10 CREEPIEST Easter Eggs in Video Games That FREAKED Everyone Out | Chaos

Most of you that have been around the channel know that I love Easter eggs and video games
But what about the times?
When those Easter eggs are so out of place or they don’t really seem like they should be there to a point
Where they’re pretty creepy well those are the ones we’re going to be talking about today
What is up guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top tens and today?
We’re gonna be counting down 10 of the creepiest Easter eggs ever found in video games
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Kicking off our list at number 10 today is Lost Island and Just Cause 2 now
Just Cause 2 is an awesome open-world adventure game
And it’s definitely worth a playthrough if you’re a fan of over-the-top action now in case
You never watched the TV show Lost when it was on it was about a group of people who crash-landed
on an island and then proceeded to engage in one of the most confusing and awesome TV dramas ever
But did you guys know that the entire?
Island from lost is actually hidden in the world of Just Cause 2 if you get into a plane and you fly over a certain
Island of the games world you’re playing with it will all of a sudden catch on fire
And you will crash land on the island below at that point you will be able to explore a perfect
Recreation of the entire island from lost and it’s pretty creepy you can find the burp plane that the ship cast
Crash-landed in you can find the SOS signals that they made you can even find all the weird inventions and structures that they made throughout
The years and you’ll even come face to face with a soldier who is surrounded in smoke
He makes some really weird sounds and is always behind you regardless of how fast or how far you run away
Which should sound very familiar to all of you Lost fans?
We’re going way back on number nine the ghost room in Call of Duty finest our
Finest hour was the second Call of Duty game
And it served as a backstory to the original game giving context to the battles and missions you went on in the previous installment
in the beginning of the underground passage mission
There is a tunnel with the door on the right
if you throw a couple
The door will open and allow you to enter you will see some really messed up stuff in there
There are some pictures of smiling children hanging around the room
There is even a human size rat trapped in a cage and there are floating candles like you were in a haunted
Mansion now the room is weird
And I want to know whose idea it was for the room, and why the heck he got put into Call of Duty game
I’m gonna assume this was a joke or a troll by one of the developers
And it wasn’t actually something that was approved by
The the group over at call of duty was probably hidden in there, and then once it was out
it was too late to do anything about a
Number a we have the headcrabs in half-life 2 the
Headcrabs are pretty creepy enemies as they are they latch themselves onto the top of a human host and they control their body
But there’s a very very small well-hidden detail about these zombies that only the most observant of players will actually notice
If you listen very closely you’ll hear that the zombies are actually moaning for you to help them and that they’re in pain
Which suggests that the headcrabs did not actually kill them when they took control and that the human host
Can feel everything that is happening to it
If you play the game in a reverse certain sentences can be heard coming from the zombies as you killed him
It’s definitely a creepy detail and it makes the headcrab so much more scarier once you piece together the fact that their victims feel
Everything even after their body is taken over
Just it’s creepy on every sense of every level every sense of creepy
At number 7
we have the devil dog in Red Dead Redemption if you’ve spent a good amount of time and
RDR you probably know that you’ll often hear a dog howling while traveling through the town of tumbleweed although you could never actually see him
Tumbleweed is a ghost town that you can travel to and find some pretty unsettling things and the devil dog is easily the creepiest
aside from hearing him and never seeing him the dog also howls louder when you visit the cemetery plus if you go up into the
Church in tumbleweed and find the pulpit in the back of the building
You will see the phrase the devil has gotten into that beast itched into the pulpit which is
Obviously a nod toward the dog that is howling that nobody can find super creepy
at number 6 the ghost in hitman
Tracks in this entry in the long-running hitman series was released in
2004 and it’s pretty creepy Easter egg that fits the theme of the game very well
at one point in this game you go to the thermal bath hotel in order to take out a terrorist if you guys explore the
You’ll eventually come across a bathroom where you can walk in
Find a bathtub full of blood on the floor and well
You freaked out then then if you look in the mirror and stare at it for a few
Seconds a ghost will actually appear behind you in the reflection standing in the bathtub
You probably weren’t expecting to find a ghost in the bathroom of a hitman game
Were you and that’s what adds to the sense of creepiness when it comes to this game?
Cracking into the top five today. We have Slenderman in runner to runner 2 is. Not a scary game by any means in fact
It’s a really fun one in a game that you should play for your fan of challenging 2d side-scrollers like trials or flappy bird
There is a very creepy easter egg that is implanted in one of the courses if you choose Bush wacky as your course every once
In a while Slenderman will actually appear in the background and watch you as you run now
It’s definitely something that will make your heart jump when you see it for the first time
And it definitely serves as motivation to always keep running, and I’m assuming
That’s why they did it because Slenderman you’re running away from him. This is a running game
So I kind of get the correlation to it, but if you’re not expecting it, and you don’t know about it. This is very creepy
At number four we have dead James in Silent Hill 2 throughout Silent Hill 2 you’ll see some really messed up stuff
It’s a very messed up game after all it’s widely regarded as one of the scariest games ever made
So I don’t know what else you would actually be expecting when you’re playing this game
Even a game as scary as Silent Hill 2 there are Easter eggs that make your skin crawl
Even more than it did when you were just playing it normally throughout the game if you guys explore various parts of the environment
You’ll come across dead bodies that look exactly like James the players character
Which is really weird there are plenty of dead bodies and disturbing humanoid monsters throughout Silent Hill 2?
But nothing is quite as creepy as stumbling upon a body and then realizing that that body is actually you
At number three we have the killer in
GTA 5 and it’s
GTA 5 is chocked full of Easter eggs
Probably the most out of any video game ever and most are cool
Or goofy ones that Rockstar clearly had some fun with while they were designing however
There are some creepy and scary ones, too
And the serial killer clues are extremely creepy and will instantly make you look over your shoulder
Scattered around the game’s maps are clues as to who and where a local serial killer will strike
Next in the most disturbing of them all is a poem that they left in the sandy shores that reads
One is done to was fun three tried to run four called mom five is not alive six is Nicks
Seven is in heaven and eight won’t wait and then there were a bunch of number eight scribbled all
Around the area so when this first came out the serial killer Easter Egg was talked about by everybody at
Number two we’re gonna go to Mario that’s right well Luigi actually hanging Luigi in Luigi’s Mansion
This game a Luigi the protagonists allowing him to jump into the spotlight for once and Luigi’s Mansion
Also had a very different style and tone than the other games in the Mario series
This one opted for some more cartoonish horror elements and some genuinely creepy parts
But there’s one part of Luigi’s mansions that it’s really disturbing and I have no clue how Nintendo let it actually go through
After the blackout knocks out the power in the mansion go up to the telephone room and answer the middle phone once it ranks once
You guys answer it don’t leave the room and instead just wait there until this causes another lightning strike
once that lightning comes you will see that Luigi’s shadow has risen off the ground and his arms are slumped at his side as I
Mean it looks like he’s just been hung this definitely fits the horror theme of the game
But this easter egg is dark especially for a Nintendo game, but that’s still nothing compared to what’s at number one?
Yes, the number one spot is actually garnered by another Mario game
Hell valley in Super Mario Galaxy 2 this one definitely takes the cake
In terms of creepy Easter eggs and gaming mainly due to how out of place and unexpected this last entry is
Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an amazing game and many consider to be one of the best Mario games ever made in world 5
You can visit shiver burn galaxy which is heavy
Heavy fire and ice in terms of environments and level designs
But at one point while you pass through a canyon you can look up to see three strange creepy looking figures watching your every move
These guys are super hard to see and you have to zoom in pretty far to get a good look at them
But once you do they’re going to stick in your head for a while the weirdest part
Is that these figures they they’re in the game files?
You’ll find that these three things are called hell valley trees by Nintendo in fact
The entire section of the game is called Beyond Hell Valley likely named after an area in Japan
still that does not explain why these figures are watching you in the game calls them trees and it also does not explain why the
Names were not changed after the term Hill Valley was dropped to me. This is definitely the creepiest easter egg
unsolved easter egg if you will in any game and there you have it my friends those are 10 to the creepies Easter eggs that
Have ever been found in video games
Let me know some that didn’t make the list there’s a playlist below if you want to check out all the other gaming top tens
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