KIDS Pretend Play with Chocolate Making Playset | #MyMissAnand #ToyStars #DeliciousDesserts

Dora you wished for a stall in fair right?
I have something very special for you
What didi?
This chocolate making lab
Wow What is this?
Dora from this….
One minute
Didi..First let’s receive 50,000 likes
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Firstly just look the stall
And will show you it’s amazing things
Look My Yummy chocolates are ready so easily
Once eat Dora’s chocolate will ask again and again
Yeah! heard right…only of Rs 50/-…So hurry up
Ma’am How much does the chocolate cost?
Rs 50/- So costly
Are you selling gold one?
Of corse it’s special…. and my each chocolate you’ll get of different shapes
The other one is selling it of Rs 20/-
So, take it from him
Not your’s not mine…..and not a single penny more than Rs 45/-
Sorry sir No bargaining
Are you sure you won’t give?
No sir won’t get
Okay then give
At least return Rs 50/-
Thank you
Oh! Helo How much does the chocolate cost?
It’s Rs 50/-
I have only Rs 20/-
Sorry you can’t get
Please… Can take the rest money tomorrow
So, you too take the chocolate tomorrow
Chocolate for sale-Chocolate for sale
What happened kid?
Uncle I need more money to eat chocolate
Need money?
Can you see the car… Clean it then you will get the money
Yeah sure uncle will do that
Wow it’s shining
Okay Give now
Oh! you came again
Take Rs 50/-
Here is your lolly-pop chocolate
Oh! Helo make me taste your chocolate
Power of taste doesn’t seems in your chocolate
Oh! Excuse me…. My chocolate does not have any defect
Let me taste then only will decide
This is your lolly-pop chocolate
How is it?
It’s Tasty… Right?
It’s too much sugary
So, try this one
Let me taste this one
Okay! can do
Only tasting…Tell which one will you purchase?
Not even your single chocolate tasted good
Ate all my chocolates…..Not purchased even a single
Didi… Today I earned lot of money in the stall
Wow Dora we will buy so many gifts from these money
Dora up till now we used to eat chocolates
And today we even learned how to make it
You too learned it Right???
So if you too want how to make chocolates then…..

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