How to Play 20 Second Showdown

– We’re moving like robots
and flipping some timers. That’s right, it’s 20 Second Showdown from Big Potato Games. This time-sensitive task
test pits five to 20 players in two teams against each
other in a competition to keep all the sand. Setup begins with the
choosing of a referee. The remaining players
split into two teams, sitting opposite each other. The referee then tips the timer until there’s an equal amount
of sand in both halves, 20 seconds on each side. Spin the timer on its side
and the side that ends up facing a team is their color for the game. Blue team or yellow team. Shuffle the challenge deck
and place it near the ref. Each card has two challenges on it. The ref decides which side
to use for each round. Each team takes a baton
and hands it to the player who will take the first challenge. Once a challenge is
complete they’ll pass it to a new player on their team. Finally, each team gets a help card. What if we made this an ASMR show? (whispering) Just listen to the sound of these grains of sand
moving through the timer. It was a… I went too
far with the bit, okay. Game play occurs in rounds. The blue team goes first. The referee flips the
timer, so the blue team starts losing sand. The ref then quickly reads the top card of the challenge deck. The player on the blue
team holding the blue baton must complete that challenge
as fast as possible. Once completed, the ref flips the timer and reads the next challenge
card for the yellow team. When they’ve completed
challenges players should pass the baton to a new
player on their team. Additionally, a player
may flip the help card once per round to get
assistance on the challenge from their entire team. This back and forth
continues until one team runs out of sand. The other team wins that round. At the end of each round the timer resets and the losers go first. The first team to win
three rounds wins the game and that’s 20 Second Showdown. You can find it at Walmart,
Target and Amazon retailers. I’m Becca Scott and the name
of my upcoming autobiography is “Girl With the Audrey Hepburn Tattoo”. You can watch me and my
friends play this game and other fun games on Game the Game, right here on Geek and Sundry. We’ll see you there. (upbeat music)

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