How Video Game Addiction Can Effect Lives | Common Problems | PHOBIA

Hello & Welcome to my Channel, today’s video is specially for whom game is everything And the purpose of making this video to let the game addictors know about the bad consequences of game addiction. Let’s Start you already know that access of every thing is bad and It is important to keep a balance of everything. this statement is to implement in whole life not just in specific areas. Anyway, If the i starts to proof, it will take a lot of time. so guys Leave it cheap and do some research yourself. Let’s move forward to our topic Game Addiction Bad Consciences According to research, people who are game addicts. are actually like aliens because they are cut off from the world And they are limited to their woven planet (Game) due to limitations they can’t even give rest to them self properly. restlessness Think for yourself, people who do not take rest properly what can be happened to them. There are many harms of game addiction but i will go for few of them. The mental state of the game addicts also does not go well they Live depressed, Low Self Esteem, High Stress etc 2nd point is When a man is sitting in one place and has no physical activity, will his health be good, never? 3rd point, Game addicts accept the game as their own, society is of no value to such people. Neither Family nor Friends. they also can not keep their relations well. 4th Point, The game and the hardware it uses to play it doesn’t come for free, and nowadays the hardware for gaming is not cheap, so game addicts waste a lot of money. Last Point, Game addicts will never focus on education when they spend more time on the game, so game addicts are left behind. well, These were just a few of the points that I noticed, as it turns out that game addicts can suffer from a lot of problems if they don’t care for the routine. I also play the game, but just for entertainment, i keep my routine well. Take care of yourself, spreading the good thing that benefits someone, is a good thing, Thank You,

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