How to Play The Office Downsizing Game

How to Play The Office Downsizing Game

– We’re framing Toby and running
over Meredith with our car. That’s right. It’s The Office Downsizing
game from Spin Master. (funky pop music) – This Dunder Mifflin Deduction
Mystery pits five to ten players divided into two
factions against each other in an effort to get
Michael to fire someone from the other team. The Scranton branch is getting
shut down and some people are being promoted to corporate
while others and Michael are getting laid off. If Michael and his allies can
fire one of the soon-to-be promoted employees they win. If Michael fires one of the
soon-to-be laid off anyway employees the promotion team wins. Setup begins with assigning id cards. – [Host] Depending on the
number of players in the game, pull that many id cards, one
of which must be Michael. Shuffle them face down and
give one to each player, who then reveals it and
takes the matching character attribute card. Next, pull out one envelope
for each player except Michael. These will determine secretly
which team everyone is assigned to. First, consult the team
breakdown table in the rule book and for each player on team
promotion fill one envelope with two green incident cards
and one red incident card. Fill the remaining envelopes
with two red incident cards and one green incident card. These will be for team Michael. Shuffle the filled envelopes
and give one to each player except Michael. Everyone looks at their
incident cards privately to determine their team. Next, the player who last
sent an email in real life is the first leader who takes
the dry-erase marker. Leadership will move
clockwise during game play. Finally, before game play
begins all players must close their eyes. On the leaders count of three
the players on team promotion, two green and one red
card, open their eyes and reveal themselves to each other. The leader waits five seconds
or so, has everyone close their eyes again, counts to
three, and everyone opens their eyes. Now you’re ready to play. Game play occurs over five rounds. Each labeled by the American work week: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri. On Monday through Thursday
the leader is in charge of reading an email card,
resolving its’ effect, and then forming a secret committee for that day. Shuffle the email cards and create a deck in the center of the table. First up, the leader reads the
top email card from the deck. These cards have various
effects including changing the leader, allowing players
to peak in envelopes, and more. After resolving its’ effects
the leader must pick players to form the secret committee. Based on the committee members’
table consult the columns for number of players, and day
of the week to determine how many players to choose. Once formed, the committee
chooses one player whose card they will investigate. The chosen player allows a
committee member to look at one of their incident cards at random. The committee member
announces to the group the card they’ve viewed. Either green or red. And records it on the calendar. Obviously the secret committee
member doesn’t have to tell the truth. Game play continues Monday
through Thursday until it’s the end of the week with Friday. On Friday, we have the Dundee awards. Michael automatically becomes
the leader and draws a Dundee card. Giving it to the player
he finds most deserving. Dundee cards award a perk or
disadvantage for the end game. Players now deliberate on who they think is on team promotion. Michael chooses when
this deliberation ends. Then he initiates a finger
gun standoff to decide who he wants fired. Michael counts to three and
all the players point both their finger guns at a player
they suspect of being on the promoted team. If it’s a tie there’s another
standoff, pointing finger guns at only the players involved in the tie. Michael is the ultimate
tie-breaker if needed. The selected player is fired
and must reveal all of their incident cards. If they were on team promotion
then team Michael wins. If they were on team Michael
then team promotion wins. And that’s The Office Downsizing game. I’m Becca Scott and I
can do this all day long. That’s why she said. You can watch me and my
friends play this game and other awesome games on Game The Game right here on Geek and Sundry. See ya there. (funky pop music)

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  • December 10, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Sounds interesting

    PS: I love your out fit

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    Toby did it… In the warehouse, with a candlestick.

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    So Resistance Secret Hitler hybrid with an office theme? Count me in!

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    The title of this game makes me worried about my job.

  • December 10, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    Me and my family are about to play this game in the following days, thanks for the explanation!!!!

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    So, it is The Resistance with a couple modifiers thrown in then

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    Two of my favourite things, the office and becca.

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    I came from Youtube rewind 2012

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    I’m here for the sweet, sweet cringe.

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    this is too close to what really happens in corporate environments.

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    Becca <3

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    Guys. I'm in love with her.

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    Omg this is fantastic

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    Not so secret Hitler.

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    Spotted this at PAX Unplugged but figured it was an unlikely match for me. I was right! Social deduction and huge number of players.

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    Can't wait to watch them play this! 😬


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