JLab Play Series Phone Gaming Headset! | JLab Gaming Headphones

JLab Play Series Phone Gaming Headset! | JLab Gaming Headphones

What is going on out there all of you
gamers? That’s right I’m talking to the gamers today just like me I play games
on the daily I use a headset all the time and I’m excited to say that one of
my favorite audio brands JLab is releasing a gaming line that’s right
they’re gonna be releasing two gaming headsets and I cannot be more excited
about it but Before we jump into the details on those I just want to say that
if this is your first time to the channel welcome it’s a Plug & Play my
name is JDubb and the goal of this channel and of this video are to help
you guys make a better tech buying decision
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videos now without further ado let’s jump in to the exciting news so just
this last Thursday I received an email from that my people over at J lab
telling me that they have just announced that pre-orders are now available on two
brand-new wireless gaming headsets one that’s kind of geared towards desktops
and in console players and the other one that is focused for mobile gamers people
that are on the go that need something a little bit more compact the great thing
is is both of these earbuds are coming in at a $49.99 price point that is
exciting and let me tell you a little bit about why that is so exciting now
before I go any further I do just want to throw this out there this is not a
paid video they’re not paying me to do this they didn’t even ask me to make
this video this is literally me being a game lover and a headset user on a daily
basis I play games every night I play games I play games on my phone
throughout the day I am a gamer I work for a gaming company okay let’s just put
that out there as well and on top of that I just love their products so when
I saw jlabbe and I saw gaming and I saw those combined I just felt like I wanted
to get the word out I really wanted to put this out there so that you guys
could see it so again just throwing this out there this is not sponsored I’m not
being paid to make this video this is just me being hyped and hopefully
getting you hyped as well so for those of you who have may never heard of
jlabbe let me give you just a quick little backstory about why I’m so into
them and what that means for these products in general
jlabbe is is an audio company that basically looked at the market and said
here’s you know really really high-end brands mid mid-range brands and low-end
brands right they’re making these products at different price points with
different feature sets and you know the diff major differentiators are the
features righty the more features you get the more powerful things the work
the better they sound the you know the noise cancellation law stuff the more
things you pack into these products the higher the price gets in jlabbe what
they are doing again and again and again is coming out with these products like
for example the J lab J buds err icons right these icons they’re the new
version of the GI lab J buds err but they are they’re carrying some really
powerful you know features that you don’t find at their price point right
now for example justjust this is a great example these guys come in at $60 okay
$60 is a competitive price point for true wireless earbuds but other than
these guys there are very very few out there that have touch controls that have
dual connection that have significantly long battery life they come with foam
tips built into the packaging core right on the right out of the box I mean
you’re looking at a feature set on these earbuds that are reminiscent of feature
sets on earbuds $100 and up so that’s what J lab does is they come into the
market and they say let’s see how we can make a product that’s got amazing
features that’s gonna check a bunch of boxes for a lot of people but keep it at
a competitive price to make it attainable by people right not everybody
has two three four hundred dollars to buy really really nice earbuds so they
make products like the gel lab G buds their icons and the executives and
things like that which brings that top in that a top-end feel that top and
build that top-end feature set and they bring it down to a price that people can
digest which is super exciting and now they want to do that in the gaming space
alright so the first product unless I’m just gonna read the specs to you because
I don’t want to miss anything and I want to throw this out there so the first
we’re gonna be talking about is the full wireless headset okay so this is a
wireless headset capable of also being a wired headset with a 3.5 millimeter jack
so keep that in mind you can use this with your PC you can use this with your
console you can use this on your phone and all that kind of stuff so let me
just break down the feature set here for you of
the brand-new play gaming wireless headset you got 22 hours of Bluetooth
play time which is very impressive you got a dual USB gaming both mobile
and console compatible with PC a PC Xbox switch PC and Mac which is great
it’s got a built-in auxiliary keep the gaming cord so you can plug it into an
aux port on any other device it’s got a retractable boom so just like what we
would see with modern you know Logitech and other branded you know wireless
headsets you got a nice retractable boom which is super nice you got bluetooth 5
with aptX built-in 60 millisecond low latency bluetooth connection so that is
super super nice especially when you’re gaming right having latency between the
audio in the game or the audio in your voice when you’re communicating with
your team is critical so they’ve got low latency on that foldable design which is
really nice you get that nice foldable design which is reminiscent of
headphones so they’re blending you can see them kind of blending headphones and
wireless headset here so that’s really nice quick charge 10 minutes equals one
hour of play time so the nice thing is and this has happened to me if you’ve
got wireless headsets when you’re gaming you’re playing for long hours you didn’t
charge it I always forget to charge mine and sometimes my battery dies cool thing
is you can pop this guy in you can run to the bathroom real quick get a drink
and come back after 10 minutes and you’ve got another hour of usage that’s
built on to that right there so that’s pretty sweet
it comes with a micro USB charging cable ok would like to see USBC but hey it is
what it is again think low price point high feature set so we’re happy there it
comes included with a travel case which is fantastic jlabbe comes with a 2 year
warranty which is above the rest most other brands only have that one year
warranty built in so you get that 2 year warranty and the MSRP at a sweet sweet
$49.99 so I’m excited that’s a great price point again with a really really
nice feature set the next model is is in some ways is even more exciting to me
because I am an earbud gamer I love earbuds I love to play with your buds I
use a gaming headset right now but I love to usually play my games with
earbuds but I’ve had some choose with the ear buds in the past
when it comes to gaming and so I’m hoping that these are gonna be my
solution but these are the play gaming wireless earbuds so let me break down
the specs for you on these guys you’ve got 11 plus hours of Bluetooth play time
you’ve got dual use gaming so both mobile and console compatible with PC
Xbox switch PC and Mac all that stuff right so the same thing PlayStation
you got the auxilary gaming court now this is a unique feature you do actually
have the ability to plug in an auxilary cable to these earbuds and I’ll show you
a picture of kind of how that works here but you can actually do it I mean check
that out that’s pretty sweet moving on from their 60 millisecond
latency which I explained previously quick charge 10 minutes equals one hour
once again micro USB charging cable travel bag 2-year warranty and again
$49.99 so honestly this is pretty unique the
earbud specs that your bud wireless earbuds the the whole idea of this is is
fairly unique right now right there are wireless gaming there are wired gaming
earbuds out there right so you see people with like Razer red dragon things
like that coming out with the wired give me this is made for mobile gamers this
is made for people who want you know to be able to travel you know it’s
compatible with the new the new Apple gaming system thing I don’t even know
that’s called cuz I don’t have an iPhone or an Apple product but they’ve got an
apple gaming thing so you can actually communicate using that so they’re arcade
systems that’s all built in it’s all compatible with that so there’s they’re
working with this that’s really trying to reach that mobile gamer which is
really freaking sweet on top of all that at the end of the day these are also
just gonna be a really nice pair of headphones and earbuds so if you’re not
into gaming right and you want to just have maybe a better microphone better
battery life something that’s you know maybe a little bit more unique-looking
multifunctional like if you know for example one of the big things that I’m
kind of excited about is the ability to do the through the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack on the wireless earbuds right that’s huge if I want to have your
buds that’s great but sometimes I do want to plugged in I want to have that
cable and I had that option which is really really nice you know so that’s it
that’s a great feature so overall at 50 bucks
either of these I believe are going to be really
sweet products so if you’re watching this video on the week that I’m creating
it which is September 23rd of 2019 twitchcon is also this week starting
this upcoming Friday in in September of 2019 we got twitchcon starting and
jlabbe is actually gonna have a booth at twitchcon so if you’re gonna be a
twitchcon i will be there because i work there and i will be there and i will be
coming over i will check out the jlabbe audio things to you there’s a chance you
might see me there but go there check them out they’re gonna be able to tell
you all about these products I believe they may even have a model you know in
stock for you to check out and take a look at it but pre-orders are available
right now and will begin shipping in October so I can tell you right now I am
pumped I am amped I want to get my hands on both of these and as soon as I do I
will get reviews out I’ll get first impressions unboxings and everything so
if you’re not sure you’re on the fence stay tuned to stick around subscribe to
the channel make sure you get your notifications on so as soon as I release
the unboxing first impression in review videos of these products you will be the
first to know and again the goal of this channel and of this news right here is
to potentially help you guys make a better tech buying decision but guys as
usual there’s links down in the description below to both of these both
of these pages here where you can go and you can pre-order your jlabbe earbuds or
over the ear headphone you know wireless gaming headsets but that’s it I’m just
pumped super amps can’t wait excited to hear this news and I hope you are too
but guys that is it for me and I will see you in the next video

10 thoughts on “JLab Play Series Phone Gaming Headset! | JLab Gaming Headphones

  • September 23, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    What do you think? As hyped as I am?! LOL Go check em out:

    PLAY GAMING WIRELESS HEADSET – http://tidd.ly/3d5dd2e4

    PLAY GAMING WIRELESS EARBUDS – http://tidd.ly/396a1cf2

  • September 23, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    great detailed review, always the best

  • September 23, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    Man, thanks so much for the review and for getting everyone hyped!! We’re super excited about our new gaming line and think mobile gaming is the future! Figuring out low latency In a gaming headphone was challenging, but we’ve hit the mark and can’t wait to start shipping in October(ish)!!! Thanks again.

  • September 23, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    Sweet! Glad to see JLAB getting into a new market! Thanks for the info bro!

  • September 23, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    I'm having a hard time choosing one over the other😫

  • September 24, 2019 at 6:46 am

    I'm a gamer!

  • September 28, 2019 at 1:39 am

    Do you have a promo code?

  • November 2, 2019 at 2:42 am

    Can't wait for mine to come in the mail. I already have the JLab Studio headphones and really enjoy using them, these gaming headphones are be gonna sweet for playing PC games and PS4!

  • November 5, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    Just got mine in the mail. They're friggin awesome! They seem to be based off the Studio Headphones which is cool. I like the Studio Headphones better then the Neon headphones, they work really well and have very clear audio and a broad sound stage. It's easy to ear things around you with these.

  • November 28, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Você tem jogo do GENIVAL O REI DOS ÁUDIOS do Ceará


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