How To Hack Arcade Claw Machines | 100% WIN RATE | Arcade Hackers

Oh, no way.
There you go.
That’s how you win this game.
What’s up, everyone?
I’m here in Durham, North
Carolina, at Frankie’s.
Let’s go hack some arcades.

We’re going to start off
with the claw machine.
These claw machines– there is
a 1% possibility of winning.
Now let me show you.
Like there is no way
you can win this.
It’s like one out of like
800 tries, or whatever.
You can’t win it.
But there’s a hack to it, where
you can win it automatically.
Check this out.
All right, so
here’s how you win.
You see this key
button right here?
You might think it’s
a regular keyhole.
But if you hold it
for five seconds,
it’s going to pop
out, like that.
You turn it, and now you can
just win it automatically.
See, you see that
green one right there
we were trying to get?
We can get it right now.
Check this out.

That’s how you do it.

OK, so this is one of the
hardest crane games to win,
because it’s not a
regular crane like that.
It only has two prongs.
So it’s hard to grip the thing.
But there’s a way to hack this.
All you gotta do–
there are four points
on the actual thing,
the claw machine.
You gotta touch it, touch all
those points, one, two, three,
If you do that,
the machine knows
you’re gonna do
maintenance on it,
and you’re probably
going to win.
So let’s win one of
these Care Bears.
Let’s aim for this blue one.
Here we go.

There You have it, Care Bear.
So we’re here at the spinning
jackpot wheel of fortune
Before you start, you want
to let the machine know
you’re doing maintenance on it.
In order to do that, simple.
You gotta bring this lever
up, down, up, middle, down.
Now it’s time to play this game.

All right, time for the bigger
version of the crane game.
There’s a hack for
this, all right?
You want to grab this lever.
You want to crank it three
times, one, two, three.
That’s gonna let the machine
know you’re doing maintenance
on it, and you’re probably
going to win this game.
Check this out.
All right, here we go.

Come here, come here, come here.
There you go.
That’s how you win this game.
All right, so we’re going
to do another crane machine.
Like the beginning,
all you want to do
is go over here, touch
this for three seconds,
and you should be good.

Excuse me, sir.
Could you cut that off?
We’re watching on cameras,
and we’re seeing– it’s
showing people how to rig
our games, stuff like that.
And we really don’t
appreciate that here,
so we’re going to
ask you to leave.
Oh, I’m sorry.
I didn’t know.
I’m sorry.
It’s fine.
But you’re going to have
to leave, all right?
All right.
Thank you, so much.
I didn’t mean to.
We’re getting kicked
out right now.
All right, that is
how you hack arcades.
Be careful when you
do this, though,
because they have
cameras and stuff.
They might see you.
They ended up taking
all our prizes.
But I was able to keep
this little Care Bear.
So stay hacking.


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