Commando 3 | Official Trailer | Vidyut, Adah, Angira, Gulshan|Vipul Amrutlal Shah | In Cinemas Now

India will cry… …tears of blood. There will be a civil war… …whether I am alive or not. Only one man… …is capable of dealing with this
problem permanently. Karan Singh Dogra. This man can be
in any part of the world. But the chances of him being
in London seems bright. If your hunch turns out to be wrong… …the country will never forgive you. This time India won’t mourn.
But, someone else would. Your team will consist
of Bhawna Reddy from India… …and Mallika Sood
from British Intelligence. So, India has sent
another hero type agent. Every Indian Soldier is a hero. You’re the emotional kind. Just a patriot. What a comeback. I couldn’t control myself. Except for his eyes and his voice… …we have no other information about him. Before they find us,
find those officers… …and finish them. The unfortunate Muslims
of your country… …will rise against your country. Every Muslim in our country fights
for their right… …and they are entitled to do so. But they will never betray their country. This is my belief. In three hours
I will leave safe and sound. And you can’t do shit about it. I will have you shot down! Aurangzeb – Kashmir. Vikram Batra – Kargil. Next; Karan Singh Dogra – London. First, you hid behind covers. And now you hide behind men. You’ll soon hide in a grave. Save yourself if you can.

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