Face Off 1997 DvDRip Eng FxM

Face Off 1997 DvDRip Eng FxM

the papers on this door man we got 10
minutes ago
touch me up man you got
any word from the LAPD intelligence
there is such a thing
yes of course not because we’re a covert
anti-terrorist eeem it is so secret and
when we snap our fingers nothing happens
Sheriff’s Department
airport police delay but Interpol
insists he’s in Tripoli yeah well you
you trust you trust that billion-dollar
satellite okay I’ll just a $10 stitch at
this point
so what once just comes over
we’ll take a break when the case breaks
I’m gonna really enjoy them in fact I
think it’s fucking boring
we’ll see I can seem like a genius
Victor when we when we put this thing to
bed you can brand the Fourth Amendment
on my butt thank you sir excuse me your
wife is on line one
SOG a jet we just shot it Anderson area
guess who paid the bill in cash Pollux
Troy one of our people on that plan wait
we’ve still got no sign of captain post
doesn’t fly without Big Brother come on
26 minutes rains casing didn’t fit right
I told you goddamn Dietrich we try to
pawn off some cheap shit worth clean
plastic okay same fit like a condom you
didn’t give you a from the plan did you
bollocks well I only want me to sing it
twiddling my thumbs
pay for the jet save us some time
that’s what the boys are for to hide our
stainless faces
buddy I’m love you so damn much I’d have
to kill you bro bro
you guys are paid to protect him from
everybody including himself and stay
away from downtown on the 18th it’s
going to be a little smoky
okay passage of the here I gotta go
let’s go let’s go I’m bored let’s go
here you go
Bravo would you like anything else once
we’re airborne
sit you know I can eat a page for hours
if I were sending flowers where would I
wait let me rephrase if I were to let
you suck my tongue
but you’d be grateful
one on the runway
Archer FBI
we’ve done quite a fucking plan
come on that’s
come on look oh not so quickly what the
goddamn jet
what a car stop
just any job
take off now
I’ll do the flocking ready
fuck are you doing a ninja now we’ve got
it stop
you’re the hair
faster your time’s up well you better
hit Rishon cuz you only got one bullet
so do wow you’ve got something in common
we both threw all our guns hopefully
don’t have in common is it I don’t care
if I live and you do Shawn that hurts
you’re not having any fun are you Shawn
why don’t you come with us
try terrorism for hire we’ll blow some
shit up it’s more fun shut the fuck up
you watch your fucking mouth I’m about
to unleash the biblical plague la
deserves the shithole break it for
brother and I walk bullshit oh oh no I I
see I see you think I’m bluffing
but then maybe I’m not more importantly
what would you do with me locked up you
drive your wife and kid crazy say how is
your daughter anyway she laughter you’re
bugging you
your darling Janie your little peach is
she right okay policeman don’t shoot me
I’m scared Johnny I think you better
pull the trigger because I don’t give a
fuck baby
well Joe
my eldest under the building
it was my fault why would you ever be on
my side I am always on your side but you
have to give me a chance
now uh she was suspended again
so I’m kidding made a crack about her
clothes she started fun that’s right dad
don’t even ask me what happened okay
what happened
ah I see not like you would believe me
Sammy look it’s not easy okay I mean you
change the way you look every week any
way you act who are you supposed to be
now I’m supposed to be me not like you
have clue who I am anyway I have to work
tonight I called to tell you but I was
in hold for ten minutes and I couldn’t
wait any longer I gotta leave it’s over
I’ll make it up to you and Jamie I
promise I’ll put in for a desk job well
I’ll do counseling sit down and talk
about Mike and I’ll do it anything you
want I just want you well good to meet
what is all this sir the CIA sent this
you know they catered it’s in the back
no wait how about what about – Anderson
Montgomery Berkeley Pincus Ginelli
Haslem I’m gonna need a little surgery
but I’ll be okay
what’s up special ops
they want a word ah forget it another
time better make time Sean recovered
from the debt wreckage
it’s found in Pollux choice briefcase
porcelain casing
thermal cloak nerve has some biological
payload enough to set in square mile
then depending on the prevailing winds
the fallout of it had worse than Gulf
War Syndrome biblical biblical plague to
LA word where’s Troy why draw the
schematic you’re not going to build the
bomb what does another crime in this
country to exercise the mind I’m
interested in filing other words until I
see my brother
any progress I need about 10 minutes
alone with this guy ah give it a rest
you got Cassie just go home look we’re
not gonna evacuate the city on your
heart but I know castor too well for
this to be a hunch you know what just
just run a goddamn Bureau any way you
I could put an agent in a Cell
maybe pilots will let it sit come on
paranoid sociopath the only person he
talked to about that bomb and his
brother he’s dead there is one other
oh haha they’re keeping him alive
relax Archer he’s a tenant what if you
could walk into air 1:30 and give Pollux
a nice big brotherly hug as castor Troy
I have no idea what you’re talking about
let me try knocking Walsh I run the bio
cover unit for special ops I know here
but you don’t know what I can do
physical alteration augmentation
dr. Walsh can alter the likeness even
the voice of a government witness I
think you’ll recognize this patient we
had to build your friend Loomis a whole
new here from scratch
what we’re suggesting for you Archer
isn’t it a permanent transplant like
that just a temporary trade
the new anti-inflammatories healing
takes days not weeks your blood types
won’t match but Pollock’s won’t know
that height difference is negligible
skin pigment eye pigment both almost
we’ll use laser sheers for the hairline
micro Club is the body here we’ll do an
abdominoplasty take care of those love
handles it all that’s the easy part
here’s a real science this is a
state-of-the-art more for genetic
template the inside is modeled on your
scalp the outside exactly like forth
then we fit his face on top not a
replica of the real thing then we simply
connect the muscles tear ducts and nerve
endings so you want to take his face in
my varam the procedures completely
reversible do you think that I want to
do this no no no one else you know you
have lived and breathed cat Detroit for
years guess is going to talk that’s what
I do
like you can’t the bomb will blow and
castor Troy will win wipe your ass damn
well is that smell you shouldn’t have
passed first each session well the last
time you saw castor Troy who cares he’s
dead that’s for the question I know my
I don’t have to answer shit alright but
know this
you’re convicted felon on probation for
harboring castor Troy one phone call
from me and your son will end up in a
foster home
I understand why you would use such a
threat but she tried to take him away
from me I swear to you
I haven’t seen him for years
this reeks of you
he’s got your signature all over it
maybe but you ain’t got nothing on me
and you know it maybe so but I can keep
you within city limits or I can talk to
your sister again she’s right outside
only this time I’ll be nice
hey Shawn how’s your dead son
I don’t know buddy okay okay I heard
tell about the a-team but that’s all I
great so we got a date what the hell’s a
damn bomb holy Pollux tree on the left
it’s your call Sean this was all your
plan oh this is the black bag operation
strictly off the books
you can’t tell Azzaro and you can’t tell
your wife Oh God what are you asking me
to do okay let’s see you’re asking me to
break the law
risk my neck you’re asking me to put in
the dark all the people left of me and
trust me
I’ll do it
Shawn child
I’m glad you that woke me hmm got a
phone call telling me you won’t be
coming home if that’s a fear I can
finally let go it’s okay I keep trying
to move this over here we been pinched –
laughs I give you I and you wouldn’t be
Shawn things are gonna get better now
that you’re home scar won’t little put
it modular Jesus everything turned on it
this river out of our lives
yes I call the a I realize it and this
thing won’t fully end until I did one
last day if it’s a little vital
okay mr. going back on assignment again
just one last time fly I’m not going
anywhere that’s what you told me
you don’t need me to tell you what to do
Sean you never have to go but go now
Sean I’m changed my mind so suicide
yeah no no you know maybe it’s so this
doctor I mean he can do even half of
what he says he can do it
might be working on become castor Troy
in control that’s the part that scares
dr. I am something I have a star that if
you can put this back after after all
this is over it’s important to me it’s
like a reminder sure Seto please hold
this for me please
okay let’s go
you’re gay watch me
Oh God
John Arthur your son Roger
Sean Archer
when this is over I want you to take
this space and burn it I still sound
like me I’ve been planted a microchip in
your larynx it’s fantastic but you’ll
have to be careful pressure sharp below
even a violent sneeze could dislodge it
just for people to hear baking I can eat
a page for hours peach I could eat a
peach for hours
scratchy tickle itch itch I can picture
let’s get peach I can get a page for out
perfect now Shawn six days until the
18th the clock’s ticking and close the
we’ve got two days to get Pollock to
talk either way Miller comes in will
suit up
YUM what’s the matter face hitches
doctors gonna be pissed when he comes
back with training out to find out the
guy for me beef in Georgia swamp
you are now the property of erawan
prison a citizen of nowhere the Geneva
Convention is void here
Amnesty International doesn’t know we
when I say your ass belongs to me I mean
exactly that this entire prisons one big
magnetic field the booths tell us where
you are
6:21 to population
hey what’s the matter pal don’t you
remember the little beat for kicks
oh yeah a bust believe char-char busted
you for stalking the UN
secretary-general my heart’s afraid me I
had nothing to do with that where it was
you got wasted
you want to see what wasted looks like
little man
population go to logic all that much up
watch your fucking mouth watch your
fucking mouth
Lock them down I stop the fights Nigel
that’s two strikes for you to Boff
one more you know where you’re going
when I get out of here you get out of
here I’m gonna have you fired
gosh it’s me believe it
so what huh
they took switch what with for some
fucking but it’s cool we’re gonna deal
with it
oh yes you’re gonna do it
let’s see the bugs doctor wall I said
joints of your greatest huge hair oh I
hope you’re a lot I are Tucker your
groovy groovy painkillers you know this
is fabulous work this is dishes oh ha ha
Bravo ha ha ha fucking ha
oh god this is excellent bravo Bravo
what do you want
take one god damn guess
you should play some of those salmon
spawning theme in Asylum intensely
erotic fucking nature channel one more
waterfall on the phone to mouth it’s
like they’re begging us to write excuse
I’m feeling very coordinated lately brah
you gotta help me I’m so fried the
psychos in here find out I’m misfiring
we’re both gonna be dead meat shock
treatment the matter with you today
alternate I was in a coma
Jesus you’re still so freaking paranoid
aren’t they giving you your medication
in here
what was my medication Pollux I hand fed
you those pills for years vivax I’ve
forgotten that it’s just everything else
senses my reflexes my memory against it
if I could have a bad Quan traction I
don’t even know why that’s fucking me
jumped me yesterday devolve you had a
sex then which with his wife and his
sister the night he was sent here I
guess that explains why you’re so upset
Wow we’re gonna blow up LA bro you know
cool all right rub my nose in it why
don’t you ten million dollar design and
now there’s Malaysian nut jobs get to
keep their cash so fucking chair that
bomb you bill does deserve an audience
it’s a work of art belongs to
or sometimes oh well I guess the LA
Convention Center will have to do
what Thank You Phil why you were so
fucking pathetic
you got a visitor
wait you good-looking yeah it’s like
looking at a mirror only not
for now that is between us okay but you
were in a coma nothing like having your
face cut off to disturb your sleep
breathe the newspaper lately children
well beats paying the bill huh
come on if a facelift cost five grand
for anything you like
do you know
i torched all the evidence to prove
you’re you okay so looks like you’re
gonna be in here for the next hundred
oh I have got to go
I’ve got a government job to abuse long
life the fuck longer love suit
besides an archer no don’t you worry
about mr. Wang clearly Lisa had a
traumatic childhood thank you and you
never get a hard-on again
I suppose it was only a matter of time
before you forgot where we lived come on
give me a break
every house in this block looks the same
then I spotted you ease
so how would you vial assignment
this was an how should I know son
oh oh yes the UM the out-of-body
experience yes that one go into the
hospital no no what’s my side come on
oh I don’t thinking you thought that I’m
still really hurt they were leftovers in
the fridge
don’t stay out for you on peach come on
I hate to see you go I love to watch
eight-nine fiddled again we haven’t made
love in two months
gotcha email Carl the poem said it was
pretty keen to plot thickens
I’ll have to call you back
you’re not respecting my boundaries
coming in Jane Janey don’t you heard me
Jamie you got something like rave
service less those here I won’t tell mom
if you don’t when did you start smoking
you’ll be seeing a lot of changes around
Papa’s got a brand-new bad Oh see the
I proved probably aligned sometimes Oh
bollocks why the big shit crap Archer
cut them a deal for turning state’s
your brother’s been released
there’s a bomb at the LA Convention
Center my sharks right now
sir we just wanted you to know we’re all
really sorry about TTIP oh hey should
happen you know so is our star witness
talking yeah but what kind of mustard he
likes on his tongue sandwiches that bomb
is out there we’re almost out of time
Archer you made a deal with Pollux Troy
how doesn’t like you well when all else
fails fresh tactics fresh let me tell
you mine fresh tactic from now on
everything to do with this case goes
through me understood good you’re
supposed to be snitching making me look
look good mmm-hmm clean that face on you
makes me afraid my tiramisu might come
back up I’ll think about me
this nose this hair this ridiculous chin
brother we’re going straight my goodness
you exchanged brains as well first thing
I need you to confess to is a location
of the bomb what about our 10 million
dollars what about when I become an
American hero for defusing the bomb
what’s that worth know that thank you
next question you’re not the only one
with families of brains no although now
I am the only one with the looks Touche
any ideas yeah run sir protected by a
camper switch and it’ll take us hours to
bypass evacuate your team captain velvet
sir we can’t you can’t disarm leave
that was the scene at the LA Convention
Center where an FBI agent became a City
Sean Archer disarmed a massive bomb just
one second before it was set to blow the
apparent targets for free Supreme Court
justices scheduled to speak here today
and anyone unlucky enough to be within a
mile of the scene
we asked agent Archer if the FBI had any
leads on who planted the device
well that is classified information but
if he’s listening I wouldn’t mind giving
him a message interception
now our sides got the ball
everybody hates look I want to thank you
for enduring all these years that I was
an insufferable bore did you just have a
surgical procedure what do you mean well
was the stick successfully removed from
your ass sir the White House on one it’s
the president
oh and your wife on line two will you
tell the president to hold
you scared the hell out of here State
night Oh congratulations Oh big deal
okay I said that mr. president I want
the authority and I want the funds and
the personnel to take over the whole
gamut of global terrorism right and he
said the next name on my calling list is
Lazaro and I’m telling him that Sean
Archer writes his own ticket okay
doesn’t matter
I had a no Sean you just you just seem
so different I mean what is all this
about what this intimate candlelight
dinner huh I’m supposed to forget all
the promises because you’re going back
into the fray
the top cop in this country can’t come
home every night to his wife and the
hell with the country because the only
place I’m going is upstairs
exercise one hour
how can I get out of here
it can’t how can I get these boots off
they only take them off in the clinic
all right before they fry your scum
I’m out of cigarettes get back in line
Troy I said I’m out of cigarettes
we’ll bring the bastard down before he
chokes himself
well happy day it’s castor Troy hold it
hold it kaya I have a life
you know those things will kill you get
his boots wobble give off I didn’t touch
your wife and I didn’t touch your sister
but I know your wife loves you is
waiting for you
so let’s get out of here I’m gonna brain
dead and do about why we have daddy
No get out
give me your hat
come on
Oh have a nice day
have a nice day what is with you is this
your way of just not dealing with this
morning yeah yeah maybe Sean Sean I know
it’s hard for you but it’s hard for me
too and you still have to go
you birthday Mikey
he took our baby Shawn we took our
little boy
you turned your beeper oh yes well my
son’s birthday while I hear some poetic
justice sir castor Troy is dead he got
killed trying to escape from marijuana
where’s his body I want to see his body
it hasn’t been recovered yet it hasn’t
been recovered yet get the LAPD on us
even if he is alive caster isn’t stupid
enough to come back to the city you must
you must trust me is already here
County General humming I’d Richard Paul
dr. archer please it’s an emergency
her husband dr. Archer
hold on line three
I know it sounds crazy Shawn
Eve listen carefully the man you think
is your husband isn’t cool please just
listen take Jamie go to your mother’s
don’t tell them where you’re going just
go whoever you are don’t call again
operation I need bigger Lazaro
immediately I’ve information about
castor Troy so not sure here is Colleen
well if you’re Sean Archer
I guess I’m castor Troy
state convict is considered extremely
dangerous if you have any information
concerning the whereabouts of castor
you got damn right yeah so who’s gonna
make you dick on ha Cheryl she owes a
lie of a trick so you’re still selling
Hobson and drugs to Cheryl and Phil Roy
ha ha ha ha
Kaster fuckin drive ah man you scared me
sorry alright ha ha
you know never shouldn’t so do this Bob
my curse I can’t say no to a friend you
can’t say no to money
yeah that’s my other curse to drug
dealer doesn’t matter what you look like
you just fucked your mother come on
let’s go over like that
no you look pretty good for a dead guy
let’s go yeah so what do you want to do
you want to get out of the country I’m
not going anywhere
what I’m going to get Sean Archer with
your help okay
welcome home babe
oh I was supposed to do that
he’s vulnerable at home no this is Sean
Archer we’re talking about this isn’t
just some boy scout hitch
well no besides his house alarms up the
wazoo code is 10 1986
that’s his dead son’s birthday gonna
just break your heart
huh that’s brilliant yeah how is it that
you know so much about Shawn action I
sleep with his wife so once we kidnap
super cop then what
tiny surgery
I’d like to take his his face off
if you excuse me I have to use the
little boy wheelie on them
you’ll want to take his face
yes his face up eyes now skin coming on
the face
no more drugs for that man
I’m me
I’m sure
Cassidy’s house
thought you are dead I’m not dead
me no no no look what I’m trying to tell
you brother Pollux is once we get the
full protection and resources of the
government to help us get rid of our
rivals right then we’ll be set then
maybe just maybe I’ll get my freaking
face back then I’ll just have one jag
officer said Terra
you go Carl
stop it maybe – happy hunting I’ll catch
you later yeah like mr. fucking a big
believer shit about us well fucking say
you’re sorry
I’m sorry I didn’t hear I’m sorry I mean
it dress up like Halloween and ghouls
will try to get in your pants typical
dad some guy that’s right in underworld
this isn’t you now you haven’t been the
same since Mike died
hiding behind someone else’s face hoping
you wouldn’t feel the pain while we’re
talking get protection how do you mean
like condoms protection next time let
Carl take his pants down flip the
sentenced I twist it for the woman on
I go on get out of here I am The King
Oh keV it’s me it’s me – hmm
Jesus come on don’t you want to talk
hock I ever heard from you is suck my
tongue love your ass and see and take
the filthy shit off put this on and get
out of here no I’m not going anywhere
what do you expect me after all this
time just to just to jump on you is that
what’s gonna expect there’s no murmur
what do you mean huh this mm-hmm but how
about this mmm that good huh Sean Archer
I figured you might drop in on some of
our old friends and if my eyes don’t
deceive I think this fellas beginning to
enjoy being you good
look Sasha what I meant is that I’m not
going anywhere until your brother helps
me first Cass if the FBI finds out that
you were here I’ll lose my son
please Cassie just got to go
I’ve said and done some things have made
your life harder
I know Telugu when you left he never
looks back okay I just now
except I’m not the same person you were
never and for what it’s worth I’m sorry
nice looking clothes yeah of course
they’re yours I know I do
yeah that’s good
you just you
how old is he five nobody knows who’s
yours scared someone would try to hurt
him just to hurt you
Adam Adam don’t want you playing with
those things they are very very
dangerous okay come on sweetie I want
you to meet your father
Michael Michael Michael Michael have
you’re scaring him some girls what’s the
matter with you
you get to be so brave
how’d you think it’d be so bright he’s
always a good idea you listen to your
I hate
please get fucked up
can give you the more
don’t get all right right
go go go
put the boy down really don’t touch that
I don’t ever want to see you do that
then I can’t rush it
Hey drop it soul not fuck with me
I think you’re playing get out of here
you will know
hey man
get some good time
I don’t know what I hate wearing worse
your face or your body I mean I enjoy
bullying your wife but let’s face it we
both like it better the other way yes so
we just trade back to give back what
you’ve taken from me
oh well Plan B let’s just kill each
sir why so upset it’s just Paul extroyer
sorry look like on the cover of Time
listen in a single week agent charlotte
resort as a stunning series of would
creep style raids on the height up
staging ground in safe houses of our
nation of assassins carpet god look for
so i’m going to tell you face to face i
don’t give a damn if you are x man of
the year after last night’s bloodbath
I’m terminating your war on terrace is
that because I’m getting all the kudos
and you’re not hey I don’t know why
you’re getting your intelligence not
from field agent
I think you know too much Washington
starting to worry justice wants a
hearing we’re concerned about the
constitutionality of your Gestapo
tactics in fact rates are my voters
around 50 Tex pairs break but
I have something I want to confess I
don’t think you’re lying
I am pastor Troy Jimmy Kim called
paramedics bicular Czar’s had a heart
thank you
no let me please please don’t scream
don’t scream I’m not gonna hurt you okay
just don’t look at my face and the voice
don’t know I did not tell her son yes
I’m sure
last time I saw you was in this room we
had a fight when I said I had to go away
again i spended Michael Beth I’m tired
Eve the assignment was to enter a
federal prison as castor Troy fucking
insane a special ops surgeon I gave me
testers nice then and then somehow
caster came out of his his coma
and killed everybody
who knew about the Michigan but patate
before transforming into me
I know you don’t believe a word I’m
well here’s proof doctor your husband me
my Sean’s blood type is o-negative
testers is a B
and I love you
get some backup what a day
look tense
I know I’ve been acting different lately
it’s great I’ve got a confession Maggie
you’re not gonna like it
close to you I read your diary I know I
shouldn’t have I’m ashamed but I did I
just want to be the man that he deserve
her passionate tendon Victor Lazaro died
today at heart seizure my mentor gone
first Tito then Victor so what I hope
this doesn’t mean I’m losing you
you’re the only family I’ve got
I was hoping to come here thank you for
trusting me right now I don’t trust
Dave where’d you get their gun I took it
from my fake husband down no I’m sure do
i maybe songs already dead huh I’m
moving very slowly
I was thinking the other day I remember
I once took a date out for surf and turf
not knowing she was a vegetarian so she
ate bread and and broke her tooth on a
rice heat we drove around all night
looking for up for a all-night dentist
and and he was so drunk he fixed the
wrong two
and when I finally brought her home even
though it must have hurt like hell you
we’ve been heading together as man and
wife for a week he I put you in that
position and I I can never make it up to
while your downloa gonna try you take a
look at heaven before you bleed to death
with Lazaro out of the way casters a new
acting director of the Bureau he’s
untouchable not tomorrow tomorrow he’ll
be a picture service tomorrow that will
be the day when you and jamming away
from there give them a good excuse I can
cover for Jamie but if I’m not coming
just an another something’s off I’m the
only one who can try and explain the
Shawn what are you doing here so sorry I
I just get so jealous I know what does a
guy to thank when his hat his Y friends
often in love a night then I’m a doctor
that’s done call so please let me get
back to work okay
sorry my distrust mixed messages
just turning to real marriage
how’s Adam I took him over to my
cousin’s until this whole thing blows
over where’s Jamie
that’s what I’d like to know she stole
$50 from my person took off so what’s
the next move
Jennifer come on you’re surprised I
gotta run and visit Michaels Greg think
she gives a damn about your wife
killed my brother I’m not gonna let him
take you too
whatever happens I promise
shun archers off your back regret
my dear friends we are here to celebrate
the life of the kills our own
nominate countries bikini and Spiritist
on Rossi Dominic nostri Jesu Christi and
cares’ day
Nicosia lung conspirators in community
slogans and conspirator toola rata cost
almost cabinets from a starter
mysteriously rock releases scenario
Africa scored a period ritika Taurus
occurring beneath the cristae a laser
detector of hot potato
in Kerrville conneautville PA LASIK
Dominika be ridiculous vesicles to the
store door isn’t this religion oh yes
the eternal battle between good and evil
saint and sinner but you’re still not
having any fun
honey honey
come here ah and guess what
your daughter’s on the way history
repeats itself this is between us leave
them out of it no you should have left
them out of it
your son was an accident I wanted to
kill you but you took it so personally
why don’t you just kill yourself or let
it go no father could no brother could
either neither could have skipped it hey
Sasha what the fuck are you doing here
gee Archer I guess I’m crashing you okay
yeah thanks Sasha baby I’m castor that’s
Archer I’m bored fucking gun down why
don’t you put your guns down
ah what a predicament
take care love boy
let me feel much dumber than crowd do
you like ass yeah
lawanda Wanda this is the voucher
I have something crazy to tell you
it’s a capital crime to try to kill the
next big boss vehicle yes
ah yes apparently
sighs please God dies the culture shop
honey don’t listen to money he’s not
your father
hear my voice I’m your father here’s
your eyes Danny so don’t listen to him
don’t shoot just this garage
I’m still gonna try your father Jerry
killing God no daughter – so why’d dad
put the gun down
put it down dad put it down
he’ll find out soon Papa’s back they did
by the popper
more coal fire
oh he writes on that misbehave honey do
you remember every time you look in the
mirror you see
you okay Archer
what did you call me he called he
watches 17
they’re bringing in their top surgical
teams in DC you’re going to be okay
when you wake up everything that we
restored just the way it was my scar one
can work hard so bullet wound
I’m sorry I shot you
and so we have to ask both of you
this is Adam he needs a place to live
hi my name is Jamie I’m Adam
you sure I’m in the room come on
I wake up in the morning with what what
give you man
baby in the monkeys back
you have a
oh man

100 thoughts on “Face Off 1997 DvDRip Eng FxM

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    6 days to the 18th the clocks ticking and so is the bomb @37:18 clock shows like 216 hours, when 6 days is only 144 hours lol

  • June 11, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    The best movie ever

  • June 11, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    Oh memories…22 years ago.

  • June 13, 2019 at 12:07 am

    my no 1 favorite movie till now…i was 15 i saw it first time…over 20 years ago.i like both actors but i love cage in this movie.

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    Jema jrvrox is a legend. thankyou xx

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    Wow what an amazing movie! Fantastic performances from both Travolta and Cage.

  • June 17, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    I think Cage is an underrated actor. Why?

  • June 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Wow. This might be the only film where the hero is the villain and vice versa. Love you Hollywood, you're the best.

  • June 21, 2019 at 8:33 pm

    they don't make 'em like this anymore

  • June 24, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    What a stupid film. This must've been when Travolta joined the loony Scientologists. As for Cage, his career is made up of stupid film. What complete nonsense!

  • June 25, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    Great movie!

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    Dragons and humans are on both sides.These should been separate so something could been done.

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    Brutally beat Carl 1:21:37

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    bloody good movie. why can't they make movies like this anymore. too much computer stuff to make up for lack of story.

  • July 16, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    that face he makes at 10:55 is priceless

  • July 17, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    Good Movie! I R8 it 8/10 stars

    ALSO!! What is with all the "Who's also watching this in 2019?" comments?!? Dude, listen! No one gives a tossed Caesar salad when you're watching this, or ANY OTHER MOVIE, or video on YouTube, no matter HOW OLD it is!! Stop wasting ur time typing this question and just enjoy the damn vid!!

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    18/08/2016 Mandy: Iโ€™ve got stomach cancer
    18/06/2016 Adam: canโ€™t stomach it can use ๐Ÿฅณ told ya Mandy in 2012 fucking hopeless aneurysms kill ya cunt

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    Travollta and cage are my favorite American actors

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    2:02:28 It is obvious that those people are stunt doubles

  • July 21, 2019 at 4:18 am


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    1:18:14 just watch this part

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    Nice movie ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    it was a great movie but for the time

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    Nicolas cage looked gangta back in the day

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    July 23, 2019 love this movie…

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    thanks for uploading this great movie;)

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    Love Cage
    Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ August 2019

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    Wow! That was quite a ride. Constant action and confusion of identities. Brilliant. Thanks.

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    2019 phoning in, courtesy of Reddit.

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    Hello I from Japan.

    I like this movie.

    thank you.

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  • August 23, 2019 at 7:42 am



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