10 Unbelievably Awkward Video Game Discoveries

10 Unbelievably Awkward Video Game Discoveries

While it remains one of gaming’s biggest controversies,
I still get a lot of questions about what
exactly is Hot Coffee.
To quickly explain, in Grand Theft Auto: San
Andreas, CJ has the ability to date several
women at the same time and he can eventually
invite them back for a cup of hot coffee.
During this sequence, the hot coffee rendezvous takes place offscreen.
Unfortunately for Rockstar, shortly after release
modders managed to hack their way inside the
home during the sequence and not only did
they find a fully-modeled rendered scene inside,
they also found an entirely-programmed minigame
that quite frankly is a little too hot for
When this hacked-in minigame became public
knowledge across America, it exploded the
minds of politicians across the country who
used the incident as a platform to claim that
videogames were corrupting youth.
As a response, the ESRB (Entertainment Software
Rating Board), re-rated San Andreas from an
M to Adults Only, usually reserved for obscene
entertainment, and as a result San Andreas
was pulled from over 85% of the marketplace.
While Rockstar were able to remove the content
and successfully resell San Andreas, the whole
thing was rather ridiculous considering there’s been
plenty more hot coffee moments found in videogames
much less than suspect than Grand Theft Auto.
This is why today I’ll be diving into ten
other unbelievably awkward discoveries in
found in video games that maybe deserved a
little more attention than Hot Coffee.
Halo 2.
When Halo for Windows Vista initially shipped,
a rather unusual error could be found in the
included map editor if you were to export
an object using a very particular set of disproportionate
An error would pop up known as .ASS, which of
course stands for Amalgam Scene Specification.
And with that ass error was this: Bungie employee,
Charlie Gough, flashing his own ass for anybody
screwing around too much with the object editor.
This was actually a running joke in the Bungie
offices and Bungie thought it’d be rather
improbable for anyone to find it considering
the precise proportions that had to be entered
in order to see it. But, someone did find it right after
game shipped and word quickly got back to
The discovery was made right on the cusp of
the hot coffee affair so Microsoft was strongly
concerned about facing backlash and immediately
reported the finding to the ESRB.
Unfortunately, the ESRB was also on edge at
this time over the hot coffee incident as
well and threatened to fine Microsoft heavily
if it wasn’t resolved.
In response, Microsoft recalled the copies
they already shipped out and applied a partial
nudity sticker onto every copy until they
were all sent back again, all-in-all reportedly
costing Microsoft over a half million in losses.
Only at the the height of the hot coffee hysteria
would this have ever happened. Otherwise, could
can you imagine how many games would need a retroactive
partial nudity sticker?
Which might include
this next game.
Spice World.
Yeah, Spice World.
So you probably wouldn’t expect to find anything
that surprising in a game that was essentially
supposed to be another piece of merchandise
for the Spice Girls largely adolescent girl
fanbase, but sure enough, we’re here.
On the main menu, hold down start and press
circle, triangle, triangle, circle.
Now, with the use of additional combinations
you can now display on and off personal messages
from the developers of the game.
Holy [bleep].
But no, that’s not actually the egg I’m trying
to show you.
After having just activated what is known
as the master code, if the player were to
hold down all the shoulder buttons, select
and start, the game will reset and suddenly
you’ll be displayed this new loading screen
with – oh my.
You know I’d be pretty okay with this one
if these faces weren’t so horrifying.
Scary literally looks like a demon spawn from
hell about to chew my face off.
Broken Sword II.
Near the end of Broken Sword 2, Nico becomes
trapped in an ancient ruin in which she stumbles upon a
fairly complex puzzle involving two large
Mayan disks.
You simply need to line up the two pictures
on the disk and then push them in on the tile,
while the other four tiles on the other side
of the wall are actually different, so what
you actually have are four pictures, each
of which requires that you line up the first
two on the disk, push them in and then push
in the fourth and the other two tiles simultaneously.
Or instead of doing all of that, you could
just put your cursor over this exact pixel
and click it.
For some reason that gives Nico the inclination
to walk over to the secret corridor and well…
Oh, well.
I guess that works.
I feel sorry for all those nerds that did
it the right way.
DynaMike was a gameboy game created by Engine
Software, a team that created Game Boy games
like these in the 90s and to this day they’re
still going strong.
DynaMike was one of their many never-released
gameboy games in the 90s that leaked out on
the internet sometime after, before becoming
a forgotten relic in the endless digital abyss
of piling abandonware.
However, dataminers that did manage to play
this found a rather embarrassing discovery
deep inside the data of DynaMIke:
The developer’s web browser history.
Which I don’t think I have to tell you was
not very safe for work.
Its theorized this was left here either as
the most unusual placeholder data ever used,
or as a result of the game’s complier not initializing
memory correctly and capturing whatever else
the developer was doing at the same time of
making the game.
If only this had been released and found, we
may have actually had our first adults-only
Gameboy game.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
So again, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
isn’t exactly a game you’d expect with eyebrow-raising
content, but then again it was a tie-in for
the Johnny Depp version and I remember being
hammered to death with this line from the
adverts: “Don’t touch that squirrel’s nuts!”
Anyway, dataminers digging around in the data
of the files managed to find a line of code
that says “can I see your boobs” and under
the file name LoadSCR.TGA is well, exactly
that… which are uncensored in the actual
game files.
The unfortunate thing is nobody’s ever figured
out what the purpose of these puppies are
at all, though I strongly feel it may belong
to a still undiscovered Easter Egg hidden
inside the actual game.
Needless to say, I think the game definitely
deserves a retroactive partial nudity sticker.
For Honor.
On February 14th, 2017, players discovered
in For Honor a finishing move for the Valkyrie class in the
game with an animation that managed to spark
some discussion online.
While that little moment was rather quick
and maybe you didn’t even catch the controversial
part, it didn’t really matter if For Honor players caught this or not because
Ubisoft removed it from the game an
hour after the game released.
This created a large backlash online with
game’s base who felt they were being babied
away from a moment that briefly involved female
breasts in a game about brutal execution-style
The rumor that killed this heat was a theory
that Ubisoft was trying to avoid exactly what
happened with San Andreas and Halo 2 – where
they’d have to resubmit For Honor to the ESRB,
which would be a long and tedious process
with huge potential losses.
However, Ubisoft quickly made a statement
this wasn’t really the case and flatly asserted
that it was just never meant to show up in
the game in the first place.
I guess say what you have to but, come on.
Last of Us.
Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is the post-civilization
adventure about a smuggler named Joel who’s
tasked with escourting a teenager named Ellie
across a treacherous wasteland populated with
infectious creatures mutated by a rare form
of fungi.
Despite all this, Joel probably just wanted
a moment alone to himself from Ellie when
he came across this pest-control ad, because
when players actually dialed this number they
they found out it was for a real-life adult chat
Once again the developer chalked it up as
a mistake and quickly patched it out of the
According to creative director Neil Druckmann,
the awkward discovery was the mistake of one
of the asset artists who thought that they
could just change the area code to 555 as
Holywood always does in the movies.
The only problem is that doesn’t work if you
have a 1-800 in front of the number.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only controversy
the Last of Us faced as many noted that the
character of Ellie bared a striking resemblance
to actress Ellen Page – who when asked about
it on a reddit Ask Me Anything said: “I guess
I should be flattered that they ripped off
my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video
game called Beyond Two Souls, so it was not
Hopefully for Ellen Page, Beyond Two Souls was
a mostly controversy-free experience.
Beyond Two Souls.
I guess not.
Beyond Two Souls is a David Cage interactive
movie game starring the aforementioned Ellen
Page and Willem Dafoe, that poignantly asks
the question: how many Hollywood movie tropes
could be shoved into one video game.
This is complete with the provocative shower
scene moment that raises the viewers blood
pressure by panning just out of the view of
the stuff that we all want to see.
Unfortunately for Ellen Page, this wannabe-Hollywood
movie, isn’t a movie, and the scene can actually
be hacked and unlocked by the player, allowing
players to view this scene from any angle
that they choose.
And to everyone’s surprise, they actually
used an impeccably detailed nude model of
the actress.
Typically, a nude model in a video game is
similar to a Barbie doll with no real detail
or depth.
But we actually got the full thing here.
Being that Ellen age has a non-nudity clause
in her contract, there wasn’t a likelihood
that this was her real body, but more likely
an artist rendition.
Let’s just say whoever made this had a good
day in the office.
Ellen Page was also reportedly upset about
this and threatened legal suit.
In the Sony hack of 2014 when thousands of
emails were leaked supposedly as a threat
from North Korea over the Seth Rogen film
The Interview, an email did indeed surface
that discussed Ellen Page’s discontent with
hackers finding the nude model.
Cease and decease letters were sent out to
websites with hacked materials but no legal
suit seems to have ever materialized.
After all, Sony and Page were probably resistant
to let this story leak unless they wanted
to be faced with a huge increase in sales
from players trying to catch a glimpse of
Ellen Page in her birthday suit.
Well, Ellen Page wouldn’t have wanted that,
I can’t say the same for Sony.
Watch Dogs 2.
Not sure what Watch Dogs 2 player Swissasaur was doing
when he found this but he discovered that
a random pedestrain walking in an alley between
Chinatown and Tenderloin had an unusually
enormous amount of detail under her dress.
Swissasaur used the share button on his PS4
controller and uploaded the photo to the Sony
Network, where they instantly banned him for
a month.
Now, obviously, I have no way of showing you
this on YouTube, but to paint you a picture,
that image was extremely anatomically-correct
and featured more detail than a young kid
would want to see let a lone a grown adult.
Surprisingly, Ubisoft actually didn’t claim it as a mistake
this time and seemed to actually take some ownership
in the inappropriate inclusion, stating “While
Watch Dogs 2 is a mature rated game, we apologize
and will update this non-player model to make
it more consistent with the other non-player
models in the game in a patch to be released
this week.”
And, yes, while Watch Dogs 2 is a mature-rated
game featuring plenty of nude moments, I don’t
think anyone expected that level of detail.
However, I saw no sources in my research that
confirmed Ubisoft actually removed this, so
if you have Watch Dogs 2 and you have some
questions about human anatomy, this game’s
got you covered.
When Spiderman originally released in 2002,
initial copies contained cheat codes that
would allow you to reskin the player model
with different characters from the Spiderman
universe such as Captain Stacy and Mary Jane.
However, players discovered that later copies
with the Greatest Hits label had the cheat
codes removed, going as far as freezing the
game when trying to reactivate them with an
action replay or a code breaker disc.
While it remains a complete mystery why Captain
Stacy was ever removed, players had a pretty
good idea why Mary Jane was removed when completing
the game on one of the initial copies.
“Mary Jane, there’s something I have to tell
“I know.”
“That’s my life, complicated.”
Yeah, no kidding.
“Looks like you’re done.
Now go outside and play.”
Oh, [bleep] you.
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And for everyone asking about the music in
the videos, I plan on uploading an album featuring
music I’ve written for the channel in the
next month so keep an eye out for that.
Special thanks to Dr. Love, Emery, Jason,
The Live Collection, Pestlestsleeper, Toweriser,
Spencer, Nick Fade, and Nes Dude.
Stay tuned.

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    Doesn’t even look like that girl who the hell is she anyway😂get over yourself

  • October 22, 2019 at 2:47 am

    I distinctly remember how much the rockstar people objected to leaving out the sex in their game. Stating “we’re grand theft auto. THIS is as far as we can push things? Really??!!?!” The original plan was in fact to have full frontal nudity and sex acts both as a part of the game but the ESRB say hell to the nah.

  • October 23, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    yo dude that was a nice mug


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