH: At this point,
I’m slow rolling it. I’ve got a lot of points in my
hand, and I plan on playing them basically as late
as possible in order to surprise them. Because right now, there’s a lot
of hate going around, and so I need to make sure it stays
over by Wil before I make my move. WIL WHEATON: Hmm. BRANDON LAATSCH: Not a whole
lot of choices on the board anymore, is there? FELICIA DAY: No,
there’s a lot– the population just shot
up through the roof. There was some kind of orgiastic
owlbear situation. WIL WHEATON: Orgiastic– FELICIA AND WIL: Owlbear
situation. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m going to
take the first player again. WIL WHEATON: And you draw
an intrigue card. FELICIA DAY: I enjoy that– BRANDON LAATSCH: Draw
an intrigue card. Rocking. FELICIA DAY: –choice. My turn would be, I’m
going to go here. Now, I can complete a
quest if I do this, and I take two rogues. WIL WHEATON: In the
Grinning Loin? FELICIA DAY: Yes, in
the Grinning Loin. And I– there’s a prison
break, guys. Oh no! WIL WHEATON: Oh no. FELICIA DAY: There’s a burly
man behind the– WIL WHEATON: You busted
out a bunch of rogues. FELICIA DAY: Yes, I did, and
the two wizards, and $2 because they had to pay
off the jailer. WIL WHEATON: The jailer,
yeah, of course. FELICIA DAY: And then
I’m going to– 14 points and two warriors. And I can immediately play
an intrigue card without taking an action. WIL WHEATON: Oh sweet. PAT ROTHFUSS: Wow. WIL WHEATON: That’s a
good move for you. FELICIA DAY: And I am going
to play Arcane Mishap. It’s an attack. Each opponent removes a purple
from his or her Tavern and places it back to the supply. For each opponent that
could not do so, I draw an intrigue card. WIL WHEATON: One, two–
take it back. You get two intrigue cards. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, so you have
to lose one of those. WIL WHEATON: What’s that called,
Arcane Explosion? FELICIA DAY: Yeah. Arcane Mishap. WIL WHEATON: Arcane
Mishap, yeah. FELICIA DAY: It was after
the owlbear situation. There was a mishap. WIL WHEATON: That’s the
headline in, like, the “Waterdeep Gazette.”
“Arcane Mishap. Owlbear Situation Blamed.”
“Arcane Mishap Blamed for Owlbear Situation.”
That’s what it is. FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: All right. Now we’re moving off of
Waterdeep Harbor. And it looks like, Felicia,
you get to go again. FELICIA DAY: Oh, my goodness. WIL WHEATON: So where are you
going, and what are you doing, and how’s it happening? FELICIA DAY: What am
I going to do? WIL WHEATON: What
comes up next? I have a lot of questions for
you, and these are them. FELICIA DAY: God, there’s
a lot of people here. You know what, I’m going to– WIL WHEATON: Maybe
that over there? FELICIA DAY: –go right here. I’m going to get two warriors. WIL WHEATON: Fantastic. FELICIA DAY: And I’m going to do
this quest, which is Repel Seawraiths. WIL WHEATON: Yep. FELICIA DAY: And seawraiths
are attacking a ship in the harbor. This is not good. But I’m going to drive them
back with my warfare capability. WIL WHEATON: Uh-huh. Hey, how many points do
you get for that? FELICIA DAY: I get
15 and two gold. WIL WHEATON: 15. PAT ROTHFUSS: So that would
be like a billion points. WIL WHEATON: So that
would be 50– PAT ROTHFUSS: Like
all the points. WIL WHEATON: –for you,
is what you’re saying. FELICIA DAY: 15 and two. [GASP], what? BRANDON LAATSCH: Are
you in first? FELICIA DAY: Oh my gosh! I didn’t anticipate this
happening, boys. PAT ROTHFUSS: Second
to last turn. FELICIA DAY: Oh, gosh. BRANDON LAATSCH: Two more
for everything. FELICIA DAY: Oh, gosh. OK. BRANDON LAATSCH: It’s a
tight game right now. FELICIA DAY: It is, really. So wait, you have– oh,
you have some big cards over here, buddy. WIL WHEATON: I keep telling
you, he needs two black to get 20 points. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, that’s
crazy, dude. Oh, this is not good. He’s got everything he needs– WIL WHEATON: We can’t
stop him. He’s unstoppable. He’s filled with warriors. FELICIA DAY: No, it’s
really true. PAT ROTHFUSS: I’m filled
with tinier men. FELICIA DAY: Well, we’re kind
of screwed right now. PAT ROTHFUSS: Thank you. BRANDON LAATSCH: All right. I’m going to take my guy
because I need to start unloading these. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, you
need to unload that. You should always
be in Waterdeep. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m going to
take one of your purples. PAT ROTHFUSS: So
it just says– BRANDON LAATSCH: Complete
your action. PAT ROTHFUSS: You
get to take– WIL WHEATON: How many whites
do you have, Pat? PAT ROTHFUSS: Just one. WIL WHEATON: If you take his
white, he can’t complete his warfare quest. BRANDON LAATSCH: This turn. WIL WHEATON: This turn, yeah. BRANDON LAATSCH: He’s
got two more turns. PAT ROTHFUSS: I think
he just needs the purple for something. BRANDON LAATSCH: I just
want the purple. WIL WHEATON: All right. Go ahead, Felicia. FELICIA DAY: I’m actually going
to go quickly this time. Surprise. WIL WHEATON: That’s weird. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to go to Waterdeep. I’m going to play this intrigue
card, Good Faith. Take two of these from
two priests and then choose one opponent. That opponent takes one priest
from the supply and places it in a Tavern. I’m going to give it to you. Just– PAT ROTHFUSS: Ha! FELICIA DAY: You’re
dead to me. BRANDON LAATSCH: Buddies
for life. FELICIA DAY: And then
I’m going to also complete a quest. I would like to complete this
quest, which is this [BLEEP] quest, mandatory quest
that some [BLEEP] monger– we’ll cut this out– WIL WHEATON: Doesn’t
it suck that you have a mandatory quest? FELICIA DAY: Yeah,
it’s terrible. WIL WHEATON: It sucks. It’s the worst thing
ever, isn’t it? FELICIA DAY: You’re the worst. WIL WHEATON: Isn’t it awful? FELICIA DAY: You did this– WIL WHEATON: It’s horrible. FELICIA DAY: You taught
me a lesson. WIL WHEATON: It’s
the worst thing. FELICIA DAY: I get
four points. Here’s a stupid card. Yeah. Ugh. Anyway, that’s my turn, guys. WIL WHEATON: OK. Uh-oh. I’m up on my heels. This is what happens
when I’m serious. FELICIA DAY: You’re in
pooping position. Oh, gosh, [INAUDIBLE]? WIL WHEATON: Wait,
pooping position? FELICIA DAY: Yes, I
just said “pooping position.” We all do it. Whatever. WIL WHEATON: Isn’t that
just sitting? FELICIA DAY: You’ve never been
in pooping position on any “TableTop.” This is
a first, guys. You are witnessing a first. BRANDON LAATSCH: [INAUDIBLE],
put it on a trophy. WIL WHEATON: All right, I’m
going to go on a quest. It’s for piety. It’s a plot quest. Protect the House of Wonder. I get this, a couple of
priests, and a thing. It’s a plot quest, so it’s not
worth very many points. FELICIA DAY: What
is it called? Read it aloud. WIL WHEATON: It’s called Protect
the House of Wonder. FELICIA DAY: Ah. WIL WHEATON: Which is exactly
what it sounds like. FELICIA DAY: So it’s
that exciting? WIL WHEATON: I get
eight points. FELICIA DAY: [SINGING] 57. WIL WHEATON: My turn is done. PAT ROTHFUSS: I’m going
to play Assassination. FELICIA DAY: Wait, what? WIL WHEATON: You’re
a horrible person. PAT ROTHFUSS: Everybody
has to remove one– WIL WHEATON: Everybody removes
one black from their Tavern. FELICIA DAY: I hate you. WIL WHEATON: All right, take
a rogue out of your Tavern. FELICIA DAY: I hate you. I really, honestly
have feelings of hostility, like honestly. I’m going to get in
pooping position. WIL WHEATON: How’s
that working out? PAT ROTHFUSS: I never thought
it would come to this. FELICIA DAY: I’m feeling
like I’m a winner. WIL WHEATON: We poop in
really different ways. PAT ROTHFUSS: The first
“TableTop” where somebody rage poops. FELICIA DAY: I’ve
got to sit down. I’m laughing too hard. I’m afraid what’s
going to happen. BRANDON LAATSCH: Felicia, I’m
going to help you out here. FELICIA DAY: Owner– oh, you’re amazing. Oh, god, this is
what I wanted. PAT ROTHFUSS: See, it didn’t
hurt you at all. FELICIA DAY: No, except it
hurt my feelings, Pat. BRANDON LAATSCH: And
I’m going to pay. Spending four, spending these
guys and these guys to do something I should have done in
the beginning of the game but didn’t. Because I get 10 points, and I
get to draw one building from the stack and put it into
play with no cost to me. FELICIA DAY: Oh, nice. WIL WHEATON: All right,
there you go. FELICIA DAY: What is it? WIL WHEATON: What is it? BRANDON LAATSCH: It’s
you may go there. And I’m going to place
three points. WIL WHEATON: When purchased,
put three points on this thing. BRANDON LAATSCH: Anyone
can go there. WIL WHEATON: Score them from
the space face and take one face-up quest. FELICIA DAY: What? PAT ROTHFUSS: Wow. WIL WHEATON: Plus you
get two points. FELICIA DAY: What? PAT ROTHFUSS: Whenever
something happens. BRANDON LAATSCH: When
someone uses it. FELICIA DAY: That
is pretty sweet. WIL WHEATON: Wowsers. FELICIA DAY: I think that he
actually has a chance through his real estate to pull ahead. He’s kind of like the
mogul of the board. And I think that can
factor in later. PAT ROTHFUSS: If he is playing
the builder, he’s sitting on a lot of hidden points that people
aren’t aware of, which is why I took a swipe
at him early. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I
kind of like this. So I’m going to go here. And I’m going to take these
points, which is three. BRANDON LAATSCH: So I get two. FELICIA DAY: So give me three. BRANDON LAATSCH: Felicia’s
now tied for first. FELICIA DAY: OK. And then I’m going to take
this quest right here. And then I’m going to actually
complete this quest, so that I have– I’m going to get 11. I defeated the uprising
from the Undermountain, which is good. WIL WHEATON: Oh, good for you. Those guys are dicks. FELICIA DAY: I know. They’re not worth it,
not worth the– and then I get 11 points
and two warriors. WIL WHEATON: Hey, look who’s
way up in first place. FELICIA DAY: Temporarily. WIL WHEATON: Felicia is. I’m excited for you. Come on. What the hell? FELICIA DAY: I don’t
believe it. You’re kind of in pooping
position a little bit. WIL WHEATON: If I’m in pooping
position, I’m pooping on my own foot, which is not
a good thing to do. What kind of pooping does
Felicia do where she has to get up into a pooping
position? FELICIA DAY: The pooping
position elevates you. It lets you survey the world
like an eagle on a cliff. WIL WHEATON: What the [BLEEP]? PAT ROTHFUSS: We’re
going to do that. WIL WHEATON: Intrigue card. FELICIA DAY: There
you go, sir. PAT ROTHFUSS: Thank you. Then– WIL WHEATON: Dude, are
you turning in the quest you just drew? PAT ROTHFUSS: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Nice. FELICIA DAY: Wow. PAT ROTHFUSS: For 13 and
another intrigue. WIL WHEATON: So in D&D, it’s
maybe a two-level dungeon, and you’ve basically fought
a bunch of dire rats. PAT ROTHFUSS: I think even if
you haven’t really played D&D, it’s a great game in the same
way that even if you’ve never been a farmer, you can
play “Agricola.” WIL WHEATON: I’m sorry. I know you want me to talk a
something else, but I just have to come back to– pooping position? It is your turn, sir. Now you may go. All right? FELICIA DAY: Nice, nice. BRANDON LAATSCH: And maybe that
one will help you out. FELICIA DAY: Oh, that’ll
Don’t think so. FELICIA DAY: Look, because
you’re a piety man and a commerce man. BRANDON LAATSCH: And
Felicia, sorry. I know we’re buds. I’m going to spend five of
these, two of these. FELICIA DAY: Oh,
congratulations. BRANDON LAATSCH: I
get 25 points. I’m not in last place anymore. FELICIA DAY: 25 points! BRANDON LAATSCH: For the
first time in the game. FELICIA DAY: Wow,
that is awesome. That is huge. That is huge. WIL WHEATON: So 50, 62, 74. FELICIA DAY: That is amazing. Very good. You are ahead of everybody. WIL WHEATON: Hey, guess who’s
going to finish this game in last place? Every time a commerce or piety
quest comes up at the inn, they fill up the two take a
quest markers, and then they leave me the wipe
a quest marker. This leaves me with
one option– gather resources and
hope that quest is still there next turn. Waterdeep Harbor happens. BRANDON LAATSCH: That’s
me again. FELICIA DAY: You get
to go first. BRANDON LAATSCH: Fancy that. WIL WHEATON: I think you
should go get some more intrigue cards. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’ve
got plenty. WIL WHEATON: OK. BRANDON LAATSCH: Now, I can go
right back and play one. I think I get to choose one
after I get a four. WIL WHEATON: No, you reset it. BRANDON LAATSCH: Oh,
it just resets. I don’t get to choose one. PAT ROTHFUSS: No, you reset,
and then you choose. WIL WHEATON: And then
you choose. BRANDON LAATSCH: Yes, OK. Reset, then choose. That’s what I want. WIL WHEATON: That’s fantastic. PAT ROTHFUSS: I figure a random
one for four, maybe I’ll get one that
I really like. WIL WHEATON: Oh, good, they
wiped the quest I’ve been trying to get for two turns. That’s fantastic. FELICIA DAY: My turn. I’m going to go here. I’m going to get a priest. I’m going to use this and
cash it in, which is Ambush Artor Morlin. “The vampire lord Artor Morlin
must be shown that Waterdeep is not his personal
hunting ground.” WIL WHEATON: Right. FELICIA DAY: [SINGING] Silverstars, shivvin’, shiv,
shiv, shiv, shiv. WIL WHEATON: Why are
you shivving me? I’m not a vampire. I’m not a threat to anybody. FELICIA DAY: Oh no. It was just air-shiv. I was air-shivving. OK. WIL WHEATON: Oh, OK. FELICIA DAY: One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight. BRANDON LAATSCH: A new
leader, Felicia Day. FELICIA DAY: I have a feeling
that we’re going to get kicked in the hoo-ha. WIL WHEATON: Pat, you’re first
player, so first it up. PAT ROTHFUSS: Go here. I’m going to grab– WIL WHEATON: This is going
to end up being close for you guys. BRANDON LAATSCH: I like
how you take yourself right out of there. WIL WHEATON: I’m not–
no, it’s OK. I’ve made peace with it now. I’m fine. Brandon, it’s your turn. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m going
to– it’s a tough one to play a call. But I’m going to play
an intrigue card– FELICIA DAY: What? BRANDON LAATSCH: –because
I’ve got give of them. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, you
need to go there. BRANDON LAATSCH: And I will play
this one, which gives me two of whatever from this. I’m going to take
two orangeys. WIL WHEATON: Uh-huh. That’s a great card. I love that card. FELICIA DAY: I’m going to– BRANDON LAATSCH: And– FELICIA DAY: Oh, whoa. BRANDON LAATSCH: Playing
the quest. Because this one’s going to
give me eight points. WIL WHEATON: Win eight. BRANDON LAATSCH: Win
eight points. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. And I get another quest. WIL WHEATON: Would you like a
skulduggery, a skulduggery, or one of the remaining
two skulduggeries? BRANDON LAATSCH: Are
they all four? I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll play any of
them, but I’ll take one. I’ll take this one. FELICIA DAY: I’m going
to go to Waterdeep. Hello! There’s a cwime wave. WIL WHEATON: Oh no. FELICIA DAY: A cwime wave. I just lisped. WIL WHEATON: That’s terrible. FELICIA DAY: OK. There is a crime wave
in Waterdeep, guys. And I am going to have
to take two thieves, put them in my Tavern. I get to give a cube to one
person, birthday boy. BRANDON LAATSCH: Buddies
for life. FELICIA DAY: Oh, good. BRANDON LAATSCH: Felicia and I
made a pact very early on to be buddies. And normally, those pacts
don’t actually make it through a game. But since we kind of started out
in last place, and we did help each other out along the
way, it lasted through the entire thing, which is rare. FELICIA DAY: OK. PAT ROTHFUSS: Waterdeep. And Lack of Faith. So you would have to
discard priests, but nobody has priests. I picked that special so it
wouldn’t inconvenience anyone. FELICIA DAY: You are so sweet
because you’re about to stomp our ass. WIL WHEATON: And you get
two points for each. PAT ROTHFUSS: I get two points
for each of those. WIL WHEATON: So you
get six points. FELICIA DAY: Yep. BRANDON LAATSCH: I will
score you your points. PAT ROTHFUSS: If you
would, please. WIL WHEATON: So you want to
move him from 67 to 73. FELICIA DAY: One, two, three,
four, five, six. Your turn. BRANDON LAATSCH: My turn. I’m going to visit my
own shack here. FELICIA DAY: No. Why did you do that? That was my killer move. BRANDON LAATSCH: One of these,
one of those, and two gold. WIL WHEATON: Two gold. Here you go. BRANDON LAATSCH: Thank you. WIL WHEATON: OK. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m
Oh, wait, wait. FELICIA DAY: Whoa, whoa, whoa. WIL WHEATON: I’m sorry. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m spending
all my people. Everyone out of the inn. WIL WHEATON: Get out! BRANDON LAATSCH: Inn’s closed. Game’s ending. FELICIA DAY: Wow, look at you. BRANDON LAATSCH: Two moneys. WIL WHEATON: Two moneys. BRANDON LAATSCH: And
these three. And these two. FELICIA DAY: Nice job. Nice job. BRANDON LAATSCH: Oh, and this
is eight points plus two for every building I draw. One, two, three. FELICIA DAY: Whoa. WIL WHEATON: Two, four,
six, eight– FELICIA DAY: 14 points. WIL WHEATON: That’s a 14-point
quest for you, dude. PAT ROTHFUSS: Nice. Dang. FELICIA DAY: What just
happened, guys? PAT ROTHFUSS: See? And you were all critical of me
coming down on him early. BRANDON LAATSCH: Boom,
boom, boom, boom, 14. FELICIA DAY: Whoa. WIL WHEATON: Whoa. BRANDON LAATSCH: This board
can’t count high enough for the birthday boy. WIL WHEATON: Well done. FELICIA DAY: Bravo. Bravo. I’m going to do that because
I can do this quest. I can do– WIL WHEATON: Oh, my god. I’m going to complete a quest. FELICIA DAY: –this quest. And I’m going to do that for
this, and I get 10 points and an intrigue card, which doesn’t
really apply, but. WIL WHEATON: I am going to– FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I’m not going
to give him a point. PAT ROTHFUSS: Ah. WIL WHEATON: Oh, man. I think that I might– BRANDON LAATSCH: That was what
I was going to [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: I think
that I might go– FELICIA DAY: Yeah, he
could actually– WIL WHEATON: I think
that I might go– hey guys. FELICIA DAY: Mm-hmm? BRANDON LAATSCH: Don’t do it. FELICIA DAY: No. BRANDON LAATSCH: Don’t do it. FELICIA DAY: Why? WIL WHEATON: Because I need
a white and two golds. BRANDON LAATSCH: Right now, it’s
looking like it’s going to be pretty close at the end,
so I just hope I don’t lose by those two points. FELICIA DAY: Come on, Wil. What are you doing? It’s his birthday. Give a dude a break. WIL WHEATON: At’s this point,
it’s not really about Pat winning as much as it is
about them losing. Because this, that’s why. BRANDON LAATSCH: And you wonder
why no one ever comes back to your house. WIL WHEATON: Here, Pat, let
me help you out here, pal. FELICIA DAY: Wow,
it’s a wonder– WIL WHEATON: Hang on. I’m going a quest right now. FELICIA DAY: Somebody’s birthday
just doesn’t seem to mean anything to somebody. BRANDON LAATSCH: I know. WIL WHEATON: You guys, this is
a big deal in D&D, especially Forgotten Realms. FELICIA DAY: Whoa. WIL WHEATON: Discover the
Hidden Temple of Lolth. PAT ROTHFUSS: Oh. WIL WHEATON: I get 10 omega
points for that. BRANDON LAATSCH: I don’t want
him to get my three points, even though it would it would
give me two points, so I’m just going to take them. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I think
your best move is that. FELICIA DAY: Moonies. WIL WHEATON: All right. FELICIA DAY: OK. WIL WHEATON: So end
of the game. BRANDON LAATSCH: I’ve got a
small lead going to the bonus. And I know that Pat’s got a lot
of points sitting in his hand, but I think I’m going to
have enough to pull it out. WIL WHEATON: You score
last to first. FELICIA DAY: Gotcha. WIL WHEATON: I’m Mirt
the Moneylender. FELICIA DAY: Ugh. WIL WHEATON: “To outsiders, Mirt
appears to be little more than a drunk and a braggart. This disguise hides his true
cunning and wit.” Or in this case, never allowed
it to emerge. You guys, remember when
I had to get the 100-point marker out? FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Woo! FELICIA DAY: That’s
pretty nice. BRANDON LAATSCH:
Oh yeah, nice. WIL WHEATON: OK, great. PAT ROTHFUSS: That was
the least sincere– FELICIA DAY: That would be me. PAT ROTHFUSS: Oh yeah, yeah. FELICIA DAY: Blue. WIL WHEATON: OK, go
ahead, Felicia. FELICIA DAY: OK. I was the person that I went
into this game saying, I really hope I’m not that guy. Caladorn Cassalanter. He has plum lipstick
on and plate mail. And I think it’s the worst combo
that you could possibly do as an adventurer. PAT ROTHFUSS: OK. I am Khelben Arunsun,
the Blackstaff. FELICIA DAY: Whoa,
look at that. 32. OK, there we go. Who are you? BRANDON LAATSCH: I’m Brianne. You know, I didn’t make an
official count in my head. I just wanted to wait so I’d
actually have a genuine reaction to it. Ooh, that’s getting
very close. WIL WHEATON: Six times
four is 24. BRANDON LAATSCH: I don’t
think I have it. FELICIA DAY: I don’t know. BRANDON LAATSCH: I
don’t have it. Oh wait. WIL WHEATON: One. BRANDON LAATSCH:
Oh, I’m short. WIL WHEATON: Count
up your money. BRANDON LAATSCH: Four,
four, total. WIL WHEATON: Four? One, two, three, four. FELICIA DAY: Oh! BRANDON LAATSCH: And that’s
all she wrote. FELICIA DAY: So close! WIL WHEATON: Kingmaker. BRANDON LAATSCH: Dang it. FELICIA DAY: That was
really good, though. BRANDON LAATSCH: It
was really close. FELICIA DAY: You did
a really good job. BRANDON LAATSCH: Really close. I needed to finish
one more quest. WIL WHEATON: That is phenomenal
for the first time you’ve played this game. BRANDON LAATSCH: It’s
a good first round? WIL WHEATON: Yeah. PAT ROTHFUSS: I really
thought you had it. FELICIA DAY: Oh well. WIL WHEATON: Pat Rothfuss,
I declare you the Lord of Waterdeep. Brandon, I’m really sorry you
have to spend your birthday on the loser’s couch. FELICIA DAY: It’s
not the best. BRANDON LAATSCH: It’s
not the best. WIL WHEATON: Felicia? FELICIA DAY: Yeah? WIL WHEATON: I’m glad you’re
on the loser’s couch. FELICIA DAY: You know what? Mandatory Quest is my new
middle name for you. WIL WHEATON: Really? FELICIA DAY: Yeah. WIL WHEATON: I’m going on a
mandatory quest to give Pat the victory that he earned
with my help. FELICIA DAY: We’re going to
have a party, a birthday party, maybe. BRANDON LAATSCH:
like a monster. You played like a kingkiller. Thanks for watching. We will see you next time on
“TableTop.” And until next time, play more games. [HOOTING AND GROWLING]

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    And now all of the internet must know. What exactly is the Bleep position for an Owlbear?

  • August 28, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    At least Brandon gets a party with Felicia Day, lol

  • September 28, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    I dont have any friends so for my birthday I get high and watch YouTube alone in my room I vibe with Brandons decision to be on table top i used to watch his vids i know he enjoys these tings

  • October 14, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Will please tell pat to finally release the last book. I cant wait any longer!!!

  • October 17, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Owlbears eat Ratfishes

  • October 28, 2018 at 12:07 am

    Brandon is my boy! He's so young and innocent in this… my favorite Node gamer and the better half of the ill-fated Freddiew channel.

  • October 30, 2018 at 4:42 am

    wow, how cute is she?

  • November 1, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    Hello my name is Pat Rothfuss, and I’m here to kill a dragon.

  • December 21, 2018 at 7:43 pm


  • January 25, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    Wil is right. Felicia is a nice person but should play the game and not being mean or "it's his birthday…SILVER SSSTTttaaaaaAAAARRR I can't hurt Him!" She does this on all games. I prefer her to produce and let other's play. Play the Game, not the player's personality. SIlver STAAAAAAAR 😀 Overall Felicia is cool

  • January 26, 2019 at 1:11 am

    I really miss this show

  • February 6, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Thanks to Felicia, I now use the SILVERSTARS!!! in every game. I can't use another faction…

  • February 27, 2019 at 4:01 am

    I though she said Aldor situation not owl bear. Lol

  • March 28, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    Orgiastic Owlbear Situation would be a great name for a band…

  • March 29, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    its a good DAY
    when there is Felicia DAY!

  • March 29, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    This is a fun game to play! Getting that many points on their first play is like Wil said, very very good!

  • April 8, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Hey, why did they bleep "bullshit" but let wil say "eat a dick?"

  • May 15, 2019 at 7:51 am

    Silver stars and Red Sashes? Sounds all very Eurovision.

  • June 10, 2019 at 5:26 am

    // An Interesting Game … Felicia Day = Is A Beautiful Woman *****+++>

  • June 21, 2019 at 11:47 am

    4:00 – "After you purchase a Building, immediately draw the top tile of

    the Building stack and place it face-up on the vacated space."

    BTW – good video!

  • July 2, 2019 at 4:40 am

    Is it bad that it took me 5 mins to realize to get lead to gold?

  • July 5, 2019 at 9:26 am

    2019 and still no third day. There has been a tv show announced though so maybe that will create a bigger incentive to finish- oh no it's happening again ToT

  • August 12, 2019 at 4:54 am

    Was watching this again and pooping position made me laugh … it's not pooping position, it's Marisha Ray's monk sit!

  • August 30, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Wil: "Why would you want to domesticate Owlbears?"
    Me: "Why would't you want to domesticate Owlbears?"

  • August 30, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Felicia: "You didn't use your inside voice." Cracked me up instantly. Brought back childhood memories of my parents scolding me for not using my inside voice.

  • September 1, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Brandon has a very nice nose.

    weird flex but it had to be said

  • September 11, 2019 at 11:33 pm

    Yo Brandon is adorable. I am glad he choose to spend his birthday with his friends or playing board games

  • October 10, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    I think they should make a GTA version called "Gangsters of Los Santos" it would be a perfect adaptation!

  • December 25, 2019 at 1:35 am

    35:00 the original certificate is misspelled.

  • January 3, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    The game looks boring even though they made it seem fun. 🙂

  • January 7, 2020 at 1:51 pm


  • January 8, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    I would like to play a mandatory quest on Patrick to finish day 3.

  • January 9, 2020 at 2:24 am

    I had that t shirt

  • January 10, 2020 at 4:29 am

    Anybody else watching this in 2020? Love Tabletop, but I also have a massive crush on Felicia

  • January 10, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    Is tabletop still a thing can’t seem to find a playlist did it

  • January 11, 2020 at 9:07 pm

    It’s War! I will fight you Dream Sorcerer 🧙‍♂️ and Mother Love

    ✍️ MizBean girlgamer

    Realm of Chaos Battle Angel

  • January 15, 2020 at 2:23 am

    Khelben ftw

  • January 22, 2020 at 5:38 pm

    I had no idea Kinga Forester was so soft spoken 😛

  • January 26, 2020 at 7:17 am

    I miss Tabletop so much.

  • January 26, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    LoWD is one of my favorite boardgames… Gloomhaven is also cool

  • February 1, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    Why is Patrick Rothfuss playing a game when he should be finishing Kvothe’s life story!?

  • February 3, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    Can we please make a petition to bring this show back with Wil Wheaton?

  • February 7, 2020 at 4:15 am

    Pat has the best laugh!

  • February 11, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Oh honey (Felicia), there is a whole side of Will he will never show you. It boils underneath. You know the 'traitor' archetype in a post-apocalypse scenario…? Do you?

  • February 27, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    This game rocks, but none of my friends like board games xD


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