Hori Xbox One Controller Horipad Review For PC Windows 8

We’re reviewing the Horipad Xbox One Controller.
For our purposes, we’re actually covering
usage for PC Gaming on Windows. The Horipad
works just like the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller
on PC. Just install the official drivers from
Microsoft and it will work seamlessly through
XInput with your PC Games just like the official
Xbox controllers.
The Horipad has the same asymmetrical thumbstick
layout. The thumbsticks are actually more
similar to the 360 with larger size and 4
small groves. The D-Pad is square and precise
as opposed to the 360 circular Dpad. Buttons
are relatively flat and the handles actually
feel similar to a dualshock controller. The
triggers are a little more like big flat buttons.
They are responsive, but they lack the degree
of analog movement that the traditional Xbox
controllers have.
This controller is wired with a USB connection
on the end. This works very well on PC because
Xbox One controllers do not currently have
wireless support and you don’t have to worry
about bluetooth pairing or charging. The controller
is built just as solid as the official Xbox
controllers, so you don’t have to worry
about a cheap 3rd party controller falling
apart on you. In fact, it’s officially licensed
by Microsoft for the Xbox One.
As far as quality and function, I can highly
recommend the horipad. You won’t have any
problems using this for gaming. Comparing
feel and grip to the official Xbox One Controller,
it definitely is different and this is a matter
of preference. It currently retails at $39.99
which is cheaper than the official Xbox One
Controller and is a great solution of PC Gaming.

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