FFXIV 5.1 1403 New Player Gathering Level 1 to 10 (2019)

FFXIV 5.1 1403 New Player Gathering Level 1 to 10 (2019)

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re gonna be living up gathering from level one to ten and as
always hello from myth Rodman Ahmad so Gathering is a way to gather resources
which is needed for crafting essentially so simple as that so in order to unlock
botanist you need to come here in Agra dhaniya at six four eight three to the
bonus guild to unlock miner you need to come to here in all the steps of fall
eleven to fourteen free and finally Tom log fishing you need to come here two
limbs Allah means the lower decks at seven eight fourteen three and there’s a
guild receptionist right there okay so now that we’ve unlocked all three of
them each and every single one will have a level one quest for you to accept and
do which will get you started with the gathering now one thing is for botanist
and miner you have the gathering log so we can see here if you press B on the
keyboard you can open it or you can go to logs and gathering log okay and then
let’s make this a bit bigger say 140 okay so you can see each item available
at your current level range right now we won’t worry about harvesting and
quarrying just yet that’s for a future video now each one of these you can see
the location so for example latex is in jada thick so if you click on the
location it will show you where it is so we’d have to go to the black trial
central shroud to find the J that thick so let’s go there right now okay so we made it here we’re just
outside of gridania and we have our first tree to do logging on so let’s go
so you are given Timpson hits and so on now the way this works is essentially
you have the percentage at the top which the percentage is your success rate
chance of doing it so there is a chance these ones will fail the this the second
line is for the chance of you getting high quality so and the first quest is
for us to get 10 latex so now one thing they’ve added in 5.1 you can click here
an able quick gathering this will basing out with the same thing over and over
again until you’re done so you can’t select other ones once you select with
the first one so we’re gonna click enable quick gathering and then click
latex there you go already level up we level up in Genesis this is gonna be a
feel a very quick video so and we’ve learnt the ability of a call so what
this ability is useful for is that let’s say for example we don’t know where to
go we can’t find anything we can just click here and it will tell you where
that’s what is good about our bacall so we know we need to a little bit to the
east to find it there is so but the good thing about Oracle is that it doesn’t
matter as as long as there’s something in the zone it will direct you towards
it so let’s do it again so latex of course gathering wasn’t like this in
the past I still need to do one more in order to get to what’s it called in
order to finish off the quest so first things first I would recommend is to do
the level 1 quests for each of the gathering classes and after that start
gathering things that you maybe will need they go level 6 so just gathering
those items got me to level 6 already so I’m now gonna do the same for miner okay so we’ve made it here to western
final and we accepted the level 1 quest which is to get 10 copper ores we’re
just a little bit out of town in western vanillin the general rule for mining is
obviously it involves getting things from rocks so generally you’ll find the
deposits on rock faces like this so let’s do it
so 10 copper ores okay so we are not lay of the land which
is the equivalent of our buckle on botanist again we click the button we’re
just going to simply gather ten and turn in the level one quests now along the way what I recommend as
well is to make sure you keep doing the class quests so at level 5 we will have
another class quest which will basically be done by the time this first quest is
finished so yeah but this skill the lay of the land and the article tip probably
the most important skills you have as a governor to be honest they really really
help you close in on this vocation straightaway well there you go
we got 12 for good measure so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to turn into
the level 5 quest I’m sorry the level 1 quests gonna get the level 5 one and get
to level 10 and then we’re gonna go do some fishing so once we’re ready to fish
we will continue okay so fishing is a little bit different to bonus the minor
because you need bait so you’ll when you unlock the class you’ve given bait
straight away you need to open the bait box and you need to select which one you
want to use you can see this green tick means it’s selected later on you’ll have
many baits that’s why this bait and tackle box exists and what you need to
do you need to find a body of water cast the line and when it’s ready to be
pulled in hook it so we’re gonna quickly accept the level one quest now
traditionally fishing has always been one of the highest gathering classes or
one of the most quick classes and the whole games I love a lot to open the
fishing log you need to press Y on your keyboard or go to logs and then fishing
log and let’s see what the quest is asking for so tool it l’m in zone
anchovies so let’s open this we haven’t discovered anything yet we’re gonna just
fish right next to the pier because let’s assume that it’s gonna be here so
now you cast the line you want to just wait for the fish to bite and then you
want to hook it in it’s not guaranteed to be pulled in
it’s not like World of Warcraft for example there is a chance it will fail and you can’t control what fish you’re
gonna get either okay so that got me to level three
now what you can do as well let’s say you want a chair to sit down you could
just do four slash sit while you fish and you got a little stool and you can
fish away what I find that’s nice about fishing is that it’s really relaxing as
is a good way to gather your thoughts and so on and later on in the game
you’ll discover that fishing is good for decent for cooking it to get special
rewards and a few other things you know but it’s also it’s just a nice way to
see the sights if anything else that you can’t fish in most places as long as you
have the right bait to fish later and also later on there’s big fishing
there’s a lot more advanced fishing available in the game so the general
devices with the gathering classes is to unlock them in the different locations
get to do the level one quest and given how much he actually you get now in five
point one that will basically get you to level five then do the level five quest
and you won’t even be done with a level five question you already will be level
ten as you can see I’m I’ve only done 20 hour 50 for the miner and gatherer a
botanist sorry and I’ve I’m already level ten and one thing I recommend as
well is use food so like you should get be having a lot of bonus exp at the
moment you get rhoads’s 7e I personally have this head piece friendship circular
which you get from recruit a friend for an extra 20 percent and then if you have
food or juice or anything that says free percent bonus exp why not let it all
stack up so that’s generally it guys that’s my guide for one zero to ten for
all gathering classes and to be honest given how quick it is now I am probably
going to be leveling up all three of them at the same time there’s no point
doing them separately simpler that so done so now that I’m finished I
can click quit and I can turn in the quest so I’m gonna carry on until I’m
level ten Fisher as well all in all this should take you about to get all three
of them to level ten from nothing it should take you I don’t know like half
an hour most suited to be honest because of how quick it is at the moment so yeah
so anyway guys if you like that video be sure to give it a thumbs up you can
watch a random video over they watch the latest upload down there or you can
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3 thoughts on “FFXIV 5.1 1403 New Player Gathering Level 1 to 10 (2019)

  • November 25, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    The coordinates you gave were for where your mouse was on the map, not where you were, lol.

  • November 25, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    Go and gather everything lol done do leves and the quests …its easy

  • November 29, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    Maxed 80 on everything, watched each of your tutorials. Ready to start a new one. I tend to help friends when they are trying to get into crafting/gathering and relay your info and send them here! Keep up the awesome work!


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