Beyblade Burst | Complete 60 SlingShock Marathon! Hasbro Turbo GT Rise

Beyblade Burst | Complete 60 SlingShock Marathon!  Hasbro Turbo GT Rise

hi guys welcome to the Blast Zone today
we have a great video ah we have our special guest tragic kilzz here you
don’t wanna know we know lucky this is the biggest SlingShock Marathon ever. We got all 60 SlingShock beyblades is gonna be sick
60 Beyblades! it’s insane first one point each battles before you
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will never be naughty are you late so if you sure to go to my store get it shirt
ok like this video for me and the whole Blast Zone squad
let’s get started with these battle God we’re gonna battle each and every one so
we find them the best not a second Ok beyblade we’re gonna start with 60 be
late then in the second round it’s gonna go down to 30 third round 15 and then
therefore first battle is turbo Perry next right guys beyblade okay the best
available wonder about shaking before Cyclops a
for some body-wide story the world Inferno cop it’s kind of coated more eggnog ranch at
or 32 our Achilles a41 about trick CD Oh what is this game about can I read
Hercules age for Duncan’s eco you need more ocean guard duty okay I’m not messy Oh Phoenix Phoenix we’re at the top
30-day weights that mater from the 60 beyblades weird you gonna keep going to
see which one’s the best the first battle is turbo key ah put them in attack mode next time no
matter what get out of my way that it really puts Kelly’s exports a neutron this is why you’re gonna make it in the
top ten which is my preferred venue the next battle knowing our Achilles April at least yep one of the Achilles moving
on our hercules age for wonder about your wind arrow battle finger flame diomedes first debate that’s like
easily burst upon to God’s ears next back now since we have 15 guys we
are gonna pick one from the dead file soon we can make it even tragic and I
decided which one deserved another chance and we think guys have to make it
even for the 16 next battle is pretty beyblade trip to just like that right next title back
here but qa4 go here Tommy you scratch his power on your side sky beyblade for gargoyle gargoyle you stand in for the
rest would be Phoenix hazard cure base let’s do this I almost walked off to
Mountain it is eternal crash you’re always such a nice attack
this is the final two of the top 16 or Edna you guys the top cape beyblades from the
slingshock I mean easily cargo is actually good we have our duties turbos present
wearing masks our baby’s marriage is still gonna win this dude it’s not even
funny Greg not purses yeah you struck done all right now you will win this
tournament no matter what surprising you better fight so here the final summer
eggnog turbos friend honestly Marino’s gonna win his defense is too good for
slicing right through zeros a good four disks I like the heat at the hugeness
it’s more heavy than murder so I’m pretty sure that kind of offense pretty
sure this is the final first two points best in chocolate oh right now I live what I think of this
people this Bay leads a really good fun – so first second and third
Thank You beyblade this drive please like bye guys

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