Just Dance 2019 (React: Gaming)

– Okay, I’m not ready for this.
– Get it. Get your solo.
Get it, Chelsea. – I’m aware there’s a beat
somewhere. I can’t find it. – Nope, nope, nope, nope.
– Yes, yes, yes, yes. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Boom, there it is.
– Just Dance 2019? Oh my gosh. – I’ve been in the Just Dance
video every single year for the past four years
and never once has anyone been like, “Hey, maybe don’t
wear skinny jeans.” – My scores have not actually
been the worst, but I’m not a good dancer at all. – (FBE) The fans can’t get enough
of you all dancing, so today we’re going to have you
dance to some more fan favorite songs.
– I’m ready. Curious what songs are
gonna be. – Gotta stretch it out first.
– Yeah, gotta limber up. – Finesse by Bruno Mars
and Cardi B. – This is definitely high energy,
so I gotta pump it up a little bit. – Ooh, okay.
I think I’m gonna be this guy. I am the Boogeyman.
– I am the guest dancer. – And pose.
– Oh pose, okay. I like this.
Bruno Mars is really fun. – Ooh, get.
– Get it, Will. – Rollie on my wrist. – I can never follow.
– Oh good, dude. – What’s happening?
– I’m good. – Okay.
– Oh, wait. – Okay, you’re the guy.
– The sweat, oh, oh. – Look at how they hype
up each other. I can’t do that.
I don’t have the hype. – Okay, aight.
Yes. Okay, I’m not ready for this.
– Get it. Get your solo.
Get it, Chelsea, get it. – Oh, oh, oh I’m super.
Oh yes! – Okay.
– So you just kinda help? – The poses.
Watch me really rock. Ooh, get it.
Ooh, get it. Pose.
– Oh. – Is it me?
– I don’t know. Yes. – I like the parts where
my character just stands still and watches the other people
dance, ’cause that’s how I dance. Yeah, I can do this. – ♪ When I’m walking with you
when I’m walking with you ♪ – Got some fun hip moves.
– Yes, yes. Why are you perfect,
but I’m not? We’re doing the exact same thing! – Ay.
Ooh, the clap. I wasn’t ready for the clap. – (singing along) ♪ Dripping
in finesse ♪ – Okay, I’m aware there’s a beat
somewhere. I can’t find it. – This control, I don’t know
how it tells if we’re doing the right motion.
– Just do it. – Oh, I was late.
Okay, that was my fault. – This is definitely a song
I’ve danced to alone in my bedroom in front
of a mirror a hundred times. I would just never do it
on camera. – (singing along)
♪ It don’t make no sense ♪ Sing it with me, Chelsea. – (both singing)
♪ Dripping in finesse ♪ ♪ You know it
You know it ♪ – Oh, I don’t know how to do that.
– That’s you. You got this.
– I don’t know how to do that. – Ready Chelsea?
– No. – You ready?
Let’s do this! Go for it. – Throw it to the people.
Oh God, wrong hand entirely. – I got five stars.
– I got less than half of what she got. – 10,000.
– Wait, did I play– did I win?
– Seven hundo. No, you’re fbe1.
– What? – Suck on that!
– What the hell? To my defense,
I feel like I hit my moves pretty well.
– I was just doing better. – It was pretty chill.
It wasn’t too much, ’cause there’s some songs
that are just a lot going on at once,
but this one was a good starter. – Oh, I now this song.
– Oh, Dua Lipa. Got it.
– This is One Kiss, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa. – Oh, she has a cool jacket
and I’m kinda taking this seriously, so I’m gonna get mine,
so I can beat you again. – Can we get some shades?
We need some shades. – Just posing.
– We go here. – Okay, yes.
Sunglasses. – Pretend like I have glasses. – This isn’t fair.
She has sunglasses to hide her shame. – Ooh, ooh, yah, ay.
– Okay. This one’s gonna be a lot harder.
I can tell. – Wait, okay.
I don’t know how to do that. What is this motion?
– Just focus on the hands. – Cool.
Oh, great, great. – Oh, oh. – I’m gonna be sore tomorrow
and people are gonna ask why and I’ll be like, “Gym.” – Oh, then we gotta climb
over here. We gotta do this.
Cool. – And…
– Oh, the turn, the turn. – (singing along)
♪ This is all it takes ♪ ♪ Falling in love with me
Something-bilities ♪ – Something.
– I don’t know the lyrics. – See, this song is the type
of song that you would dance to very casually where you’re just
kinda moving your legs and no one’s actually really
acknowledging that they’re dancing. I can totally do that. – Oh, oh.
– Oh, okay, okay. – That’s where I do the jackets,
right? – Jacket’s coming off.
– There it is. And back on.
– I’m so confused what’s going on. – I’m seeing a lot of perfects
and I don’t know if they’re mine or hers, but I think
it’s fair to assume they’re mine. – She’s getting low.
Legs for days. – Get it, Chelsea.
I used the wrong hand. – I’m trying to at least–
ah! – These are just a lot of hands.
– Yeah, this is a lot of mixed, fast hand motions
that I can’t do, because I’m not coordinated
enough. – And the jacket.
– See, we’ve reached the point where all the choreography’s
just repeating itself and I’m still not better at it. – Ah, ooh, get it.
I’m really twerking on that beat right now.
Never thought this would happen. – I think the other one
was easier. – I think this is easier
just ’cause there’s less people dancing, so I have
less distractions. I don’t have to coordinate.
– Ooh. – Hold it, hold it, hold it.
– I should hold my braid. That’s cool. – How did I miss that?
Oh, ’cause I don’t have hair. – Wait, I don’t have a ponyt–
how did she get it? That’s not fair!
She doesn’t have– I don’t have a ponytail. – Oh, she’s getting so low. – ♪ One kiss is all it takes ♪
– Oh shoot. Okay, I can’t get this one
to save my life. – I’m killing this.
I figured it out. We are good to go.
Ooh, move them jackets, Will. Yes. – Okay, hit it, hit it, hit it.
It feels like an earthquake’s happening and I’m just kinda
going along with it. – Twerk them hips,
twerk them hips. – I’m done.
Oh, you hit that last one. – I just wanna say that
there was a specific move in this dance where you
needed a ponytail and I don’t know if you guys
can’t see, but I don’t really have a ponytail.
– You gotta pretend. – Which cost me two stars. – Four stars.
– I was doing so good. – You were.
I was watching you in my peripheral vision.
You were killing that one. – So you had time to stop
and watch me dance and I still did so much worse
than her. – That was a lot harder.
The song sounds chill, but the moves are definitely
not chill. – Rave in the Grave
by AronChupa. – It’s like a weird floss.
– I feel like I’ve heard this. – I wanna be Groot.
– I’ll be the invisible man. – So, I’m the invisible person
and you’re this person. – ♪ Last night an angel
came to say ♪ – Oh, zombie walk,
penguin walk. – Going backwards or forwards?
I’m confused. – Oh, I think I’m going
backwards, you’re going forward. – I’m going perception–
– (both yell) – What’s going on? – This is very stiff
and very upper alley. – Yeah, it’s great that they’re
dancing like they’re already dead, ’cause that’s how I dance anyway. – Oh, wow.
– Oh, here we go. – Oh, oh.
– Ah. – Oh, and switch.
– No, I’m in still in the set. – Oh, now we’re back.
– There we go. – Back forward.
– Shoot. – Keep going.
All right, now we’re in our original spots.
Oh, wait. I’m so confused on this
dance move here. – Yes, Will.
– I feel really good about this. – I love this.
– I’m coming for you, five stars. – ♪ Rave in the grave
Rave in the grave ♪ – Okay, I can’t keep
walking forward. I was gonna say, I’m running
right into the desk. Oh, switch.
– Behind you. – No, you switch.
I’m going this way. – Scare.
Oh, oh. – Ah. – See, it’s kinda flossing.
– This is so– that is almost flossing. – Why are you getting perfects?
That doesn’t make any sense. – ‘Cause I’m feeling it, man.
– We’re literally– you’re not even doing–
I can’t do this dance. I can’t do this one. – Oh no.
– Oh, we’re going around. Oh, this is so fancy.
– I can’t do Fortnite dances. – I can’t do that one.
I’m not under pressure. – All right, here we go.
– Am I on the wrong side? Oh, let’s switch.
We’re gonna switch midway. – We got this.
– We got this. We’re talented. – This is very eerie.
– Okay, we’re going the wrong direction, one of us. – I didn’t get it again. – We actually had this.
– We got a point. – I feel like we’re really good.
– Yeah. – Besides that one part.
Yeah, I got it. – Yes, we got it. – Hello, hello.
– Hi. – Oh, you dance here too? – I’m going for five stars
on this one. I don’t know about you,
but let’s go. – Yes, yes, yes, yes.
– Nope, nope, nope, nope. – Ow, I hurt my hamstring. – Ay, we’re going all
the way around. Ay, ay, ay, ay.
Yah, yah, yah, yah. – See, if ghosts actually did this,
I’d be much less afraid of haunted houses. Yeah, you’re on, Jordan. – Oh no, solos. Yes, a perfect, though. – Oh, did I dab at the end?
I just wanna say that I tried my best
and I actually did the movements, so in my book, I think I won.
– But did you have fun? – Yeah.
– Then that’s all that matters. – Five.
– Even when they’re dead, I still only get three stars. – New high score!
– New high score. Let’s go.
– Yes. – I think it’s ’cause of all this
over here. – I’m sweating.
I feel good. – That was a good workout,
but it was good. There was some good song
selections on there. – Good job.
– I’m glad you had fun. I’m not coming back
for 2020. – It’s so fun just getting
to be with your friends and dance with them. – Thanks for watching us play
Just Dance 2019 on the React Channel. – For more of these sweet moves,
subscribe. – Bye, guys. – Hey everyone, it’s Niomi,
junior gaming producer here on the React Channel.
Thanks for watching us play Just Dance 2019.
If you wanna see us play newer games together,
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