Lights. Cameras. Action! – Sonic Mania Gameplay – Episode 3 (Studiopolis Zone)

Lights. Cameras. Action! –  Sonic Mania Gameplay – Episode 3 (Studiopolis Zone)

(tropical music) – [Zebra Gamer] Hello and
welcome back to Sonic Mania and today we’re starting the third zone, act one, Studiopolis. I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. This looks really cool. I mean I don’t think this
is an old Sonic area. ‘Cause all three area, or all two areas we’ve been to so far are Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plants Zone, both previous zones in other Sonic games, but this one seems totally original. I know that there’s similar zones like the casino place and whatever the casino place was in Sonic 1, I think it was called like
Spring Zone or something. I hated that zone. Am I going the right way? But it just seems to be the obligatory casino styled map but
a little bit different. It seems instead of it being about uh… eggnog in the background,
I don’t know what that’s about. Instead of it being just about casinos, it seems to be more just
about like Las Vegas, and that sort of city, big bright colors, awesome neon lights. I wanna get back up there if I can. I can, look at me! I wanna get these rings. And let’s see if we can outdo ourselves compared to last episode, I died a lot, I did not get a single emerald. I didn’t do good. Once again I’m not exactly… Oh this is cool! Can I go in here? Where are we going? Whoa! We just got teleported to a TV! That was weird! But I like it. It’s a cool kind of weird. What is happening here? I don’t know. I wanted to sort of get up there, but now I’m, whoa! That is cool! This area’s really nice so far. So far this might be my favorite. Cause it’s just super original and it’s fun to look at. To be honest, I’m back where I started. To be honest that can be one of the most valuable things to me in a Sonic game. Or in any game really. It’s just that it has
cool things to look at. And so far that’s really the case! Okay buddy! Okay! Oh hey I gotcha! Cool! I don’t know where I’m going by the way, but I like it. We’re going in good places. Uh I think I’m going to the right here? It’s better than a chemical plant zone. I like the chemical plant zone, but gosh darn it it was difficult for me. Oh you! So these guys are in Sonic 1 but they’re actually worse than Sonic 1. Cause you can’t hit those little balls that that guy shoots at ya. I got some rings back but not a ton. I definitely need to get more lives. I’m at one life left. I don’t like it, it’s not a fun sight. So I might just start taking
things a little bit slower. Woah we’re breaking the glass. Okay, now we’re starting to become a bit of a liability, don’t break that! Last time we broke that! We got hurt. So I wanna try to get that other bonus. We had another bonus area and… At the end of last episode, where we were actually doing Sonic 3’s bonus thing, and I don’t know if that’s just an additional way to like chaos emeralds or
if there’s something else you can get from it! Are you kidding me? But it looked like I was able to do that by hitting a checkpoint
with probably 50 rings? I think that’s the same way Sonic works. Okay! Popcorn! We got popcorn now! I don’t understand why. Honestly not a big fan of popcorn. It tastes great but I don’t know it just, I don’t like eating it. Eating it is a chore. That’s what I don’t like about it. We are getting teleported
to another TV somewhere. Here it is. Oh gosh I don’t like this. Duck and cover, duck and cover! Alright we made it. Let me get over here. And of course there are other characters we can play in this game. You can play as Tails and Knuckles. And I figured maybe we can play the games again with those characters at some point. I’m not really sure. If that’s something you guys would be interested in, let me know. Of course, I’m recording
all these episodes, or most of them, in advance. This is all still being
recorded before the first episode even airs, so.. It’s gonna be a little bit before I get your guys’ opinion but
I’d love to hear it. It’s just been, whoa! Look at this! This isn’t a shield at all. I can like slam down with this. How did I? Oh look at me! Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! I like that, that’s really cool! I didn’t realize I’d got this! This is different than
your average shield. I like this, this is really cool. Oh gosh. Not really what I wanted there. I’m gonna loop back around. Boom. And I just have no idea where I’m going. Sometimes I wish Sonic
games had a minimap. Cause it’s just so easy to get lost. Let me get back up there. And then all I wanna do is get over there. Can I just… yep just like that! Okay! Some progress being made. This area looks so cool. I’m really curious to
see what the miniboss is gonna be for this one. Okay. That thing was shooting platforms at me, I don’t like it. There’s already plenty
enough platforms to get stuck on in this game. Oh! Oooh! Oh I like it! We found ourselves a little
secret invincibility! Um… Where am I? I’m there. Also is Super Sonic in this game? can you become the Super
Saiyan Sonic thing? I really don’t know how that works. I never got Super Sonic in Sonic 2. I don’t think it’s in Sonic 1. Woah! Oh hey look at this! It’s an Eggman director’s chair. So yeah it’s definitely
supposed to be like a movie studio, that’s why it’s called Studiopolis. But that’s why it also sort of has that Las Vegas feel I guess? Or maybe just Californian feel? Because obviously
Hollywood and like, uh-oh! What in the world is this thing!? What are these Eggman robots? This is so cool looking! I love this helicopter! Man the sprite work is superb. I did okay there! I didn’t get hurt. And I can slam down like
a little balloon ball. Oop! That hurt my balloon ball. Woah there it goes. It’s gone now. There’s so much going on in the screen right now, it’s genuinely difficult to see where I am. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Sonic runs so fast
though, it’s super cool. Uh, was that it? Okay bye, wow we are moving so quick! I love it! I can’t hit him. Maybe I have to hit
his little goons first? One of em’s coming up on us. Oh. Um. I don’t know. Like I just don’t feel
like I’m hitting anything. Maybe they’re just
supposed to get hit by the missiles and it’s just
a bit of a dodging game? Oh no. Oh I hit that thing! Woah! Okay! So I have to hit that big blue missile. And it hits the helicopter. Note taken. We are moving so quick this is awesome! This reminds me of the Metal Sonic fight in Sonic Generations. We’re moving super quick. Both the boss fight where we have to fight the
boss, we also have to keep running super quick. That’s a lot of fun. Ooh. Oh I forgot which character I was again. There’s just a lot of movement going on. Oh I’m dead. Darn! Luckily I got an extra life at some point. I really need it but
that’s our first steps. That ain’t too bad. I’ll try to get back out there but I, yeah we just start right in. But I know what to do now. I just have to hit the blue one and pay attention to where I am. Now we move so quick. It is so cool. It’s just fun seeing
Sonic and his little legs just start spinning like crazy. Oh man, it’s so weird cause
I’m trying to slow down. But it doesn’t exactly work that way. It’s hard, it’s really really
hard to control your momentum. I think yeah, I just got a game over. Yeesh! Well I guess I’ll be back? Where do I have to start? Are you the fastest thing alive? The time attack is now unlocked! I don’t think I’m the
fastest alive if I just died. Prepare to challenge,
competition is now unlocked. Cool! Wait, wait, wait, wait. I can keep playing right? Yeah okay I’m still on
uh Studiopolis zone. So I guess I’ll be back
once I get back to that boss fight. Hopefully I do a little bit better. And I’ll cut back if I
find anything interesting. But for right now just focus
on getting to the boss. Oh hey look at this I got one of these Sonic 3 things again. Let’s see if I can’t
do it better this time. I just really wanna
complete one of them to see what I get. So those ones just don’t turn into rings. Which is super unexpected. Cause these ones will turn into rings… Do I need the rings? Like what is required here? Looks like the blue dot is what goes down. So maybe the rings don’t really matter? I mean it might be a nice way to get some extra lives so I should probably do it regardless, but… Here we go… Nice. Oh. Oh! Nice! I don’t know where else
I’m getting more blue dots but it looks like
there’s more over here. This is so weird. It definitely is easier
to tell what’s going on than I think the actual
Sonic 3 bonus rounds? From what I’ve seen. I guess I haven’t played Sonic 3 but I’ve seen videos on
it and this always looks super confusing to me. Just couldn’t always
tell what was going on. Alright that’s not too bad. We’re starting to go quicker than ever. I didn’t mean to do that. It’s so hard to… Oh what! (laughs) What!? Why was I going backwards for so long? Okay! Man it is so weird! So weird! Okay so we’re back at the boss fight, I don’t have a ton more rings. But hopefully I do better this time. The music is so good! Alright I’m not good at singing, but hey! Jus because I’m not good at singing doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself. By singing. You know don’t let other
people control your life. I don’t know who would
be controlling my life in this situation. Okay I got it that time. It’s just so weird cause I’m trying to… I can’t do it! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Like I’m holding right and whenever I jump it just kills my momentum. And I try to slow down for these missiles, but then I’m going too slow to actually speed up to jump over them. It’s really bizarre for some reason. I don’t know we’ll try it again here, I might just have to try on my own a couple of times to pay extra attention. Hmm. Let’s wait it out and then jump over just like that. I just gotta keep my momentum! (sighs) Really? Really dude? Once again, I’m holding right. And if I let go of right I’m gonna lose my momentum even more. I don’t know it’s just
really confusing to me. Oh man it’s… What am I doing wrong? Alright so I hit one of em. Now I can get some extra
rings which would be really nice. Even if it isn’t much it’s
just enough to survive me for a little bit longer right? Hokay. So all I gotta do is survive
past some of the missiles. Like, this! Yes that was good that
was good that was good. Hit this! Yes that was good? I’m starting to get a little bit more. I’m still not having the easiest time in the world but I’ve
hit them twice so far. And I’m getting more and
more rings for doing it. Which just ups my
chances of picking one up once I do get hit cause
it’s going to happen inevitably right? Oh boy. Come on come on come on. So I just seem to wait
for that to catch up a little bit! I jumped too soon! No I didn’t! Wow okay! Honestly I wasn’t expecting that. Oh! I landed on it! Nice that’s gonna take care
of the last goon there. Which I like. Now it’s just me and the helicopter. Me and the chopper. And I’m gonna get to it. I love the background. The clouds in the background right now behind the buildings and everything? That looks so cool. Like even if it’s just sprite artwork. I mean, I say “just.” sprite artwork is amazing and usually very difficult to pull off! Oh that stings! I think I was about to
do it without taking any damage, okay! I don’t know what’s happening anymore but the helicopter’s down. Beat it up! Come on Tails beat it up! There’s only one aircraft we like and that’s Tails’ airplane. But hey we did it! There is the first act
of Studiopolis done. We still gotta get
through act two somehow. With one life left. I don’t know if I can do it guys. I’m gonna try. But if not I’ll have to do the whole zone over, that would stink. But hey we’re gonna give it a shot! We are in studiopolis zone two! And it looks like EGG TV is on. And there’s commercials most of the time. Oh wow this is so cool! I love all the cameras. I love all the studio type things. I mean it’s definitely
a part of my interest is you know, content creation. Duh. So this kind of area is really cool to me. It speaks to me. Even if I don’t partake in
Hollywood movie creation. It’s still interesting. Of course. Um well goodbye Tails!? Oh boy. There’s parts of this I’m
not the biggest fan of. It’s just scary. Okay woah! Look at him go! I’m just gonna rev up and go past him, or not! Okay you also access a shield. Good to know. Well we’re going in the bowl. What is this? Okay this definitely looks like a bit of a some kind of gambling thing. Can I just run? Oh this is so cool looking. Uh. Did we win? Bingo! No we didn’t win! Okay, I mean I didn’t exactly mean to win. I don’t wanna be sucked up into the funnel No! Um where are we going? I have no clue what is going on but I love it! Oh boy… Like I don’t even know if I’m the one playing at this point. Ooh! Woah! Woah! Oh I’ve fallen back down. That was cool for a moment. If not you know a little
bit more than a moment, These little bouncy ball things here are definitely not the easiest thing in the world to deal with. Um. I might… I guess I gotta get on this platform. Huh? And then what? Oh I can go in here! A lot of funnels. This definitely feels like more of a casino related area than the first act. Hmm. Oh gosh I’m falling off the lights. These are microphones which is cool. Oh that one was still electrocuted. They’re all hanging from the ceiling. I mean I guess that’s okay? I don’t think it’ll be too bad for the acoustics right? I mean I just refer a microphone stand. Where are we going? I guess up here. Woah okay! We’re moving quick. I love it when he throws his arms back and he just is going like mach speed. That’s really cool. Oh gosh. Maybe I’m trying to take
pictures of me there. Where are the little camera beetles. That fly around. Paparazzi. Sonic has to deal with, oh! Paparazzi, and we get to go through one of these again. Oh my gosh. Um. It’s so disorienting for me. Go like that. Go like this. Go like that. Just forget the rings Sonic. Forget the rings. Well maybe we have to get all the rings. Oh we do. We definitely do, they’re
counting downwards. Alright well I’m going back for the rings. I said forget the rings,
remember the rings Sonic. Don’t forget them. Disregard what I said before. Oh. Okay. That’s okay. And we slowly but surely start to move quicker and quicker. Like it slowly ramps up in speed. And I don’t like that. Okay I think I messed it up. Oh yeah I definitely messed it up. These are just permanently red now. I think that means I can’t win. So is it even… is there even a point
of continuing onwards? What is this? Whee! Okay! That’s that. Oh I love the music. It’s like a little bit remixed. And it’s cool. We’re getting through… in mostly one piece. Oh gosh it’s starting
to move really quickly. Going this way! Whee! I don’t see anything around here. Okay. Okay. Okay! Okay! No! No! I don’t like it! This is very complicated. I don’t see any more spheres which I think means that all the other ones are just, we ruined it. ‘Cause I don’t see any. Yeah I think we lost. Oh well we tried, we tried! That was the farthest we’ve gotten which means we are learning! We are an ever evolving Sonic player. I’m not supposed to go that way. Which means, which way
am I supposed to go? Honestly not sure. I’ll get back up here. Oh! Oh! Okay but that doesn’t
seem correct does it? Hmm. Cause there’s something
under this little… You see how it’s like… There’s something behind the spring. I really don’t know. I guess we’re just about to go this way. It looks like it. It just seems weird. I swear this is the way we came from. Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. Oop! Boom! Nice that was good that was what I was trying to do and I actually did it. I keep on seeing these
little bouncy things and thinking they’re just
really big checkpoints but that’s not what they are. Woah got more EGG TV. Honestly I don’t wanna
subscribe to that service. They probably overcharge. Now I’m not really aa
big an of TV nowadays. I don’t think most people are. At least most people that are.. I don’t know, my age and younger, usually don’t seem to be
all that much into TV. With the Internet age you can just watch whatever you want on YouTube. Like maybe this video! [Giggles] That’d be cool! Um okay. Are those like little film strips? Oh that’s cool I like that! Where are we going exactly, here? I’m not sure but this
is the way we came from but I guess I can go up here. And… Ahh! No I almost made it! Go quicker go quicker! Aw it didn’t work. But I did get up! Oh geez oh geez we can get another one! We can get another one, I wanna.. No I wanna try it! Got it! Okay do or die! We’re doing this one. Or we’re never speaking of it again. We got 37 blue spears to get. I’m gonna die. Never speaking of it. Let’s go! Let’s find this boss, let’s beat him up! Maybe it’ll be another round of Puyo Puyo. That would actually be nice. I would prefer that right now. I think I’m better at the non-Sonic stuff than I am the Sonic stuff. Where are we going? Up here? Oh another one of these Gallop things. Is this the same one we were at before? Cause if so that means we’ve
gone in a gigantic circle. And that disappoints me. Three! 3x! Seven! Three! That means we got a thumbs up! I guess we got some rings? Oh can I land on that? Oh no I missed it. Oh that stinks. I almost got a cool bonus. Now we’re going this way. So it’s definitely a new one. Man this level takes forever. Which isn’t a problem, I just feel like I’m going the
wrong way because of it. But I guess that really isn’t the case, because sometimes Sonic
levels are just a little long. I guess I could have gotten another chance there but oh look its the SEGA TV. I like how I can make Sonic look up at it like ooh my favorite show! It’s a chicken show! The weather’s gonna be windy. Oh no watch out chicken! Goodbye! Ahh! Darn it he got me. He got me there. What could I have done about that? I’m not really sure. Oh gosh it’s gonna be windy again. Um. I guess I should just try to not get hit. But.. I don’t know. Now it’s sunny, it’s 672 degrees what?? Oh no. Oh no. Ooh I got you a little bit. Got you a little bit.
Got you a little bit. Couple good hits on you there. Oh wow a lot of hits on you! Tails is even getting a couple in there. He can jump a little higher than I can. Alright uh, he’s gonna have to be my umbrella for a little bit here I think. Um. No no no! Alright I’m surviving. Come on Tails hit him a little bit more! Oh hey look at that we got him! That was a really weird boss fight. I feel like we sort of
chiefed it out somehow. Like we weren’t supposed
to jump that high. But I don’t care how as long as it gets done cause we saved
ourselves some more animals. Come here animals. I’m right down here come to Sonic. I love how Tails looks up too he’s like… Woah! You can’t really see him
too well in this angle. But uh, he just looks up as well
and it’s super cute. Tails is great. Cause you can play as just Tails, you can play as just Sonic as well but I thought Sonic and Tails was the funnest combo. And he has helped me a couple of times throughout the series so far
so I won’t complain about it. But there we go, uh oh what’s happening? Breaking news! Flying Battery returns! Oh my. Oh! Flying Battery Zone! I don’t think I’ve ever
played this one before. So I guess this is where
we’re going to now. Flying Battery Zone act
one, that’s what we’ll be doing in the next
episode of Sonic Mania. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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