Intermediate Tutorial Video (English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian) Intermediate Tutorial Video (English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian)

Welcome to intermediate tutorial video.
In this video we will cover on, ghost play, common betting strategies and techniques, hotkeys,
affiliation, and bet lookups.
One of’s most unique features in ghost play. It is a great tool that must be taken use of, as it can be used very efficiently to maximize profits for players.
To start using ghost play, click “ghost play” on the tab on the left of the interface. After selecting ghost play you will see many different options that can
be customized. First of all the bet amount can be changed, with different minimum bet amounts depending on speeds. The payout multiplier, low/high
options, and win chance are also other normal features can be customized. is the world’s fastest bitcoin dice game, and when selecting our fastest speed
named plaid, you can experience on an average 300 bets per second, though this is subject to change. You can also limit the amount of rolls, and raise the base bet
dependent on winning or losing. The best part about ghost play, is that there is an option for it to run offline, meaning you can close your browser, turn off your
computer and come back in a couple hours to check your accounts progress. The possibilities are limitless with the offline feature of ghost play.
Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to change your bet and roll the dice with your keyboard. You can turn hotkeys on and off, as well as instant rolls on
and off within bet controls under the bet amount on the main user interface. Using hot keys can be great for time efficiency when manually betting.
Once you have understood how to use ghost play, you can start to use different strategies to maximize your profits. A common strategy used among players is
called the martingale strategy. This strategy is that when betting on a 2x, for every loss you have you double your bet on the next bet, in order to cover the loss of the
previous bet and still earn a profit. After winning you return to the base bet. The way to play manually with martingale would be to set the payout multiplier to 2x
starting with base bet, lets for example use 0.001 bitcoin. Once you begin rolling, for every loss that occurs, you double up the next bet. This method can be quite
profitable in the short run. Let’s test ghost play on a limit of 3000 rolls, at 100 satoshi base bet martingale strategy.
There are a few other tabs on the left side of the interface that we are yet to explore. The transactions tab lists all deposits and withdrawals on
on your account for your own record keeping purposes. As seen the transaction hashes can be viewed as well. Also player stats is the first option that can be checked
on the left side of the interface. Here you can view numerous statistics about your account. In the provably fair tab, you can view your current and past seed pairs
which proves the legitimacy of your previous rolls. Verifying the provability of your rolls can be checked under the fresh-desk support articles.
You can set a new seed at any time, whether selecting random or entering in your own seed. Lastly, has its own affiliation program
where all players can become affiliates. You are given an affiliate link which you can provide to users and once a user has signed up under your link, you will receive
10% commission of the 1% house edge for every user you refer. Win or loss, every user you will refer you will receive commission on.
Thank you for watching the intermediate tutorial for, be sure to check out the advanced tutorial video as well.

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