How Quitting Video Games Changed My Life For the Better

hey guys it’s Tim back again and in
today’s video I’m gonna be basically talking about why I quit video games and
how quitting video games really changed my life and really you know made me
achieve the life in my dreams that I really wanted to be living and so first
of all let me just talk about you know what games I were addicted I was really
addicted to when I was playing video games it was ever since age of about 17
I got hooked to RuneScape and I would play this game insanely a lot every day you
know exceeding if I was in at school I would basically on weekends I would be
playing it like 14 hours 16 hours just like as soon as I wake up and then I’ll
go to bed really late because I’ll be so hooked to it and you know on
school days I would basically play a little bit before school and I’ll come
back and I would just play it like there’s no tomorrow you know going to
sleep at 2:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. and just really just repeating that and I
repeated that for a couple years and I just really was hooked to this game I
think one of the fundamental reasons why people get hooked to video games
especially if you’re shy or if you know if you’re lacking lots if you’re
lacking self-esteem is that it allows you to really live your dream life you
know because you’re controlling this character and you know you can really be
yourself you know how people are running around these them MMORPG games like just
shouting and just being like crazy dancing around or going up to girl
saying hi sort of deal this is actually how our dream core self really wants to
be you know and we’re like hiding behind this screen just like basically because
there’s a there is no anxiety involved we’re just really being ourselves
anyways I believe I was my true self in these games you know I would go up to girls
and if they were actually girls sometimes it’s guys playing girls
characters but I’ll go up to him and I’ll start striking striking
conversation and you know in in runescape you can buy and sell products
I was doing like little businesses and I was really scared about risking money
and I just really enjoyed it it was just an element it was just almost like I was
living my second life and I remember I managed to get this gold gilded armor
and I forgot all the names now but you know people are really just especially
the new sea world we call on them free to play world and they’ll they’ve never
seen this armor before so they will all follow me around and you know you feel
significant and it’s something that you’ve you don’t really experience in
every date day to day life you know when you’re shy or sufferings from
social anxiety like I was so it was just really escapism for me and after
runescape I managed to get over that game eventually you know I eventually
ended up quitting but then I found another game which was Call of Duty 4 I
believe and that game I was hooked just as much as runescape you know I was
playing it but this time it was like you now got a headset on so you’re really
communicating with other people and you’re doing all these like team
strategy stuff and you know I created a clan on there and you get that sense of
union and belonging sort of deal and I trash that game just as much as
runescape and you know I remember my parents actually had to disconnect the
Wi-Fi on one of the days because they were simply fed up of me reliving on
this game one day I decided to quit because I really decide to just question
my life and I began to think about is what I’m doing today really going to
make me you know is it gonna be significant in 20 40 years you know is
this daily habitual behavior gonna get me to where I really want to be um
and they answer is simple it wasn’t if I carried on gaming unless I was
monetizing it unless I was creating YouTube videos forever unless it was my
career there was no way I was gonna make money from it or there was no way
that it’s gonna make me achieve what I view success you know health wealth and
love and you know playing games every day was really ruining my social
interaction with other people because you know speaking through a headset and
not really meeting people face to face you know it just ruins your social and
communication in your social dynamics especially if you’re shy and especially
if you low you know if you have low self-esteem or you suffer from social
anxiety just like I did and so I decided one day that was it I was gonna quit and
just go live my life because the truth is guys I you know in games how
we’re leveling up our character or making our characters better the
question you gotta ask yourself is why aren’t you making yourself better in
real life right real life is essentially a game right it
is a game if you think about it we’re all destined to the graveyard right
there’s only certain amount of years we can actually live you know because we’re
in this physical world by definition we have to enter the non-physical world
right we’re all gonna die one day so in a way you can treat it like a game
right the game you can decide what your goal is what is success for you do you
wanna have a model girlfriend do you wanna become a millionaire do you want
to have a six-pack rip body and join and become a bodybuilder what the truth is
guys like this is essentially a game and it’s like you spend hours just you know
just on the screen just leveling up your character and you know making everything
better like the technology around you you you’re upgrading your PC you’re buying
a new Xbox but ask yourself when was the last time you upgraded yourself right
you’re running the same OS running back when you was like 15 right you’ve
not upgraded yourself you gotta ask yourself why I’m tired moving forward and
as soon as I began asking myself that that was it I was like I’m gonna do
whatever it takes to become the best version of myself and this is why I
created this YouTube channel you know this YouTube channel was a turning point
for me because I learnt so much in the last 5 years learning about self
development learning about reinvention and I got to the point where people were
asking me how to do it so I became a coach as a part-time thing and I’m still
coaching to this day but I got to the point where I was like you know I look
back and I’m like it was crazy what I was doing it really was and yeah you
just basically gotta ask yourself right and if I really look back now it just
it seems crazy right it seems crazy that everyday I was wasting you know don’t
amount of hours I remember looking on my cod4 account and it said I had over 100
days gaming time played and I just you just think to yourself that’s hundred
days of your life right can you think about it if you’re gonna die at the age
of 80 you know that’s not guaranteed by the way because you know we could die
today for all you know we there’s no guarantee in life but say you’re dying
at the age of 80 like just imagine if you’re at the age of 78 how important
the days are and you’ll just be looking back like I’ve wasted those days but let
me just let you know let let me just let you in on this right the truth is right
when we’re stuck in this situation so if you’re addicted to games right now
your emotional mind is gonna disagree with me because it can’t have that
perspective it is until you move away from that perspective you realize how
stupid it is so for example if you were to basically be a smoker and you don’t
really think smoking is disgusting but it isn’t until you’ve really quit
smoking you really want to stay away from smokers you’re like oh my god I
can’t handle the smell it’s just different perspective it’s the same with
gaming guys if your gamer at the moment you’re gonna rage at me right now and
you’re gonna you know throw all your troll negativity but you gotta
realize guys one day you are gonna get out that pit and hopefully you get
out of that pit sooner or later and you’ll look back at this and you’ll look
back at yourself and you realize you know I was kind of stupid guys just if
you take away one thing from this stop leveling up your character in games and
start leveling up yourself right in runescape you would reach 99 and get a
golden gilded cape or a special skill cape why don’t you get a special skill
cape and master something in real life and actually begin to live this life
you’ve been blessed with if you think think about it from a
biological point of view right 400 million sperm cells it took right and
only one went through and it’s you you show up right there’s a reason why
you’re here but if you’re wasting all that time spending on video games are
you really gonna become successful or are you really gonna make the most of
your life the answer is no so get real with yourself and I start upgrading
yourself upgrading and leveling up yourself and start really living this
life it doesn’t matter where you are right now as long as you start as long
as you make the first step right as the saying goes a journey of a thousand
miles begins with a single step is up to you to begin now if you’re playing games
that is all for me guys I just wanna say stopping video games have literally
changed my life and I hope this video one of the key messages have really
resonated with you guys if you found this video helpful please give a thumbs
up if you know any avid gamers that you wanna share this message to please
share the video who knows it might change their life and you would have
contributed towards that and guys if you’ve got any questions please leave me
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you next time remember always take action see you soon

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