i looked for the
hotels closed to the entertainment areas such
as bars and walking streets..
And then i checked prices, rooms safety and
I did not choose the cheapest hotels but also
not expensive ones.
Hotels in this video are not expensive or
not cheap but they are comfortable, clean,
have good staff, guest friendly and close
to the bars.
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1 – Victoria Court Gil Puyat Motorist Lodge,
This is actually a motel, i paid 38 dollars
for 1 night, included breakfast.
It’s between Ermita and Makati center.
Ermita is a well known area with full of girly
bars, clubs, freelancers.
13 minutes to Ermita bars, 13 minutes to Burgos
Street and 16 minutes to the airport by Grab
or Taxi.
Keep in mind that Ermita is an entertainment
area but not completely safe so keep your
eyes open when you visit there.
Motel is safe, there are security guards and
staff for 24 hours.
They have safe boxes in the rooms, clean and
comfortable beds.
No question or extra payment for your guest.
2 – Red Planet Hotel, ANGELES CITY.
Red Planet Hotel group has hotels in Japan,
Indonesia, Thailand and many cities in Philippines.
It’s 4 minutes away from walking street of
Angeles city by car or tricycle or 20 minutes
by walking.
I know there is a bit distance between walking
street fun and the hotel, but this hotel is
totally safe and clean.
They have 24 hours reception and security
guards, safebox in the rooms.
You may invite your guest without paying any
extra fee, however your guest should provide
id card.
They keep your guests id card and they don’t
give back without your approval.
If your guest go to the reception and try
to take ID, reception staff calls you back
to make sure you are still alive and approve
If you don’t want to go to walking street,
there is also a small bar next to the hotel.
If you wanna go to the walking street, i recommend
you to take tricycle, which is safer than
walking at night.
A few tricycle drivers always wait in front
of the hotel.
I paid 25 dollars for 1 night, exluded breakfast.
If you want breakfast you can include for
extra 5 dollars.
If you are not familiar to Walking Street
concept, let me explain.
Walking streets are entertainment centers
for mainly foreigner men.
Many bars, girly bars, sport bars, cllubs,
freelancers, street vendors, basically everything
a single foreign man needs.
When i visit Pattaya,Thailand a decade ago,
a taxi driver said : Pattaya has everything
for everyone.
Walking streets are the same.
But taxi driver was not completely correct,
Walking Street has everything for only men.
3 – Gardenview Hotel, ANGELES CITY.
This hotel is much closer to the walking street
of Angeles City, only 800 meter.
So it is 10 minutes from walking street by
foot or 3 minutes by tricycle.
I paid 30 dollars for 1 night excluded breakfast.
Red Planet Hotel is much better in general,
and 2 dollar cheaper.
Only advantage of this hotel is to be closer
to the walking street and nightlife area.
But at the end, closer is better sometimes.
After a long, drunk night, your first priority
is arrive your hotel with your possible guest,
as soon as possible.
So this is that kind of hotel.
From walking street you can reach your hotel
2 minutes by tricycle.
Of course there are other hotels in the middle
of Walking street but prices are not the same.
Hotel provides safebox in your rooms, a security
guard in front of the hotel.
They don’t ask extra payment for your guests
and even they don’t ask anything actually.
They change your sheets every day which is
important for you.
4 – Red Planet Hotel, CEBU CITY.
I liked Red Planet Hotel in Angeles city so
i decided to stay again in the same hotel
group during my visit in Cebu City.
It turned out Red Planet Cebu is even beter
then the one in Angeles City.
Don’t get me wrong, service, room and staff
quality is the same.
However Red Planet Cebu City is in a strategic
Let me explain why.
Aiala Mall is one of the best shopping mall
around centrum and it is not just a shopping
It has a beautiful design, has both indoor
and terrace venues.
Shops are inside but most of the restaurants
and cafes in terraces.
It has also garden areas so it’s always crowded.
If you need to go to a restaurant or if you
just wanna see filipina women or just grab
a coffee, Aiala Mall is the best.
Beside, it is a popular point for freelancers.
Just walk around terraces on evening time
and even in daylight you will see what you
are looking for.
Aiala mall is only 250 meter away from Red
Planet Cebu Hotel, so it is 3 minutes by walking.
Also there is 7-Eleven market next to the
hotel, you can take food or drink and take
it to your room.
Another point is, you can reach famous Mango
Avenue and Mango Square in 16 minutes by walking
or in 5 minutes by taxi, grab.
Mango Avenue is where you can find girly bars,
pubs and sport bars.
It is not like a walking street but you can
see many special bars, however prices are
higher comparing with Angeles City.
Hotel staff is friendly, you can bring your
guests to your room without extra fee, but
your guest should provide id,
And as usual they keep the id until you approve
her to leave.
Room rates are between 25 – 40 dollars daily.
5 – Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort -Panglao
Island, Alona Beach.
Panglao island near Bohol Island is not the
best place for a night wolf, but still you
can find some butterflies in the beauty of
Alone Beach in Panglao.
In my opinion Alona Beach is the best in peaceful
Panglao and Bohol islands.
There is not any girly bar as i know, but
some attractive girls and freelancers can
be found in the bars or streets around Alona
Beach, after sunset.
Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort just meters
away from the center of Alona Beach.
Hotel has it’s own restaurant in front of
the hotel near by the sea and they have live
music almost every evening.
Next to the hotel there are diving companies
where you can join diving tours or lessons.
By walking just a few meters, you can reach
many beach restaurants and bars.
Restaurants are open till 23:00 pm and bars
are open till 02:00 am.
Rooms are clean and comfortable, you can find
safebox in the room which is important.
I paid 40 dollars for 1 night in this hotel.
As a summary these hotels my recommendations,
personally i stayed and tried them.
I stayed also other hotels in El Nido, Coron,
Puerto Princesa, Davao and Boracay but they
are summer vacation concept and a subject
of another video.
You check your criterias and budget, review
your favorites and enjoy your vacation in
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    Great information and thank you for sharing it is very helpful for my trip coming up to the Philippines

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    Can u pick up any of the hotel staff at these hotels?

  • August 20, 2019 at 8:51 am

    I just found your channel . Very informative . I find Red Planet to be a good pick all over the Philippines .


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