Excuse me, I was just enjoying my favorite youtuber Johnny D. Absolute legend my god look at him nothing like a senior.
Rapping some lil yachty karaoke while your grandson is screaming in the background quality content.
This is the kind of content I can only dream about.
Creating you know when you go to your favorite gaming journalists website, and you want to know what’s up about the latest game
But then you scroll down, and there’s all these like weird click beta articles. Well as it turns out.
I have had the honor of becoming
immortalized as.
Clickbait, thank you God. Thank you. Seven signs you’re a toxic gamer.
Yes, I made it as clickbait finally.
It’s a 2012 Pewdiepie, but whatever click good enough
Good enough even made it to the print of gaming former. I like how they had this one.
Call me the ugly is this the good then.
The good and the ugly it’s a turn bad fasted in it, but here
I am and I wanted to investigate what the 7 signs of being a toxic gamer, because who knows maybe you are a
toxic gamer
yourself like yours.
Truly found the article. Let’s investigate toxic gaming is something we hear about over and over again
The phrase itself has lost a bit of its punch. That’s called a that’s a nice throwback to the thumbnail of there.
This is well written.
I’m sure that was intentional some online gaming communities have suffered from an overarching nasty.
Environment you ever notice how like the most toxic games are the ones that are the most annoying to play?
(3rd laugh of the video)
Here’s a look at some of the things we should avoid doing when playing online to make gaming more enjoyable
for everyone. Let’s watch. Extreme cursing. If you swear while playing video games. Well I got news for you, buddy.
You’re toxic.
When you start directing these swear words at other people in a negative way, then it’s not okay, okay?
They’ve gone too far, and it well in the whole n-word Fiasco thing. I didn’t say it to anyone so many people were.
Confused about it like I just said it to myself and Brad so according to topics and seven signs.
I wasn’t actually being toxic because I was just saying it to myself.
But whatever anyone who has ever had someone say fu to them directly knows what I’m talking about.
(that hurts)
The pain I remember the first time anyone said the f-word directly to me
It was horrible
Cry more. Then literally just cry more. Someone said fuck you to you. What are you gonna?
I mean Christian Channel someone said fiddling to you? What you gonna do?
It doesn’t feel very nice. All right moving on we have six more
I like how they have seven for some reason. I don’t know how they came up with that number. There’s just seven of them
That’s that’s all you got
Insulting other players mothers, that’s stepping
(stylish nod)
If you ever speak bad about my mother and I will be very angry and I might even cuss at you
And I’m a Christian Channel, so you better watch it. I have never understand
Why people get offended by saying your mama laughs I fiddled your mama
No, you didn’t
I know for a fact that you didn’t because I have a webcam in a room no but. It’s just so dumb
What did you say about my mother?
How do you get triggered by that I think people need to say it more now so that people get over it my god
Maybe I’m a psychopath you know maybe that’s the case
But I just don’t understand how people get so offended by words. It’s really
I can’t comprehend it if people say they are I’m not gonna push it. It’s more like personally. I don’t understand it
You know that meme?
You know what I’m talking to you now
Yeah, most everyone can let these come and slide off their back and some I’d even find them funny
If someone does say they are offended then drop the jokes. It’s not hard
It’s not hard to drop jokes guys whining first two items on our list definitely
Contribute to negative online communities the following items are so much more of a problem, okay?
You know what I can kind of agree with this one
There’s always that player that thinks he’s better than everyone else and if people aren’t performing to his standard even though
He’s not probably doing that great either. It’s always like
Oh, WhAT aRe YoU DOIng?
number four
camping if you camp in a video game
Which literally everyone has done at least once in their life you are
toxic oh
My gahhh
If there’s one thing that annoys me personally more than anything else in the list. It’s camping. It’s just lazy
Gaming you can’t sit in an adventure spot the entire match game
Or you could rely on your skills most everyone can take advantage of a spawn point
But the real talent lies in those that can use a whole map effectively this sounds like is written by someone
really elitist about games like
You sit in the corner playing you foul player you just sit in corner me experience
Effective player I use whole map to distribute my skills I go over here
I go over here, and I would never I would never sit in one place for too long cuz I’m not a camper
No, no no because that’s toxic
*toxicity intensifies*
Why PUBG is literally all about advancing to the better positions and then
Rinse and repeat you know
That’s the point of the game so that you are in the circle and have the best spot in the circle if people camp too
Much in the game, then that’s the game’s fault and if people want to camp fucking that than camp literally crime or boosting
There’s a huge difference between playing a game. I live with friends and outright boosting if you and a friend are
Entering a match and sitting in the corner of each other you are making the experience less fun for everyone
Oh, yeah, they this was the thing in Call of Duty. Do people still do that. It’s literally just two people
Placing that’s those tactical stocks or whatever and then just killing each other
So they can respawn next to each other and then win the game when I play modern warfare 2
I never ever had a problem with boosters because it’s so easy to find them and literally you just get two free kills
seriously, oh
I see the problem here. Is that they don’t know how to utilize the entire map and find the boost s. It’s impossible
Maybe if you are an effective player and non toxic player like me then you could find these boosters
I’m surprised cheating hasn’t come up to be honest
It’s your boy
It’s your boy
there’s something that really just need to be said on any occasion the entirety of this list relates to that most golden of rules if
You don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all there are many words and phrases in the world that are absolutely
Unacceptable if you’re seeing anything that personally attacks someone for the race gender
Sexual preference you should take a hard look at yourself
There’s no reason to be attacking people when you well
I wasn’t talking to the guy directly okay, can we get that clear it can be hard sometimes for people to remember?
It’s just a game. It’s just a game. They’re meant to have fun while they can get competitive
It doesn’t have to be abusive. Well. I mean I agree okay
I would never call someone directly
To be fair like I was wrong for letting it slip out and I was wrong for saying there were no doubt
But you play games to let off steam. I really really don’t see any problem with toxicity
I think people put way too much emphasis on it being such a horrible thing for people playing online literally just mute
Just mute the whole game. It’s not that hard. What do you want to do talk to people? Hello fellow friend?
Let’s go kill some enemies like there are other types of games
(idk if this is a luagh)
Where I’m sure you can have a good time you know just chill being toxic online
It’s it’s part of the game a lot of times is used as a tactic so just take the other players off, and it’s fun
It’s fun because you’re not allowed to be like that anywhere else
It’s sort of like part of the game and everyone who plays the game knows that that’s is how you act online
And it’s a difference literally the only thing I find annoying online is these people with the mic just either playing
Music or like screaming into the microphone and just doing a bunch of weird annoying noises like that’s annoying
But banning people for being toxic is so
stupid some of my favorite games growing up was tibia and World of Warcraft and
Those had a huge online community people talking to each other and that was some of the most fun
I ever had in a game
Tibia especially was such a game where you could be the most toxic you could be and I think it’s such a great
Outlet for kids instead of doing I don’t know stuff in the real world how hurting people doing illegal stuff?
You know I did so much horrible shit. I did so much horrible stuff in tibia like
blank Tinley stealing lying
Manipulating like as a kid I was horrible
but I had a place to
Be horrible in a video game where it’s safe to be and I think banning that kind of behavior
It’s just it does no good. It’s part of the game, and it’s part of what makes the game fun
I have so many funny memories of these things and literally I got the same treatment from other people as well in it
It’s like it makes you toughen up, and they makes you realize these are just words. It’s just part of the game
No one actually cares go ahead and be toxic. I give you my seal of approval
it’s gonna piss people off that I said all this, but it’s what I believe a
Plus amen Christian channel. I couldn’t find another word to rams with Eamonn really Ben
(final laugh)

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